Judah | {Tacoma Newborn Photography}

newborn boy infant picturesBabies!  Babies!  Babies!  There have been quite a few babies born in our church lately and I love to see the next generation being introduced in to this world!  The Chambers Family welcomed Judah into the world last week, and he is definitely a keeper!newborn boy infant picturesHe was such a calm and peaceful child the whole session…sleeping away while the rest of his house was full of hustle and bustle…..   (Really fun sock monkey blanket provided by the ever talented Linda from Hand Maid Foot Prince!)newborn boy infant picturesThis was the only sign of unhappiness…and I think it was a passing nightmare because it literally only lasted as long as it took to snap the picture.  I love it!newborn boy infant picturesWe also had a fleeing moment of seeing his cute little eyes….newborn boy infant pictures…until one moment later…we saw this.newborn boy infant picturesSuch perfection in the little hands and feet.newborn boy infant picturesAshley (mom) was telling me that he was the first child of theirs (out of four) to not have red hair….Umm…..I have to say, I see red!  🙂newborn boy infant picturesOh…so tiny!newborn boy infant picturesOne foot, Two feet….
newborn boy infant picturesAshley is wonderful mother.  She is so laid back and patient!  newborn boy infant picturesJudah is a lucky little guy to have amazing parents in Ashley and Cole.newborn boy infant picturesA mother’s love.newborn boy infant picturesOf course, we couldn’t leave out his big sisters.  Addie and Cadie were looking so cute!newborn boy infant picturesBrothers together!  Oren is such a ham!
newborn boy infant picturesI have to say that by the time all the kids were ready to try and grab a shot, it was getting kind of dark, and keeping four kids in the same spot for even 10 seconds is a miracle…but, we did it!newborn boy infant picturesAnd, even when Judah’s big sister needed to let out some frustration…he still slept through it!  He is going to be such a blessing to his family!  CONGRATS to you, Chambers Family!  He is wonderful!newborn boy infant pictures


Anna - Love, love, love!
Cute, cute cute!
I just about melted, seeing the picture of Oren holding him. Perfect-o

Tara - Adorable

Lindsey Reid - Love the last pic! Oren was looking like he was done with the photo shoot!

Lisa - Is that the cutest little penguin sweat or what!?

karissa majeski - so cute love it

Khemrin & Billy | {Tacoma Couples Photography}

young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyYoung and so in love!  Billy and Khemrin are just that!  You might remember Billy from the blog previously, but Khemrin is a new addition to his life…a beautiful addition!!young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyBilly and Khemrin were married in a very small family ceremony the week before Christmas and then came out to see me for a “JUST MARRIED” session!  I was thrilled to get a chance to meet Billy’s new wife.  young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyThey make beautiful couple, don’t they?young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyThis was the coldest session of the season so far!  We were so grateful for the beautiful sunshine, but it was deceiving because even sitting in the direct light…we were still shivering!  And, oh the wind!  We laughed so much at trying to Khemrin’s gorgeous hair from blowing into Billy’s face in all the shots!
young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyWe walked around downtown Tacoma for our session together.  I was amazed at how busy it was…people must still be off for the holidays.  Billy didn’t seem to mind, but Khemrin is a little bit shy and wasn’t so sure….but, once we got started I don’t think she even noticed!young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyThere was a lot of kissing….young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyAnd, some quiet moments even.young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyBilly just finished the beginning phase of joining the Navy and only came home for a short time for Christmas and to get married!  In fact, he is already back to his duties as this is being posted!  I know Khemrin is missing him already, but it is only until March!  Then they will be together again!young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyMore kissing!
young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyI love how comfortable they are together…they have been friends for a long time, and you can tell it is the basis of their love.young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyThis is always a fun shot for me to do…because the next one always looks like….young couple in love-chelle nicole photography…this!  LAUGHTER!
young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyAnd, of course they would rather be this close.young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyLove.
young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyI have to say, as photogenic as Billy is…Khemrin is stunning!  No problem getting amazing shots of these two!young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyThe Glass Museum always makes for a fun backdrop….young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyLove the passion in this one!young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyAnd the fun of this one….the two of them among the chaos of the city…together!young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyyoung couple in love-chelle nicole photographyyoung couple in love-chelle nicole photographyThen as the sun started to fade we got this amazing light…so, we had some more fun up in the University of Washington (Tacoma campus).young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyLove this one!young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyKhemrin is ready to walk with Billy wherever life leads them.  young couple in love-chelle nicole photographyBilly and Khemrin!  CONGRATULATIONS!  I am so happy for you both.  Thanks for coming out and freezing with me…you guys are beautiful!  Many blessings in your lives together!
young couple in love-chelle nicole photography


Tara - What a great shoot! I love the light in the last set!

