Mary and Toby + One | {Tacoma Maternity Photography}

beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyThis gorgeous couple is so excited to be welcoming their first little man into the world!  Logan is set to come join Toby and Mary soon…actually, very close to the date of the Super Bowl….hmmmm….!  🙂beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyI had a very hard time choosing the images for this post cause there were so many that I loved.  beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyMary is just a gorgeous mom to be!  I remember being pregnant, and I know I never came close to looking so gorgeous!  She makes it look so easy!beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyToby and Mary are a wonderful couple…she words in the ICU at a local hospital and he flies cargo planes for our Air Force….we even figured out he flies right over my house often!!beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyThey had been friends for a long time before getting married and knew they wanted to have kids right away, and a year later, here they are!!!  They are thrilled!beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyAnd, so is Ike!  Oh, I loved this big dog.  He is part St. Bernard and Black Lab…he is a big dog!  (remember in an earlier post how I have been looking at dogs…I know it will be a big dog!  But, maybe not this big!! )  A big gentle giant!  And, he wanted to be in all the shots!beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyToby and I were laughing at his bandana…even though I think it’s adorable, I always wonder what goes through a dog’s mind when we dress them up!  It was green to celebrate that he is getting a little brother to play with!  I know he is going to be a great friend to this little guy!beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyIke loves taking his humans on walks!
beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyAnd, he enjoyed coming right at my camera, too!!  haha!beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyAlways with his tongue out!  Such a cute family already!  Can you imagine when we add a cute little baby!  Can’t wait!beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyI had to keep telling Mary to stick the baby out cause she is SO little!
beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyBeautiful!beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyThese two did a lot of laughing throughout the shoot.beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyYou can tell they are excited!beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyWe were blessed again with a gloriously dry and cold day…but, no rain!  I am grateful.  The weatherman was threatening some snow coming up this weekend or early next week…I can feel it in the air already!  I was glad we had good weather!
beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyAlthough, her smile is bright enough to shine through anything!beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyToby was such a good sport..especially since there was a football game playing at home that he knew he was missing!  🙂beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyBut, he wouldn’t miss this for the world!beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyI can’t say enough how beautiful Mary is…I know she was a little nervous, but she had no reason to be.beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyToby and Mary just can’t wait to meet Mr. Logan.beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyMary was a little hesitant about rocking the bare belly, but I loved that she was going to give it a go…I think these turned out AMAZING!  So glad you did it, Mary!beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photographyToby and Mary, (and Ike)  Thanks SO much for coming out to meet me!  I really enjoyed meeting you and I really can’t wait to meet your son!  Many blessings on your delivery!  See you soon!beautiful maternity portraits-chelle nicole photography


Lisa - Finley(age 3) said, “She’s beautiful.”
My faves are the side profile of the baby bump and the one focused on the baby bump and they are kissing.

Tara - I love the last set with the bow!

Jennifer Stolle - Beautiful pics!

A Different View Of Beauty | {Tacoma Teen Photography}

This is my beautiful daughter, Selah Layne.  I remember the moment I saw her.  She was always beautiful.  Huge brown eyes and enough hair to put a barrette in when we brought her home from the hospital.  She was a wonderfully quiet baby….hardly ever cried, and when she did it was just a little squeak.  As she grew she always had her own sense of style and I was never inclined to pick out outfits for her…I let her do it.  There was a day when Selah Layne was about 4 or 5 that someone I knew looked at her, laughed, and said, “Do you let her choose her own clothes?”.  I laughed as well…I know that mom was the type to control her childs’ perfectly put together outfits, and while she always looked so beautiful,  I knew I wanted Selah Layne to be an independent girl from the get go….She has become just that.  All that she was as a young child, just in a taller even more beautiful package.  Well, except for maybe the amount of noise she puts out…that has increased quite a bit!beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographySelah and I have had a great relationship over the years.  I am her mother, not her friend, but, I am as close to her as any mother could be with her teenage daughter.  We are not perfect, but, we are committed.  I love and admire who she is, and I am so proud of how she is learning to navigate through life.  We have a few similarities in life….she loves to make people laugh, she loves music, and yes, she can be a little snarky at times.  She also has some very different qualities…many actually.  She has a voice.  She is not afraid to say whats on her mind.  She is so brilliant and smart.  And, although we love music the same…the genres we choose have quite a chasm of uniqueness.  It’s the differences about us that I love so much….she makes me smile and laugh.  I not only love her…I like her.

So, the other day when she flippantly said, “I have no profile pictures for Facebook!”  I gasped!

“What?!  How can you say that?  You have hundreds of beautiful pictures that I have taken of you!”  I replied indignantly.

As she was walking out of the room she chuckled and said, “Ya, but none that I like!”

UGH!  It was like a punch to my gut!  My photographer’s ego was bruised!  I sat for a while and wondered and thought.  And after I licked my pride a bit I realized that in all the photo shoots I have ever done with Selah Layne there was one thing missing that all of my other “clients” have…communication.  When a client starts the process of scheduling a session with me there is always quite a bit of conversation about vision, feel, inspiration, and desires.  When I have taken Selah out, she might get to pick the location, but then I just go to work, assuming that what I capture is what she wants.  I hate to admit I have even on occasion sent her back to her room to change her chosen outfit before a shoot….which may have worked for my vision…but, maybe not for hers.

