Olivia | {Wilson High School Senior-Class of 2017}

tacoma-senior-photos0001Olivia-Wilson High School Senior-Class of 2017tacoma-senior-photos0002We had a little bit of a chill to our senior session with Olivia.  It was the first little inkling that fall was just around the corner!  It’s my favorite mash up of seasons!  I love the last days of summer but also anticipate the sweater days of fall when the trees all paint beautiful pictures for us daily!  tacoma-senior-photos0003This girl has character for days!  It’s so evident that she lives her life with JOY!tacoma-senior-photos0004And, she’s just just beautiful, too!tacoma-senior-photos0005I love it when my seniors bring along the important people in their lives.  Olivia’s moms came all ready for jumping in some shots and it was so fun!tacoma-senior-photos0006Can’t you just see her character?tacoma-senior-photos0007Because it was a tad bit chilly, we had the glass bridge almost all to our selves!  A rarity!tacoma-senior-photos0008tacoma-senior-photos0009Even though she is a super smiley girl, we did have some serious moments to capture!  You can’t be smiley all day every day!tacoma-senior-photos0010We also convinced her to let her hair down for a few….she has beautiful hair!tacoma-senior-photos0011tacoma-senior-photos0012That smile!tacoma-senior-photos0013tacoma-senior-photos0014The sun peeked out at the end ….perfect!tacoma-senior-photos0015tacoma-senior-photos0016A few more with her beautiful moms!tacoma-senior-photos0017But, that wasn’t the only special people who came along…tacoma-senior-photos0018…she had her two besties there as well!  They were all so fun to photograph….tons of laughing!tacoma-senior-photos0019Cute!tacoma-senior-photos0020tacoma-senior-photos0021Olivia!  You are such a joy to be around!  Thanks for hanging out with me for the afternoon!  Congrats on your senior year!tacoma-senior-photos0022


Artem and Max | {Bellarmine Prep School Seniors-Class of 2017}

tacoma-seniors-photos0001I am jealous of these guys…getting to walk through their milestones together…including their senior year at Bellarmine Prep School with the Class of 2017!  A brother can be such an incredibly strong bond…tacoma-seniors-photos0002This is Artem…and he has a ton of character that you can see in just seconds of meeting him!tacoma-seniors-photos0003And, Max…he might be more reserved to start with…but, he warmed up to me in just a minute or so more!  tacoma-seniors-photos0004tacoma-seniors-photos0005When I was first contacted by their mom who said she had two seniors at Bellarmine, of course, my first response was, “oh, fun!”.  I am sure these guys are so used to the question…but, no…not twins!  Their wonderful parents adopted three children when they were all very young, and Artem and Max just happened to be the same age!  Isn’t that fun?  It’s like God knew that they were going to need a constant friend through life…and that’s just what they are!  Brothers and friends!
tacoma-seniors-photos0006They showed up all dressed up and dapper….and I think that’s how they are most comfortable!
tacoma-seniors-photos0007tacoma-seniors-photos0008Don’t you love Max’s socks?!tacoma-seniors-photos0009tacoma-seniors-photos0010We had to keep joking around with Artem to get him to relax…I would never say he was stiff…but, I think he just does life in a professional manner!tacoma-seniors-photos0011tacoma-seniors-photos0012We ended our session down on Ruston Way…a popular choice this year for my seniors and also one of my favorites!tacoma-seniors-photos0013Max…tacoma-seniors-photos0014tacoma-seniors-photos0015He has a great smile..but, I have to say…he knows how to stare down the camera!tacoma-seniors-photos0016The guys!tacoma-seniors-photos0017Artem….tacoma-seniors-photos0018…you know that this serious face only lasted a millisecond!  A fleeting moment of seriousness….tacoma-seniors-photos0019…followed by his contagious smile!tacoma-seniors-photos0020They are not exactly sure what is coming after high school, but I know it will be amazing…and it will be done knowing they have each other’s backs!tacoma-seniors-photos0021Thanks Max and Artem!  It was so fun to photograph you both!  Have a great senior year!tacoma-seniors-photos0022


Nardos | {Science and Math Institute Senior-Class of 2017}

tacoma-seniors-photos0001Nardos is a senior at Tacoma’s Science and Math Institute!  Class of 2017!tacoma-seniors-photos0002She wanted to capture her high school life by shooting her senior session at the park that her school is housed in!  Pt. Defiance Park!  It’s such a unique way to learn…I love it!tacoma-seniors-photos0003Look at that gorgeous smile!
tacoma-seniors-photos0004I have watched Nardos grow up at church and I have been just waiting for the day that she would be a senior and I would get to get her in front of my camera!  She is beautiful-inside and out!tacoma-seniors-photos0005tacoma-seniors-photos0006Nardos brought along her sister, Netsie….who is also a part of the worship team at church…so, I get to hang out with her a lot, too!  Both gorgeous!tacoma-seniors-photos0007…and they have so much fun together!  Netsie has actually left since we did this session to do a year of high school in Brazil…Isn’t she brave?!  While I know that she is going to have the adventure of her life…I know these girls are missing each other!tacoma-seniors-photos0008We did a quick outfit change and headed to the Pagoda! tacoma-seniors-photos0009tacoma-seniors-photos0010WOW!tacoma-seniors-photos0011tacoma-seniors-photos0012I can always tell the difference between the seniors that shoot in the fall versus the ones who shoot later in the school year.  These fall seniors are still making huge decisions and not exactly sure what their college/work journey might be…and they are also just starting to do applications and college tours!  It’s a fun exciting time…but, also stressful!  I feel bad for them and try to just keep saying…it’s just one day at a time!  tacoma-seniors-photos0013One last change and down to the beach where the sun was just waiting for us to soak up the light!tacoma-seniors-photos0014tacoma-seniors-photos0015Gorgeous!tacoma-seniors-photos0016Look at those amazing cheekbones!tacoma-seniors-photos0017tacoma-seniors-photos0018tacoma-seniors-photos0019I love seeing her smile!tacoma-seniors-photos0020A couple more of the sisters….tacoma-seniors-photos0021Seriously beautiful!
tacoma-seniors-photos0022Nardos!  THANKS so much for hanging out with me for the night and having so much fun!  It was a pleasure to photograph you!tacoma-seniors-photos0023

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