Another New Year On This Crazy Journey-Bring on 2012 | {Tacoma Area Photography}

family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyEvery year I am amazed at how quickly the last year passed.  I look back on where we were and what we were doing in January of last year and I am surprised at how far we have come, how many changes have been made, and how blessed the year has been to us.  We went out a couple of weeks ago for our “beginning of our new year” family photo shoot, and we were not blessed with a beautiful day of sunshine or warmth…instead we were greeted with rain, wind, and very cold temperatures….but, it didn’t stop us from having some fun anyway!  Besides, it was the only day we all had available…so, we took it!
family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyI have a picture like this of the kids from every year since Jesse was three….it is one of my favorites….family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photography…followed by the one of him wiping off the kisses with much feigned drama as we all laugh hysterically!  Oh…how I love these beautiful people!family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyI know I have stated it here before, but I am not a resolution girl!  Not a “New Year” resolution any way.  I believe that every day when I wake up is a new chance at life….mistakes, victories, learning experiences, and lots and lots of grace and love!  Instead, I prefer to reflect on the past year and look forward in anticipation and hope for the next year….

So, for my Selah Layne, I hope for laughter, a deeper wisdom, and a peace in who she is….…Natalie Kaye.  Oh, I hope for strength, deep love, and a sense of freedom in who she is.And, Jesse Donovan.  I have huge hopes for him to come into a better sense of the man that he is becoming….full of determination, adventure, and courage.These people are my favorite three people on the face of the earth, and as much as I would love to wrap them up in packing plastic or hide them in my closet, I know that that is not why God gave them to me.  It is not my job to keep them from getting hurt or making poor choices as we head into this year, it is to walk alongside them and pick them up when they fall, or offer advice as it is asked for, and to remind them in each of their choices that I love them more than all the M&M’s in the world!  Nothing that will happen this coming year could ever change that…in fact, I can promise you that at the end of this year I will love them even more!Mr. Jesse Joy Boy….Can I just say, he is a CUTIE!  He has finally stopped being the awkward jokester in front of the camera and I am LOVING it!!!  My boy…plain and simple in an image….LOVE!  I am so proud of Jesse.  He has a heart that is so sweet and kind.  He loves to chat and debate, which yes, sometimes is hard to keep up with, but, maybe he is going to be a great lawyer someday?!  Right?
family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyHis sisters were so cute when they saw this one….”ADORABLE”  That is their new word for everything they like, and I heard it several times when they were looking at this image!  family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyI have to say….he is already quite the ladies man!  family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyLove that I get to have all three of them with me still…it won’t be too long till Selah is off to college and a picture like this will be a rarity.  But…I get ahead of myself!family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyNatalie Kaye…you got to see her just recently in her own shining moment….but, I might not have mentioned that I am in love with this girl!  She has proven to have some pretty amazing people skills that I have never been able to approach, let alone master.  Being Vice President of the student body at Mason Middle School has required quite a bit of public speaking from her and she has risen to the occasion with very little hesitation.  I can’t imagine!!!  family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyShe has stepped out a few times in worship and helping out with the creative arts at our church as well!  I love to see her blossoming!  I can’t wait to see how she takes on high school this year!family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyAnd, of course I think she is gorgeous!….family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyLOVE!family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyMy Selah Girl!  Also couldn’t be prouder of this girl.  She is walking through a tough season in her life with a pretty good head on her shoulders, her convictions in tact, and almost all the time-a smile on her face.  family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyBeing the oldest is a blessing and a challenge all at the same time and Selah is working her way through the whole mess with as much grace as I have seen any teenager navigate.  Upper Classman next year at Stadium!  I can’t believe it…keys in hand, a time card to stamp, and grades to start tracking….this year is going to hold a lot of “firsts” for her….I believe in her, though!  She is more than capable!family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyAnd…her smile lights up our whole house!  So beautiful!family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographySo, this was my first time trying to use a remote on my camera…and while I would say it wasn’t a great experience, it did produce quite a few images like this one….me and my beautiful children laughing together…this is what I want to remember years from now…and even throughout this coming year.  The times of laughter that bring us photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographySo…when the rain got to be too much we headed into the safe covering of this tunnel!  Since I wasn’t loving the remote, we handed the camera off to Selah’s friend, Becca….I am grateful for these shots that she took….I don’t get the opportunity to be in a lot of shots…but, once a year at least it is a must!family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyMy favorite…I know it is technically not perfect…but, the memory of what we were laughing at here….priceless!  family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyDon’t you think they could all be models?  Well, I have bigger dreams for them, but in the meantime it makes a photographer mom pretty happy to have built in models!  I have known many colleagues  who have bribed or even paid their kids to model for them…not me!  They love it and willing “play” with me whenever I have the free time!  I love it.  Even, just yesterday Selah and I headed out for some fun location hunting and doing some shooting….so, keep your eyes out this year for more of these cuties!

