Kyle | {Bellarmine Prep High School Senior}

Tacoma Senior Photos0001This is Kyle!  He’s a senior at Bellarmine Prep with the Class of 2017 and I can pretty much guarantee that he is ecstatic that it’s almost over!Tacoma Senior Photos0002I am in Arizona this week helping my family and I figured it was the perfect time to get caught up on some of my seniors that I haven’t had the time to blog!  Kyle and I shot his session around the late summer/fall time.  We started our session at Bellarmine where he has spent the last four  years!  He has been very involved in sports at Bellarmine..through the years playing basketball, football, and lacrosse.  As a senior he has focused more on lacrosse and has committed to Colorado Mesa University to play and study in the environmental sciences.Tacoma Senior Photos0003Kyle also wants to then train to be a firefighter/EMT and would love to go to Airborne school, then retire and teach people how to free fall!  Wow!  I love that he has so many goals and dreams…and doesn’t seem limited in achieving them!
Tacoma Senior Photos0004Tacoma Senior Photos0005But, for now..he has a couple of months to just have some fun for his last days as a senior!Tacoma Senior Photos0006Look at that sun!!  We have had a pretty gloomy winter here in the PNW and I am so excited to be seeing the sun here and there….hope that we will be getting this gorgeous light along with a little bit of warmth soon!Tacoma Senior Photos0007Kyle heard about me from his sister who had her senior photos taken a few years ago and will soon be graduating from college!  Where does the time go?!Tacoma Senior Photos0008This has become a very requested site for senior photos!  I do love it!  Such great texture and I love how the sun filters through the bridge!Tacoma Senior Photos0009Tacoma Senior Photos0010He is quite handsome, isn’t he?Tacoma Senior Photos0011Tacoma Senior Photos0012Kyle wasn’t planning on using this shirt for his session…but, it means a lot to him so I convinced him to take just a couple in it…Tacoma Senior Photos0013…you can’t tell but it is a fire department shirt!Tacoma Senior Photos0014We ended our session down on Ruston Way!  Another place I am excited to get to go!  It’s full of so many things about Tacoma that I love!Tacoma Senior Photos0015The water, boats, people walking the water walk…..beach and sun!  It hits all of the marks!
Tacoma Senior Photos0016During the winter this particular part of the dock isn’t accessible…I do love it though!Tacoma Senior Photos0017We soaked up the last rays of the sun…Tacoma Senior Photos0018Tacoma Senior Photos0019Tacoma Senior Photos0020Thanks, Kyle!  What a great sport you were!  I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and I hope you do all the things you dream of doing!Tacoma Senior Photos0021


Nick and Heather | {Roche Harbor Wedding Photography}

I wish sometimes that there was a magic wand that would make it easy to show you all the amazing memories captured from a wedding.  There are just so many…and yet, so little space to share them all.  It really is my greatest challenge when it comes to my weddings.  So…this post is long…but, not nearly as long as I could’ve made it with all the beauty, joy and love that was shared through out the day!

Nick and Heather waited a long time to have their dream weddding…and it was so perfect!  We had a little bit of drizzle throughout the day, but then when it really mattered…the sun came out in full force and gave Roche Harbor the warm glow that it thrives in.  I met Heather years ago when we worked together briefly.  It wasn’t a long time but I knew instantly she was the most amazing person with a huge heart…and I wasn’t wrong!  We have remained close via Facebook and I was able to see her love with Nick bloom and then watch as they started a family together with their first son and then some little curly haired twin boy…so, I was so excited when she emailed me that they were ready to have their wedding and wanted me to come capture it!

Roche Harbor is a gorgeous little village in the San Juan Islands…and it was a beautiful backdrop for their special day!  I hope you enjoy some of the highlights!!

Tacoma Wedding Photos0001Tacoma Wedding Photos0002Tacoma Wedding Photos0003Tacoma Wedding Photos0004Tacoma Wedding Photos0005Tacoma Wedding Photos0006Tacoma Wedding Photos0007Tacoma Wedding Photos0008Tacoma Wedding Photos0009Tacoma Wedding Photos0010Tacoma Wedding Photos0011Tacoma Wedding Photos0012Tacoma Wedding Photos0013Tacoma Wedding Photos0014Tacoma Wedding Photos0015Tacoma Wedding Photos0016Tacoma Wedding Photos0017Tacoma Wedding Photos0018Tacoma Wedding Photos0019Tacoma Wedding Photos0020Tacoma Wedding Photos0021Tacoma Wedding Photos0022Tacoma Wedding Photos0023Tacoma Wedding Photos0024Tacoma Wedding Photos0025Tacoma Wedding Photos0026Tacoma Wedding Photos0027Tacoma Wedding Photos0028Tacoma Wedding Photos0029Tacoma Wedding Photos0030Tacoma Wedding Photos0031Tacoma Wedding Photos0032Tacoma Wedding Photos0033Tacoma Wedding Photos0034Tacoma Wedding Photos0035Tacoma Wedding Photos0036Tacoma Wedding Photos0037Tacoma Wedding Photos0038Tacoma Wedding Photos0039Tacoma Wedding Photos0040Tacoma Wedding Photos0041Tacoma Wedding Photos0042Tacoma Wedding Photos0043


Morgan - I cannot wait for our day with you!

Archer | {Tacoma Newborn Photography}

Tacoma Newborn Photos0001This handsome little guy is Archer!  And, he may look super tired….but, he kept his eye on me throughout his newborn session!
Tacoma Newborn Photos0002My clients-turned-friends, Kate and Ryan were blessed with this little man to add to their beautiful little girls!, a family of five is complete!Tacoma Newborn Photos0003Ryan and Kate and I share a love for Disneyland!  My friends like to joke that I am a Disney expert…but, honestly, Ryan tells me something new every time I see them!  It’s so fun to learn new little facts!Tacoma Newborn Photos0004I have been told this is Ryan’s favorite!Tacoma Newborn Photos0005Look at his gorgeous sisters!  Phoebe and Penny LOVE their little brother!Tacoma Newborn Photos0006Phoebe especially is a good little mom in training!Tacoma Newborn Photos0007Archer wasn’t too keen on all the excitement…but, his fussing didn’t last long!Tacoma Newborn Photos0008Tacoma Newborn Photos0009Mom’s have a way of bringing peace back to any situation!Tacoma Newborn Photos0010It’s going to be so fun to see how Kate is a mom to a boy!  She is going to rock it, for sure…Tacoma Newborn Photos0011Beautiful!  Mom bonds are always strong..but, there is something special about moms and their boys!  Tacoma Newborn Photos0012I LOVE THIS SHOT!!!!!!  WOW!  I know I am probably biased…but, it’s a strong image of the love of a father!  I just love it!Tacoma Newborn Photos0013I can hear Ryan right now saying…”Hey, Kid!”…..  He’s a great dad!Tacoma Newborn Photos0014LOVE!Tacoma Newborn Photos0015Kate and Ryan!  You are so blessed…and those babies are blessed to have you, too!  Sorry we got rained out today….Can’t wait to see you in a couple of days for our next session!!!!Tacoma Newborn Photos0016

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