Baby Lachlan is born | {Tacoma Birth Photography}

When I tell people that I do birth photography a huge majority of them scrunch their nose and say, “really…isn’t that kind of gross?” and I always laugh!  Yes…birth is messy and complicated, but never gross…in fact, it’s so incredibly beautiful while being so incredibly painful and heart wrenching.  Kind of like a lot of things in life….we walk through horrible things in order to see a beautiful outcome!  It’s truly such an honor for me to be invited into such a miraculous moment in a family’s life…and I cherish every second.


**I always give a little word of caution…while I strive to keep my blog family friendly at all times…there are some images in the birth posts that can be more graphic than some people are comfortable with..if you think that might be you, feel free to skip this blog post!Tacoma Birth Photos0001I got the text from Chris at about 4:00am that it was time and knowing Mareesha like I do ..that meant, it was going to be soon!  Luckily, at the time, I lived right around the block from them and got there in record time.  Mareesha was calm and peaceful…and the most smiley birthing mom I have ever had!  You might look through these photos and think she had it so easy…but, I will say this…the contractions were strong and painful…but as she managed each one like a warrior…she came out of each one with a huge smile…but, it wasn’t easy…Tacoma Birth Photos0002She honestly only had a handful of contractions and then she moved closer to the tub to get ready to get in… this was her fourth baby so we knew it would be kind of quick, but all in all I was there about a half an hour before that beautiful baby was born.Tacoma Birth Photos0003Tacoma Birth Photos0004They promised their oldest son that they would wake him up for the event….and even though he was sleepy…he was so excited.Tacoma Birth Photos0005See what I mean about the smiling?  She had some great midwives attending to her and she was in the comfort of her own home!  Such a peaceful environment.Tacoma Birth Photos0006Tacoma Birth Photos0007She might have been in the tub for 10 minutes tops before it was time…  they were waiting to know this baby was a boy or girl…but, with three older brothers I don’t think they were that surprised when they finally met their fourth little man, Lachlan!Tacoma Birth Photos0008Look at that joy!  Tacoma Birth Photos0009Tacoma Birth Photos0010I love the moment when the rush of the birth is over and mama finally gets to gaze at her baby.  Tacoma Birth Photos0011and..there’s is that perfect Mareesha smile, again!  Tacoma Birth Photos0012When it was time to cut the cord, it was a family affair…all the boys were up and involved in the process!
Tacoma Birth Photos0013Tacoma Birth Photos0014…I just love her smile!Tacoma Birth Photos0015Lachlan got wrapped up and checked out….Tacoma Birth Photos0016…and had his first meal….Tacoma Birth Photos0017…while dad read to the newest big brother.Tacoma Birth Photos0018And, the biggest big brother took his job as family photographer very seriously!  He got some really good shots, too!
Tacoma Birth Photos0019Finally dad got to hold his boy!Tacoma Birth Photos0020He’s a lucky dad to have so many boys to raise…and because I know this lovely family..I can guarantee he’s going to do an amazing job!Tacoma Birth Photos0021They got a quick moment as mom, dad, and new baby….but, with a family of six, you know that didn’t last long….Tacoma Birth Photos0022Tacoma Birth Photos0023Congratulations, Backman family!  You are so blessed and have so many memories to make ahead of you!Tacoma Birth Photos0024Thanks for sharing your precious family of SIX with me!  Tacoma Birth Photos0025


Hayley | {Curtis High School Senior-Class of 2017}

Tacoma Senior Photos0001Every year I get so excited about this time cause it’s time for the newest high school graduation class to start sitting in front of my camera…it’s my favorite time…and it got kicked off with Hayley!Tacoma Senior Photos0002Hayley is the daughter of a high school friend of mine…so fun to see people that I ran around with in high school days, but see them all grown up with their own kids!  The cycle of life….Tacoma Senior Photos0003Hayley will be graduating from Curtis High School in the spring with the Class of 2017!Tacoma Senior Photos0004I love that she chose outfits that were completely and uniquely her!  There is no need for cookie cutter outfits for senior photos….it’s all about representing who you are…and hayley knows who she is!
Tacoma Senior Photos0005We had a gorgeous evening with sun…and then patches of clouds…but after a pretty rainy spring…we were excited to have the light!Tacoma Senior Photos0006Hayley and her family live near Chambers it was the perfect location for her session!  In fact…she runs here all the time!Tacoma Senior Photos0007She is a runner.  Marathons, half marathons….you name she runs it.  This year she is doing two marathons in Disneyland and Disneyworld…which gets her a very special medal!  She’s pretty excited about it!  She runs with her mom and dad sometimes, too!  A cool family activity!Tacoma Senior Photos0008She is also pretty quiet…a thinker…Tacoma Senior Photos0009But, she has a gorgeous smile when she finally opens up!  And, those eyes!!Tacoma Senior Photos0010Her last outfit was perfect for the beach…
Tacoma Senior Photos0011it was a little bit chilly even though the sun was still shining.Tacoma Senior Photos0012This week all the seniors are heading into school to be the big dogs!  Tacoma Senior Photos0013Tacoma Senior Photos0014Again…those eyes!  Such a unique color!Tacoma Senior Photos0015Tacoma Senior Photos0016As we headed back up from the beach the sun finally poked out from behind the clouds and gave us a gorgeous golden light!
Tacoma Senior Photos0017a little breeze and a little light…makes a gorgeous image!Tacoma Senior Photos0018
Tacoma Senior Photos0019Best wishes on your senior year, Hayley!  Run your race your way!  CONGRATS!
Tacoma Senior Photos0020


Carrie and Everly | {Tacoma Family Photography}

Tacoma Family Photos0001Carrie and Everly…mom and daughter…beautiful girls!Tacoma Family Photos0002Everly is a young girl with a strong leadership personality about her!  She is curious and brave and speaks her mind….Tacoma Family Photos0003…and she has a twinkle in her eyes that is contagious!Tacoma Family Photos0004She is very loved, and knows it, by her gorgeous mama! Tacoma Family Photos0005Carrie has been my hair stylist for a long time and I just love being able to turn the tables every once in a while and be the one serving her…and, I think she is gorgeous so it’s extra fun to get her in front of the camera!Tacoma Family Photos0006Look at how Everly looks up to her mom!Tacoma Family Photos0007Tacoma Family Photos0008These girls had a whole day of mom and daughter fun to get ready for the session…mani/pedi’s and new dresses!  Memory making!Tacoma Family Photos0009Tacoma Family Photos0010Carrie wanted to make sure we got this session in while Everly was still missing her two front teeth…the perfect time to capture…and a time that will pass quickly!Tacoma Family Photos0011Tacoma Family Photos0012We did a little dancing in the field…Tacoma Family Photos0013…and we made some big wishes!Tacoma Family Photos0014Tacoma Family Photos0015Love that golden light!Tacoma Family Photos0016We made one last outfit change and headed down to the beach…Tacoma Family Photos0017LOVE!Tacoma Family Photos0018Everly braved the cold water for a little bit!Tacoma Family Photos0019Isn’t she just so cute?Tacoma Family Photos0020One of my favorites!Tacoma Family Photos0021I loved this one….it’s not a typical family portrait, but since I know that Carrie is a photographer and artist herself..she would like it!Tacoma Family Photos0022Carrie and Everly…it was such fun to hang out with you girls for an evening!  You are lucky to have each other!Tacoma Family Photos0023

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