Spencer | {Enumclaw High School Senior-Class of 2017}

Tacoma Senior Photos0001I met Spencer during the fall season for his senior session!  He is a senior at Enumclaw High School and I am sure he is counting the days till his graduation!
Tacoma Senior Photos0002As is common, Spencer wasn’t particularly interested in having his photos taken…unless he could have his dog in the photos with him!  So, of course, we were happy to comply!Tacoma Senior Photos0003And, he was happy to be modeling with his boy!Tacoma Senior Photos0004Spencer loves the outdoors and spends his free time fishing and hunting!Tacoma Senior Photos0005and…hanging out with his furry friend!Tacoma Senior Photos0006Tacoma Senior Photos0007It was an overcast day and we had a few raindrops here and there…but, then, that is just everyday around the PNW this season!Tacoma Senior Photos0008Tacoma Senior Photos0009Love this black and white one!Tacoma Senior Photos0010Tacoma Senior Photos0011Priceless!  Soon, when he goes off to college, I guarantee you he will miss his little sidekick!Tacoma Senior Photos0012This is the one that Spencer’s mom made into a canvas to hang on their wall!  Perfect choice!Tacoma Senior Photos0013Tacoma Senior Photos0014Tacoma Senior Photos0015I even got a few laughs out of Spencer!
Tacoma Senior Photos0016My favorite shot!Tacoma Senior Photos0017…and a second favorite from a different angle!Tacoma Senior Photos0018Congratulations, Spencer!  You are almost done!  Have a great summer!
Tacoma Senior Photos0019


Sophia | {Franklin High School Senior-Class of 2017}

Tacoma Senior Photos0001 This is Sophia!  She lives in Franklin, Tennessee, but came out here to her childhood home to have her senior photos taken!  She is graduating here soon with the Class of 2017!Tacoma Senior Photos0002I think it can be a little bit unfair that one person get such amazing eyes, long legs, and gorgeous hair….but, when you meet Sophia and see that her outward beauty only shines so bright because of her inward beauty…it makes it easier to be ok with it!Tacoma Senior Photos0003I have known Sophia since she was born…and I have loved her mother as a sister to me for even longer, so it was such an honor to get to see her again and photograph her for this special time in their lives!Tacoma Senior Photos0004I had the privilege of photographing her sister’s senior session a couple of years ago, but the whole family wasn’t able to be there for that…so, having Sophia, and her sister, and my friend, Lisa, all there was super fun! I don’t get to see Lisa very often and when I do, there’s never enough time!Tacoma Senior Photos0005Sophia is a bright and warm young woman!  She has a confidence about her that makes her seem more mature than her years.Tacoma Senior Photos0006And, she laughs big!  Which, of course, I love!Tacoma Senior Photos0007Tacoma Senior Photos0008We wanted to capture some PNW spots for her since she doesn’t get back home to Washington very often!Tacoma Senior Photos0009We were so lucky to have a beautiful evening..even though it was quite chilly!Tacoma Senior Photos0010LOVE!Tacoma Senior Photos0011You would never believe that this golden light popped through in the middle of winter…but, when I get it, I cherish it!!!Tacoma Senior Photos0012Sophia has done some modeling and thought about pursuing it for a career…which she obviously could, but I loved that she has a different dream for herself and laughed when she admitted, too, that “she loves to eat too much!”  Tacoma Senior Photos0013Beautiful!Tacoma Senior Photos0014We ended our session on the beach…the perfect shout out to what’s beautiful here in Tacoma!Tacoma Senior Photos0015After, Sophia graduates she will be heading off to do a Discipleship Training Course (DTS) with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for a year…it’s an intensive time that really helps you to focus on God and on serving others.  I think it’s a perfect thing for a young person to do before they dive in to the pursuit of a career!  Tacoma Senior Photos0016But, then after that she has goals of attending possibly Pepperdine or UW Seattle to start her education!Tacoma Senior Photos0017I would love it if she came to UW cause then I think I would see her mom more!!!  Ulterior motives!Tacoma Senior Photos0018WOW!Tacoma Senior Photos0019Tacoma Senior Photos0020The sun was heading behind the trees…and we were all starting to shiver, so we grabbed a few more shots…Tacoma Senior Photos0021…and had a few more laughs….Tacoma Senior Photos0022Tacoma Senior Photos0023…before sadly it was time to be done!  That’s always the sad moment for me….I do love my job!
Tacoma Senior Photos0024Sophia!  Thanks so much for planning your session while you were here!  I loved seeing you and your family again!  I just know you are going to have quite the adventure next year!  Soak it all in!!!!  Happy Graduation!Tacoma Senior Photos0025


Scotti | {Wilson High School Senior-Class of 2017}

Tacoma Senior Photos0001This beautiful senior is Scotti!  She’s a senior at Wilson High School and will be graduating with the Class of 2017 in just a couple of months!Tacoma Senior Photos0002Scotti is the daughter of one of my close friends, so I have known her for some time…she is a very talented, determined, hard working, smart, and gorgeous young lady!Tacoma Senior Photos0003And, as you can see, the camera loves her!Tacoma Senior Photos0004And, I LOVE her freckles!Tacoma Senior Photos0005I couldn’t tell you much about Scotti without talking about soccer…it’s such a huge part of her day to day!  She has played for a long time and puts in thousands of hours on the field playing competitively as well as on the high school team!
Tacoma Senior Photos0006She takes it very seriously and puts so much work into honing her craft…Tacoma Senior Photos0007I am sure she is a force to be reckoned with on the field!Tacoma Senior Photos0008And, of the field…she is a leader among her friends with a heart for people!Tacoma Senior Photos0009And, she laughs easily and whole heartedly!Tacoma Senior Photos0010She has committed to attend George Fox University in the fall and will be continuing her soccer career there!  Her parents are going to rack up some miles on their car as they are quite dedicated to being at all of her games!  When she isn’t on the field she will be studying to learn how to care for the athletes when they get injured.  She has had her share of injuries herself so I know she will be a caring face for any athletes that need her help!Tacoma Senior Photos0011We finished up her session as the sun was setting with that golden glow…Tacoma Senior Photos0012The perfect complement to that freckled grin!Tacoma Senior Photos0013As we are facing another week of rain right now, I love seeing these photos that encourage me that the sun will come and when it does, it will be worth all the rain!Tacoma Senior Photos0014LOVE!Tacoma Senior Photos0015This is one of my favorites…and it wasn’t even really a shot we were trying to get…it just happened and I clicked!  Perfection!Tacoma Senior Photos0016The beautiful PNW!Tacoma Senior Photos0017Such a lovely girl!Tacoma Senior Photos0018Tacoma Senior Photos0019Scotti!  You have a fierce future and I just know that whatever God puts in front of you to do, that you are going to give your whole heart to it!  So fun to see you on your journey!!!  Tacoma Senior Photos0020

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