family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyWaiting for the rain to stop can be boring….what helps pass the time?  A dance party!!!  They are mortified that I picked these to put up…but I love them!  Dance parties are a pretty regular occurrence in our house!  I would hate to be a peeper during our dancing times as rythym was not necessarily a gift given to all of us…but it sure brings us joy!  More dance parties to come in 2012 for sure!!family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyAlthough, I will say that Jesse tends to “miss” most of them!family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyHe is more the comedic type of funny guy!  family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyWatch out 2012….they are coming!
family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyJust kidding…nothing to fear….but, they are going to be great this year!  I just know it!family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyNatalie Kaye….I love you and I am so impressed with your efforts!  With your desire to worship Jesus, your friendships, convictions, and school work…I have seen you grow so much and I can’t wait to see what you do this coming year!family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photography

Selah Layne…wow….I never doubted that you would be a leader, and I have seen you stand for some hard things this year, but it is growing you into a mature woman who I see weighing the ‘pros and cons’ in any situation in your head.  Gotta give major props to you for all the growth I have seen, emotionally and relationally.  Love you, Babygirl!

Jesse Donovan….You are boy of this house and I am so glad you are!!!  We wouldn’t trade you for anything.  Well, I wouldn’t anyway!  🙂  You are amazing in your engineering and in the imagination you have for inventing.  I am constantly wondering and praying over what you will do with all your intuitive ideas!  Can’t wait to see you grow up!  (and, since you are just about to pass me up in height, I do mean-UP!)family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyMy heart…all in one image.  Me and the loves of my life….with the twinkle of joy in our eyes and the smile of love on our lips!  As much as I hope for our coming year, I pray that you, my friends, have a year of life that you can face with joy, wisdom, strength, and courage!  Run this messy race of life this year as if you have nothing to lose.  Let’s all leave as much love on the table of life as we can this year!  And…HAPPY NEW YEAR TO US ALL!!!family photos of my own family-tacoma-chelle nicole photographyThanks to all of you who have been along for the ride, either for a few years or just a few months! I couldn’t do this without you, and I don’t know where I would be without this passion of photography! I can’t wait to see who comes along my path this year….if it is at all like this last year-it will be completely worth it!! Cheers to you….and here’s to 2012!


Jennifer H - Love it. You guys are adorable. Happy New Year.

ELYA - These are stunning, amazing, joy-filled and absolutely my most favorite pictures of you! Love the colors and all the smiles and your amazing children…can’t believe they are the same little ones I babysat…seems like so long ago. Love you Chelle and so thankful for you gift of friendship and amazing photography. Happy New Year Love!

Stacey - Oh how beautiful you all are! Much love and many prayers for fulfilling and joyful 2012!


Diane Pritchett - Perfectly amazing…and I’m not just talking about the pictures. Yes, Chelle you are without question an accomplished and seasoned photographer. I always love and admire your work. However, this shoot reveals the essence of who you are as a person. It especially shows us your heart as a Mother. They are very blessed children to have been given such a loving Momma. I have no doubt, one day, they will rise up and called you blessed. Proverbs 31 I’m very proud of the woman you have become from the rather shy little girl I remember. All of who you were was just waiting to unfold, year after year. May God continue to bless your little family in every area. Thank you for such a candid view of your most precious gifts. Much love to you, Diane

Emily - Chelle, what a beautiful family you have! Wishing you all the best in 2012!

Sue - Oh Chelle!! How wonderful this is!!! I just wish that I was as creative as you to at “the very least” have such wonderful chronological pics as you will! Thanks so much for sharing your life (your REAL life). It makes the rest of us realize how much we SHOULD be doing with ours!! Love ya Girl!!!!!

Lisa - AMAZING! Love the tunnel! Cute outfits!!!

Jen - love, LOVE this family! And as absolutely beautiful as you all are, your hearts are more beautiful still. i am thankful for each of you, and know you are going to do big things this new year! hugs and prayers for yall! and nice work coordinating the outfits! very stylish 😉

dana morrison - WOnderful, creative and full of anticipation for what the year will bring. I can see hope and a willingness to take life for a ride reflected in their lives. Thank you for sharing your family in this way. The chronology of their lives is a joy to witness. Watch out 2012….here they come!!

Tara - Simply the best! Love you guys, happy 2012!

traci fredricks - this family…. (sigh) <3

Jacy - This is really beautiful!

Lori - wow…amazing shots…what a beautiful family! love to read your description on each shot!

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