Joe | {Bellarmine Prep School Senior-Class of 2017}

tacoma-senior-photos0001Joe-Bellarmine Prep School Senior-Class of 2017tacoma-senior-photos0002This senior season has been so fun….as I probably say every year!  I do just love what I do…
tacoma-senior-photos0003But, this year I have seen a big surge in guys coming to have their senior photos done..and not just to make their moms happy.  They are invested and we have so much fun!tacoma-senior-photos0004I had the fun of meeting Joe about a month before his session when I photographed him and his brothers together.  Their mom said they hadn’t had any professional photos taken in YEARS and she was making up for lost time!  I think I will see these guys a few more times over the next few years!  I look forward to it!tacoma-senior-photos0005Joe, or Joseph, came ready to knock it out of the park…and he did!  He’s a good guy and so confident!  tacoma-senior-photos0006tacoma-senior-photos0007Joe is ready for school to be done with …but, he has a specific plan for his future and he’s gonna head off to college and then come back and stay in the family business!  A business that he genuinely likes being a part of!tacoma-senior-photos0008Look at that light?!  Anyone missing the sun and warmth these days?tacoma-senior-photos0009tacoma-senior-photos0010We did most of our session in the Port…one of my favorite places to take the guys!tacoma-senior-photos0011His mom mentioned a bridge being something she would like….this one is the perfect backdrop!tacoma-senior-photos0012tacoma-senior-photos0013One of my favs!tacoma-senior-photos0014I always love a strong portrait from a guy!tacoma-senior-photos0015We decided to end his session down at the beach!  tacoma-senior-photos0016The light came with us and made the perfect end to our session!  I do love our PNW fall light!tacoma-senior-photos0017tacoma-senior-photos0019I know this guy is going to do great things!tacoma-senior-photos0020Congrats, Joseph!  Have a great senior year and go out there and conquer!tacoma-senior-photos0021


Caroline | {Skyline High School Senior-Class of 2017}

tacoma-senior-photos0001Caroline is a beautiful senior with the Class of 2017 at Skyline High School!tacoma-senior-photos0002We had a very fun afternoon together shooting her senior photos!tacoma-senior-photos0003She’s a confident young woman with a determined and disciplined life.  She’s got a plan and she’s heading full steam ahead with them!tacoma-senior-photos0004And…she has some beautiful eyes!tacoma-senior-photos0005We shot down at Chambers Bay which is again a fast favorite for my seniors…so glad all the drama of hosting the US Open is over.  We can easily have the beach to ourselves again! tacoma-senior-photos0006She laughs easy…tacoma-senior-photos0007…but has depth to her soul!tacoma-senior-photos0008Beautiful!
tacoma-senior-photos0009I LOVE it when my seniors bring special people along with them…and am even more excited when it’s their mom!  Such a special moment to capture!  You can see where she gets her beauty!tacoma-senior-photos0010She also brought along her little sister…who is a character and a half…and who thinks the world of her big sister!tacoma-senior-photos0011All the girls!tacoma-senior-photos0012Not only is Caroline beautiful and smart…but, she was scouted and signed as a sophomore to play softball for the San Jose Spartans!  IMPRESSIVE!tacoma-senior-photos0013She’s a pitcher..which is my favorite position but also makes me nervous for if that ball comes flying back up to the mound!  She just laughed at me when I said that…haha.tacoma-senior-photos0014tacoma-senior-photos0015tacoma-senior-photos0016We were starting to get that beautiful end of the day light that I love so much…so we headed back up to the bridge!tacoma-senior-photos0017tacoma-senior-photos0018LOVE!tacoma-senior-photos0019And, one last outfit change…and we got a little bit of wind with that beautiful light!tacoma-senior-photos0020Perfect!  She is just perfectly beautiful as her!
tacoma-senior-photos0021tacoma-senior-photos0022One last little stroll through the field!tacoma-senior-photos0023CONGRATS, Caroline!  Thanks for sharing your senior year with me!!  Have a great senior year!!!tacoma-senior-photos0024


