Liam turns THREE! | {Tacoma Family Photography}

tacoma-family-photos0001This dapper little guy is Liam…and he was turning three, which is the perfect time to schedule a session!tacoma-family-photos0002I love this little guy and have had so much fun watching him grow up…tacoma-family-photos0003…and I love watching his family grow, too!  Of course, gratefully, since we are all close friends I don’t have to wait for sessions to hang out with these guys…but, that friendship makes the sessions extra special to me!tacoma-family-photos0004Steve and Yuri have their blessing buckets full with these two…and, I am sure once they get a little older and everyone is sleeping through the night, they will look back on this time with fond memories!tacoma-family-photos0005Liam is an exceptional little boy!  He LOVES music!tacoma-family-photos0006And…he has perfect pitch!  You should hear this kid sing…or better yet, you should watch him as he watches and recites, sings, and acts out every scene from “The Sound Of Music”.  It’s impressive!tacoma-family-photos0007You can see how he thought this was a microphone!  His dad is one of our worship leaders at church, so he isn’t a stranger to a mic!tacoma-family-photos0008We didn’t forget about Charlie…she was not exactly in the mood to be photographed…but, she was in the mood to explore!
tacoma-family-photos0009Liam, too, really just wanted to run around and have some fun….
tacoma-family-photos0010..which after we took a few family photos for the books…tacoma-family-photos0011…and attempted a photo with Charlie….tacoma-family-photos0012….is what we let him do!  Run…play in the water…tacoma-family-photos0013…find out what’s under the grate…tacoma-family-photos0014…sit up on the wall and flash me those incredible dimples!tacoma-family-photos0015Look at his cuteness!tacoma-family-photos0016The Boys….tacoma-family-photos0017Mom and Dad…tacoma-family-photos0018tacoma-family-photos0019,,,The girls!tacoma-family-photos0020We did it all!  Three has never looked so good!  Happy Birthday to Liam…and I can’t wait to shoot and share Charlie’s 100 day celebration!  It’s going to be so fun!tacoma-family-photos0021


Amy | {Bellarmine Prep School Senior-Class of 2017}

tacoma-senior-photos0001This is Amy!  She is a senior at Bellarmine Prep School and will be graduating with the Class of 2017!tacoma-senior-photos0002She has the sweetest personality and the smile to match it.tacoma-senior-photos0003Look at her lashes!
tacoma-senior-photos0004We had a beautiful night for her session down on Ruston Way at the Chinese Reconciliation Park and the dock.  I miss these sunny nights!tacoma-senior-photos0005When Amy isn’t at school working towards her grades, she works in her parents shop and also does a lot of volunteer work at a local food bank.tacoma-senior-photos0006She is planning on staying local so she can stay near her family as she works through college and hopes to major in something in the medical field!tacoma-senior-photos0007Amy’s mom and dad came along for her session and brought me a loaf of some amazingly tasty zucchini bread! I was told it was her mom’s famous recipe!  I felt pretty honored to get to try it!
tacoma-senior-photos0008Look at her beautiful brown eyes!tacoma-senior-photos0009Amy was up for anything…which makes it so fun for me!
tacoma-senior-photos0010tacoma-senior-photos0011Look at that light!tacoma-senior-photos0012We changed into her last outfit and headed to the dock as the sun was setting…tacoma-senior-photos0013Beautiful!tacoma-senior-photos0014tacoma-senior-photos0015I feel like you can see how genuine she is in her smile!
tacoma-senior-photos0016Gorgeous!tacoma-senior-photos0017tacoma-senior-photos0018I really do enjoy each of my senior sessions…It is so fun to get to know these young people who are on the verge of such amazing change in their lives!
tacoma-senior-photos0019Amy…thanks so much for having a fun evening with me!  It was an honor!tacoma-senior-photos0020


Grace | {Bellarmine Prep School Senior-Class of 2017}

tacoma-senior-photos0001Grace-Bellarmine Prep School Senior-Class of 2017tacoma-senior-photos0002This beautiful girl was such a joy to photograph.  Her smile is genuine and her conversation comes easy.tacoma-senior-photos0003So pretty!tacoma-senior-photos0004We started out her session with her whole family because he dad had to head out….What a beautiful family and a sweet memory since her dad has since been deployed again…so, I am so glad we were able to squeeze in a few family memories!tacoma-senior-photos0005tacoma-senior-photos0006We also had Max along for short minute…he was featured on the blog a few just a couple posts ago…and it’s actually how I met Grace.  She came along for his session and then booked hers the next day!  They are both such fun people!tacoma-senior-photos0007We had a perfect day for her session…warm and a little bit breezy with some yummy light!tacoma-senior-photos0008And, she is a natural!tacoma-senior-photos0009She didn’t seem nervous at all!tacoma-senior-photos0010She had several outfit choices for me to look at and in the end….we used them all cause they were all so cute!tacoma-senior-photos0011tacoma-senior-photos0012Look at that smile!tacoma-senior-photos0013Her little sister came along, and like any little sister, borrowed some clothes so that we could capture them together!  So different and yet both so beautiful!tacoma-senior-photos0014Sisters!tacoma-senior-photos0015And, of course there was no way we weren’t going to get mom in there for a couple of shots!  tacoma-senior-photos0016All the girls!  tacoma-senior-photos0017As the light was started to get lower and warmer we put on her last outfit and danced around in the field for a bit!tacoma-senior-photos0018tacoma-senior-photos0019Love!tacoma-senior-photos0020One of my favorites!tacoma-senior-photos0021The long summer nights….tacoma-senior-photos0022tacoma-senior-photos0023Grace!  It was such a pleasure to photograph you!  Thanks for sharing your evening and a little bit of your life with me!  Have a wonderful senior year!tacoma-senior-photos0024

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