Logan | {Sehome High School Senior-Class of 2017}

Tacoma Senior Photos0001This is Logan!  Logan is senior at Sehome High School in Bellingham, Washington and will be graduating with the Class of 2017 in just a couple of months!  Tacoma Senior Photos0002I love Bellingham!  It’s so beautiful and small town feeling!  It actually reminds me some of my hometown, Gig Harbor!  So, when Logan’s mom called and said it was time for his senior session..I was READY!Tacoma Senior Photos0003I was up there a bunch when my daughter was going to Western but hadn’t been in a it was fun to visit again!  Tacoma Senior Photos0004On top of that…I am old friends with this guys parents…so it’s always a treat to get to somewhere beautiful, do what I love to-photograph a senior, and then get to have a fun dinner with my old friends!  Seems like a win win trip all the way around, don’t you think?Tacoma Senior Photos0005Logan is a little bit quiet and reserved…but, man, he knows how to work a camera!  Tacoma Senior Photos0006He’s been pretty active in high school and has ran cross country all four years and also competed in track and field….But, even though that was probably so fun…I haven’t met a senior that hasn’t been ready to be all done with high school!Tacoma Senior Photos0007We ventured into Fairhaven for his second outfit…I LOVE this bus..which when open is a great fish & chip’s place!  Tacoma Senior Photos0008Tacoma Senior Photos0009I shot his sister’s senior photos a couple of years ago and we hit some of the same locations which I think is perfect since they are spots that have sentimental value to the family..and lots of fun textures for me!
Tacoma Senior Photos0010So handsome!Tacoma Senior Photos0011Tacoma Senior Photos0012Tacoma Senior Photos0013We headed to go have dinner and Logan’s mom wanted to just take one fun shot in front of this ivy that has become pretty well known….Tacoma Senior Photos0014Tacoma Senior Photos0015but, of course…I can never just stop with just one photo…..Tacoma Senior Photos0016Logan is considering going into computer science in school…but, isn’t exactly sure what route will get him there….community college, Western, or maybe even a little adventure to Boise State!  He’s got some choices!Tacoma Senior Photos0017Especially when that light is glowing so warm!  I love this one!Tacoma Senior Photos0018Logan, Kris and Steve…it was so fun to see you all again!! What’s our excuse gonna be now that you are out of kids that are gonna be seniors?!  haha!  I wish  you luck in whatever you do next, Logan!Tacoma Senior Photos0019


Courteney | {Pinnacle High School Senior-Class of 2017}

Tacoma Senior Photos0001How ironic that our next senior up is this gorgeous girl from Phoenix, Arizona!  Tacoma Senior Photos0002Courteney is a senior at Pinnacle High School in Phoenix, Arizona with the Class of 2017…and I am proud to call her my niece!Tacoma Senior Photos0003I guess in technical terms…we are really not related at all, but, since her mom and I have been friends since we were 11 and her mom’s twin sister is married to my brother (ya…try and work that one out for second in your head)….it is just easier  to be Auntie to this pretty girl (and her brothers, too)Tacoma Senior Photos0004I love getting to fly down to Phoenix and do some shoots…and this week while I am in Gilbert with my brother and his family the weather is going to be pretty the 80’s.  But, when I was there to do Courteney’s photos…it was not mild at all…and at 8pm in the evening we were shooting in 104 degrees!  And, yet….look how gorgeous she still looks!!!Tacoma Senior Photos0005We split her session up a tad bit…the night before her real session date we were in a different part of Phoenix, so we did some there at the end of the evening….and then the next day we did her real session on the other side of Phoenix!Tacoma Senior Photos0006Look at her beautiful eyes!Tacoma Senior Photos0007Courteney is a fun energetic soul and loves to be social!Tacoma Senior Photos0008She also lettered in badminton in school and is actually REALLY good at it!  I was kinda bummed she wasn’t playing a game while I was there.Tacoma Senior Photos0009We ended her session at one of my favorite places that I have visited while I am there.  It’s a preserve that has a ton of beautiful cacti and rocks and red trails…if it wasn’t burning hot, I would go there and just hang out, it’s that beautiful!Tacoma Senior Photos0010So pretty!Tacoma Senior Photos0011Most seniors need a little bit of time to get used to having this big camera pointed at them and to get to know me…but, Courteney loves being in front of the camera..and she already knows me, so right off the bat we were getting so many great shots that it really was not working for me at all..just hanging out with my niece and having fun…and sweating my face off!Tacoma Senior Photos0012Tacoma Senior Photos0013Tacoma Senior Photos0014I love LOVE love Arizona’s light!  My brother and his wife keep trying to get me to move down there…and don’t think I am not tempted as the rain falls and falls and…falls…here.  But, as much as I love the light…my body doesn’t love the heat.  So, getting to go down and visit and shoot while I am there is me getting the best of both worlds!  I think I will be the perfect snowbird…except I am not going to retire there..I just want to fly down and work for a couple of weeks while the rain is falling here!  Sounds like perfection to me!Tacoma Senior Photos0015My sweet friend, Angela!  I forgot to warn her that she would be in some of the photos…but, then, I made her take some with her oldest son last year when I did his senior photos…so, she might have known…but, I still made her get in a few!  I love to see a mother daughter relationship!Tacoma Senior Photos0016As the last moments of sun warmed us…we started back to the car.Tacoma Senior Photos0017LOVE!!!!! Isn’t it just a sunny dream?Tacoma Senior Photos0018Tacoma Senior Photos0019Funny little tidbit…Courteney’s high school does a fun “challenge during the beginning of school…kind of like our Nerf Wars here in Tacoma.  They carry around squirt guns and you have teams and if you get shot you are eliminated!  The winner of the challenge gets a pretty hefty sum of, this gets pretty serious!  The only way to stay safe is to wear pool floaties…you know, like on your arms or around your waist!  It’s a sight to see walking around where she lives to see all these kids fully dressed with a big penguin floatation around their waist or little ducky floats on their arms!  Their is a rule though that while you are doing your senior photos you are safe….so, luckily you don’t see floaties in all of these shots…cause other than when we were shooting I never saw Courteney without them!  Serious business!!!Tacoma Senior Photos0020Tacoma Senior Photos0021I can see so much of both of her parents in her…so beautiful!Tacoma Senior Photos0022Courteney!  I am so glad we were able to get these done..even in the heat and without you having to wear floaties!!!!  haha!  Have a great senior year and I just know you are going to do awesome things with your future!Tacoma Senior Photos0023