Maggie | {Stadium High School Senior-Class of 2017}

tacoma-senior-photos0001This is Maggie!  She is a senior at Stadium High School with the Class of 2017…and she happens to be an extra special senior to me!
tacoma-senior-photos0002I have had the pleasure of knowing her for a while now as her mom is my best friend….and she’s the third kid of four to get their senior photos done with me!  Maggie is a joy and a half and she is the light of any room she is in…and it’s not an act!  She’s the most genuine teenager I have met!  I look forward to seeing her!tacoma-senior-photos0003Maggie has modeled for me before…so there was no need for a warm up time in her session…she was just ready to go!  But, she threw me a curve ball when she told me she didn’t want her session to have much light in it!  WHAT?!  Don’t you know who I am ?  Anyone that knows me…and she does…knows I live for light!  But, she knew what she wanted…so we had some fun finding places that didn’t necessarily show off the light…and instead played with some shadows….but, then we got a gorgeous surprise at the end of our session…and we all were giddy with excitement!tacoma-senior-photos0004But, first…this dimpled green eyed beauty and I, and her mom and dad, went downtown and started with an urban feel!tacoma-senior-photos0005It was so difficult to weed her photos down to a workable amount because every shot she takes is gorgeous!  And, she works her expressions like no other!  It’s a toss up for me…cause I do love her dimples..but, her serious face is on point!tacoma-senior-photos0006 My beautiful friend, Traci, loves her family fiercely, and I know that the photos that we capture with each of her kids as they hit this milestone is so special to her!  We got so many great shots of these three..but, I had to cut it short cause we had SO many images that this post would be way too long!….So, Back to Maggie!tacoma-senior-photos0007Maggie doesn’t need to do much to be gorgeous….she threw her hair up on the way to this spot….easy and elegant!tacoma-senior-photos0008She is a character…if you can’t tell!tacoma-senior-photos0009Her heart is the most beautiful though!  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen her walk across a room to talk to someone who might not necessarily be feeling comfortable!  My own dad has commented a couple of times that Maggie is the one teenager at church that will just come up and start talking to him!  He loves it!tacoma-senior-photos0010It won’t surprise you then to hear that she is planning on going into a field that will help young people as they navigate life with special needs!  And, I know she is going to have so many people who love her for her heart of service!tacoma-senior-photos0011Btw…the one above is one of my favs!  But, then…they kinda all are!tacoma-senior-photos0012LOVE!tacoma-senior-photos0013Again….her idea for a non traditional pose…and we all loved it!tacoma-senior-photos0014When I get to write these posts, I have the fun of reliving the session…and it was sure fun!  She might look super serious…but she was cracking jokes even as she laid there!
tacoma-senior-photos0015So beautiful!tacoma-senior-photos0016Another favorite!  Different and dark….exactly what she wanted!tacoma-senior-photos0017tacoma-senior-photos0018But, you just can’t capture Maggie without her laugh!tacoma-senior-photos0019We did one last change and headed down to Ruston….and, as we drove the sky started to turn pink and the sun sunk behind the hill…faster than we had expected…but, totally fit her desire to not really feature the light….but, rather use it to light her up!tacoma-senior-photos0020And, that it did!  It gave us a warm glow that I am still in awe of!tacoma-senior-photos0021She was even willing to do some climbing…all for the shot, right?!tacoma-senior-photos0022I am so glad she did!tacoma-senior-photos0023tacoma-senior-photos0024And, then this happened!  I mean, WOW!  God’s beauty on display…in the mountain, the sunrise…and the beautiful woman that He created!tacoma-senior-photos0025Maggie….I am so grateful for the joy that you bring to the people you come in contact with!  You have been blessed with a beautiful gift…and you use it well!  Happy senior year!tacoma-senior-photos0026

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