Anna | {School Spirit}

I promised some more photos of Anna….

Well…here they are! We had so much fun going all around Stadium High School…

I got a great sense of what kind of girl Anna was as we walked around…everyone was excited to see her and yelled out her name in greeting…even the staff!

As I said before…she has a great smile!

I have never been in the Stadium bowl…it was so much fun. I will definitely be spending more time there….great color and texture!

Anna! Congratulations on your graduation…I know it is probably bittersweet to say goodbye to your beloved school, but I am so excited to see what your life ahead of you holds!

Thanks again for all the laughter! I had a blast hanging out with you!


Anna - ooo my goodness!!! i know this sounds weird because its me..but i look really amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚ i love all of these and cant wait to see the rest! you have such a talent and so fun to work with! i almost want to graduate again so we can take more!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

love you soo!


Audra - What a great place for a shoot! The color, the buildings and the stairs…way fun! Now, to the important stuff…how does she get her whites so white?! Love these!

karen dawson - Chelle,
The photographs you took of Anna are beautiful. You have captured the essence of Anna. Don’t know how you did it, but you caught the depth and brillance of her eyes and sparkle of her smile.

Anna so enjoyed your company and your girls. You put her at ease. She had some FUN shoots with you and yours. No wonder she looked relaxed. Thank you for making this experience so great for her.

Excellent photography! We appreciate the Hannigans recommending your expertise.

Karen Dawson

chelle - Karen! Thanks so much…I hope someday to meet you and tell you this myself, but your daugher is a beautiful testament to her upbringing. There is no doubt in my mind that her beauty comes from the legacy and truth that has been shown to her in her life. I am so glad to have met her, and had just as much fun with her…and can’t even explain how much I enjoyed having my girls meet her. They still talk about her as a role model! Thanks so much!

Kate | {fiercely exquisite}

Striking, exquisite, gorgeous, fierce…

Yes, all these words can describe Kate. She is beautiful…but, even more on the inside, then she is on the outside.

I have had the privelege of seeing Kate for about three years now at school functions and here and there dropping and picking up our daughters. They have been good friends through middle school…so, when Kate asked me if I could do a shoot with her…I happily agreed! What fun we had!

Because of our crazy summer rain that we have been having we had to stick to covered areas…but I could shoot Kate anywhere and she would make it a stunning picture!

I am sad to think that our girls will be splitting up here in a couple of weeks to go to different high schools…but I know we will all stay in touch! Good friends are hard to find…gotta keep them when you do!

Love this last one…we stepped outside for a moment, and you can see the raindrops….Love it!

Thanks Kate! I really enjoyed our afternoon together…and I can’t wait for the next one!


Audra - Ohhhh, red square and blue door…good ones! Fiercely exquisite indeed. ๐Ÿ™‚

Terri - Home run, Chelle…you have won the game and are on to the next and game…you have had some amazing sessions, gorgeous photos and subjects and incredible photos…way to go!

erin - i love these locations… have been my favorite to shoot thru the winter! beautiful model!

Heidi - love it. love the stepping out of the blue door shot!

Tara - I love the B&W with the rain!!!

Anna | {Beauty and Grace}

I woke up on Monday morning and dreaded calling Anna. The conversation was not the first for us…”So, it’s raining…what do you want to do?” To my surprise she said…”Let’s do it!”

It’s not that I don’t like the rain, I do! But, asking a beautiful girl to get all dressed up to go shoot in the rain is not necessarily ideal…it sure worked for Anna! We found some great places to dodge into and even just danced around in the rain sometimes too!

Anna is graduating from Stadium this year. She is a determined girl with a huge heart. Her smile brightened up any gloomy skies we were dealing with. Her light is shining from the inside and her joy was contagious! She is going to make a wonderful pastor someday.

As usual, we laughed the whole time! I took my girls with me to help hold umbrellas, and as we left they both talked about how much they liked her and thought she was fun to hang out with. Quite a compliment coming from a couple of teenagers.

Every once in a while we would think we had a break in the rain, only to run out for a second to get wet all over again. And yet, Anna was up for it! She was even more willing than I was, I think.

Such a graceful beauty.

Anna is a beautiful girl, and when she laughs it is incredible!

This next one is a little bit of a preview! I had so many great ones that we decided to wait and have a post dedicated to her cheerleading and school involvement…so check back!

I have been so incredibly blessed lately with great clients and business opportunities! New adventures are taking me down roads I never even dreamed about taking…but God is amazing that way! Check back often, I am so behind on posts…I have seniors, a wedding, some commercial shoots, and even a camel or two coming! Yep…you read that right…Camels! ha ha ha! Thanks for you stopping by…



Terri - FABULOUS…what a beauiful young woman and the photos are incredible as usual, Chelle! You nailed them…and rain or no rain…it worked and boy, did it ever work…way to go!!

Audra - Oh, yea!!!! My umbrella, my umbrella! Very nice Ms. Chelle!

SelahLayne - Amazing pictures!! i love the contrast colors with the graffiti.. She’s gorgeous!!! I love the umbrella shot in the rain!! ……. I am definitely looking forward to the cheerleading photos of Anna! and it was soo great hanging out with her! Really great rolemodel!

Sheran - Chelle,
Your work is breath taking! I can’t wait to see your new posts, while i am still gazing over the one’s that you already have. You definitely have a great photographic eye, and great ideas for colors and outfits. I absolutely love the umbrella picture and the one with yellow on the wall.

Tara - gorgeous!

Mandy Werbelo - Looking to see the Camel Pictures. I ran across your card and thought it would be fun to see your work.

Mandy Werbelo
Camel Owner/ Port Orchard WA

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