Scotti | {Wilson High School Senior-Class of 2017}

Tacoma Senior Photos0001This beautiful senior is Scotti!  She’s a senior at Wilson High School and will be graduating with the Class of 2017 in just a couple of months!Tacoma Senior Photos0002Scotti is the daughter of one of my close friends, so I have known her for some time…she is a very talented, determined, hard working, smart, and gorgeous young lady!Tacoma Senior Photos0003And, as you can see, the camera loves her!Tacoma Senior Photos0004And, I LOVE her freckles!Tacoma Senior Photos0005I couldn’t tell you much about Scotti without talking about soccer…it’s such a huge part of her day to day!  She has played for a long time and puts in thousands of hours on the field playing competitively as well as on the high school team!
Tacoma Senior Photos0006She takes it very seriously and puts so much work into honing her craft…Tacoma Senior Photos0007I am sure she is a force to be reckoned with on the field!Tacoma Senior Photos0008And, of the field…she is a leader among her friends with a heart for people!Tacoma Senior Photos0009And, she laughs easily and whole heartedly!Tacoma Senior Photos0010She has committed to attend George Fox University in the fall and will be continuing her soccer career there!  Her parents are going to rack up some miles on their car as they are quite dedicated to being at all of her games!  When she isn’t on the field she will be studying to learn how to care for the athletes when they get injured.  She has had her share of injuries herself so I know she will be a caring face for any athletes that need her help!Tacoma Senior Photos0011We finished up her session as the sun was setting with that golden glow…Tacoma Senior Photos0012The perfect complement to that freckled grin!Tacoma Senior Photos0013As we are facing another week of rain right now, I love seeing these photos that encourage me that the sun will come and when it does, it will be worth all the rain!Tacoma Senior Photos0014LOVE!Tacoma Senior Photos0015This is one of my favorites…and it wasn’t even really a shot we were trying to get…it just happened and I clicked!  Perfection!Tacoma Senior Photos0016The beautiful PNW!Tacoma Senior Photos0017Such a lovely girl!Tacoma Senior Photos0018Tacoma Senior Photos0019Scotti!  You have a fierce future and I just know that whatever God puts in front of you to do, that you are going to give your whole heart to it!  So fun to see you on your journey!!!  Tacoma Senior Photos0020


Dominique | {Bellarmine Prep School Senior-Class of 2017}

Tacoma Senior Photos0001Dominique is gracing the blog this morning for the last of our SENIOR WEEK!  I know I never blog so much..and especially this year I have struggled to keep up because I got so busy…so, it’s been so fun to get to finally share some of these seniors cause they are always my favorite type of session!  I just love seniors!Tacoma Senior Photos0002Dominique is a senior at Bellarmine Prep!  She is in the Class of 2017 and has some pretty big goals and dreams for what she is going to after high school!Tacoma Senior Photos0003She is the baby of the family with just one older brother…but, I am sure that doesn’t make her spoiled!Tacoma Senior Photos0004We started her session around Wright Park…it’s so fun to live and work in places that can be park like and urban all at the same time!  Gives us lots of texture and beauty to work with!Tacoma Senior Photos0005Stunning!Tacoma Senior Photos0006Look at those beautiful eyes!Tacoma Senior Photos0007I LOVE using these arches when the flowers are in bloom….it also kind of gives away the time of year that we shot these.  Fall!Tacoma Senior Photos0008I do love FALL!Tacoma Senior Photos0009Dominique is very active in sports and has played both basketball and volleyball …and along with sports come injuries.  Dominique has had her share of challenges but what I loved about her stories was that instead of it squashing her dreams she allowed it to inspire her.  She has been so inspired by her own orthopedic surgeon that she is hoping and planning to follow in their footsteps with her career.  At the time of the session she was planning on going to Nebraska to attend college!  Tacoma Senior Photos0010Such a brightness in her eyes!  I love seeing that!Tacoma Senior Photos0011She laughed easily with me!  Tacoma Senior Photos0012Tacoma Senior Photos0013As the sun started to set we headed to Ruston Way’s waterfront and watched the sun set!Tacoma Senior Photos0014So gorgeous!Tacoma Senior Photos0015Love those lashes!Tacoma Senior Photos0016Dominique brought along her dear friend, Sophie…so, of course we had to grab a couple of them together.Tacoma Senior Photos0017Tacoma Senior Photos0018Lovely!Tacoma Senior Photos0019That wasn’t her only special person ……we also had her beautiful mom…Tacoma Senior Photos0020…and her dad!Tacoma Senior Photos0021It makes me so happy when the whole family celebrates with the seniors that I photograph!  It’s such a fun time to remember later on!  Congratulations, Dominique!!!  Happy Graduation!  Tacoma Senior Photos0022


Clare | {Bellarmine Prep High School-Class of 2017}

Tacoma Senior Photos0001Clare!  She’s a senior at Bellarmine Prep High School in the Class of 2017!Tacoma Senior Photos0002There are not many times that I can think of that I was a little nervous when it came to shooting a senior….but, I had a moment of a twinge of nervousness as I was getting ready to meet Clare!  Tacoma Senior Photos0003She doesn’t look intimidating, does she?  Well..that’s because she isn’t!  But, she is a very talented photographer who has been part of the Made To Create PNW community!  I met her a couple years back when she came to one of our retreats and have loved getting to know her as she continued to take classes from us and she comes to our coffee nights!  So…because I know she is also a talented young photographer, I got a little nervous that I wouldn’t meet her vision for her own senior photos!  But, we had so much fun and we had WAY TOO MANY gorgeous shots of her by the end of our time!Tacoma Senior Photos0004Clare wanted a mix of Tacoma…so we started urban down at the Glass Museum!Tacoma Senior Photos0005We had beautiful light…but, even if it had been overcast..her smiles lights up the room anyway!Tacoma Senior Photos0006Love those brown eyes!Tacoma Senior Photos0007Then we high tailed it to Chambers Bay to grab that lovely golden hour!Tacoma Senior Photos0008WOW!  Tacoma Senior Photos0009It’s fun to shoot other photographers!  Tacoma Senior Photos0010I will say that a few times I had to remind myself that I was working cause Clare and I get to talking about gear and shooting and we didn’t want to waste the light!Tacoma Senior Photos0011Cutie!Tacoma Senior Photos0012Don’t we live in the most beautiful place?Tacoma Senior Photos0013Sunny smiles!Tacoma Senior Photos0014Tacoma Senior Photos0015She has a little bit of mischief in her eyes, I think!  haha!Tacoma Senior Photos0016Last outfit…last rays of golden sun!Tacoma Senior Photos0017Gorgeous!Tacoma Senior Photos0018Tacoma Senior Photos0019This is one of my favorites..and I always giggle cause she never even questioned me when I said, “Ok, I want you to lay all the way down in the itchy grass …in a dress!”  Such a good sport!Tacoma Senior Photos0020Tacoma Senior Photos0021THANKS, Clare!  I have loved getting to know you and will be so sad if you go off to college and don’t come back to visit us!  Happy Senior Year!!!!!Tacoma Senior Photos0022

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