Kyle | {Bellarmine Prep High School Senior}

Tacoma Senior Photos0001This is Kyle!  He’s a senior at Bellarmine Prep with the Class of 2017 and I can pretty much guarantee that he is ecstatic that it’s almost over!Tacoma Senior Photos0002I am in Arizona this week helping my family and I figured it was the perfect time to get caught up on some of my seniors that I haven’t had the time to blog!  Kyle and I shot his session around the late summer/fall time.  We started our session at Bellarmine where he has spent the last four  years!  He has been very involved in sports at Bellarmine..through the years playing basketball, football, and lacrosse.  As a senior he has focused more on lacrosse and has committed to Colorado Mesa University to play and study in the environmental sciences.Tacoma Senior Photos0003Kyle also wants to then train to be a firefighter/EMT and would love to go to Airborne school, then retire and teach people how to free fall!  Wow!  I love that he has so many goals and dreams…and doesn’t seem limited in achieving them!
Tacoma Senior Photos0004Tacoma Senior Photos0005But, for now..he has a couple of months to just have some fun for his last days as a senior!Tacoma Senior Photos0006Look at that sun!!  We have had a pretty gloomy winter here in the PNW and I am so excited to be seeing the sun here and there….hope that we will be getting this gorgeous light along with a little bit of warmth soon!Tacoma Senior Photos0007Kyle heard about me from his sister who had her senior photos taken a few years ago and will soon be graduating from college!  Where does the time go?!Tacoma Senior Photos0008This has become a very requested site for senior photos!  I do love it!  Such great texture and I love how the sun filters through the bridge!Tacoma Senior Photos0009Tacoma Senior Photos0010He is quite handsome, isn’t he?Tacoma Senior Photos0011Tacoma Senior Photos0012Kyle wasn’t planning on using this shirt for his session…but, it means a lot to him so I convinced him to take just a couple in it…Tacoma Senior Photos0013…you can’t tell but it is a fire department shirt!Tacoma Senior Photos0014We ended our session down on Ruston Way!  Another place I am excited to get to go!  It’s full of so many things about Tacoma that I love!Tacoma Senior Photos0015The water, boats, people walking the water walk…..beach and sun!  It hits all of the marks!
Tacoma Senior Photos0016During the winter this particular part of the dock isn’t accessible…I do love it though!Tacoma Senior Photos0017We soaked up the last rays of the sun…Tacoma Senior Photos0018Tacoma Senior Photos0019Tacoma Senior Photos0020Thanks, Kyle!  What a great sport you were!  I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and I hope you do all the things you dream of doing!Tacoma Senior Photos0021

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