So, I went and asked her what she would want if she could choose anything.  Her eyes lit up and she said, “Want to see my Tumblr?”  On first scroll through her ‘blog’ of re-pinned images that she has chosen for varying reasons, it didn’t take me more than a few minutes to see that all the images were missing something.  FACES!  None of them had faces….  So, what I felt she was saying was that the one thing that I love the most was the thing she didn’t really want in her pictures.  The face.  The eyes to the soul.  The emotions.  How was I going to do that?  So, I scrolled through again…and the funny thing is, that those images weren’t necessarily lacking emotion…it was just a different way of seeing it.  One that I didn’t originally see, but she did!

She has challenged me once again.  Not only to catch her vision, but to think even harder about making sure I am listening to the person in front of my camera….  So, we tried it.  We went out to find new locations and to try to capture some images that she will be proud of!


beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyI did a little testing of the theory on Facebook yesterday and that image above was the most ‘liked’ image of the three that I posted.  I sort of stacked the deck in her favor, as the one image with a face was one that neither of us really cared for (kissy face), but I wanted to see if more people would pick it just because it showed her face.  I was surprised to see that it was almost all equal between the three…thus proving the old saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyNow, Selah Layne is not unreasonable, and she knows her mom wants to see her face, so we did take a variety.  Also a great lesson in photographing people.  Sometimes the audience is not ONLY the subject.  There are parents, grandparents, and others to please as well.  A well rounded shoot gives a little bit of variety.  PLUS…who can resist my cutie’s smile?!
beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyDo you see emotion or beauty in these shots?beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole Photographybeautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole Photographybeautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyI do wonder, too, if the upcoming teens will be more like Selah….
beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyRecently I have found a little secret when shopping for clothes for Selah Layne.  If I find things that are completely opposite of what I would wear…they will be perfect for her…and yet, she is constantly stealing my clothes out of my closet!  She can layer and accessorize anything to fit her unique style!  I don’t think she fits into any one category.  Vintage, retro, hipster, etc…she draws inspiration from them all!beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyAnd, as when she was 4, I am still so proud of her ability to know what she likes, choose it, and not care at all about who might chuckle at her.beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyI loved this one…and miraculously, so did she!  🙂beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyWe were lucky to have some moments of fun lighting….even though I don’t use train tracks very much anymore, we stopped for one second to get this shot….beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographySelah Layne is a LOVER of stripes!  If it is striped…she loves it.  She will mix and match stripes as if they were solids.  I am amazed.  It goes against all the rules I was taught as a child, and yet it SO works for her!  As she was putting on this outfit, I admit that I cringed a little inside.  I had to keep saying in my head, this is who she is…capture who she is….  And now?  This is one of my favorite outfits.  I love the texture her stripes add to this amazing building we found!  (another great new location that I can’t wait to use again!)
beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyAnother favorite.  I do see more now of what she likes…movement, texture, art.beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyAnother “mom shot”.  Oh, how I love her face!  🙂
beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyAnd no one can resist a great reflection.beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographySo back to the kissy face.  Haha!!  Selah Layne and I have some personal pet peeves with the “typical self taken profile pics” that we see teenage girls using all the time…the puckered lips.  Neither of us are a fan…so, my snarky little girl likes to use it whenever she is trying to be defiant during shoots. (which happens a lot!!!)  SO…I take the shot anyway and then threaten to make a whole book of the “puckered pics”.  I call it delayed payback!  🙂beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyAlmost a little yoga pose…beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole Photographybeautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyJust a little bit of face…still so beautiful!beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyAnother thing about Selah Layne…she is not a huge fan of photography!  Don’t get me wrong, she loves the benefits and doesn’t mind modeling for me at all…but she has no interest in trying her own poses, or choosing favorites, or even editing….which I find SO much fun!  So, whenever I tell her to go stand somewhere…this is always what I see to start with.  A hilariously awkward over dramatic straight on crooked smile…..Ironically…she loves this one!  Hahaha!!  I am never going to understand this girl…but, I suppose it does show her silly side.beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyI am still convinced that no matter what she does, she is going to be the same beautiful, witty, smart girl that so many people love to be around.beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyLove the eyelashes and freckles!beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographySo, a friend of mine was over yesterday and I was explaining the point of this shoot…and I said, “look…this is one of Selah’s favorites!”  Totally expecting the same lack of understanding that I had….but instead I heard, “I LOVE IT!!!  What an amazing image!”  Hahaha!!!  Maybe it’s just me!beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyA little bit of texture with her stripes.beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyThe sun went down and we had a party to get to so we made one more stop….I felt like I was starting to get the hang of it….I saw the message in this one, even without a face-in the camera even.beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographyBut still couldn’t resist taking a few for me!  🙂  I want to remember her face….long after the profile picture gets changed!beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole PhotographySo, there you go…a little look into me and my teen!  Between mom and daughter, and between two views of beauty and art.  Where do you lie?  Are you into faces?  Do you see the emotion and art without the eyes?  Do you like stripes and graffiti or beautiful landscape?  Listen to your heart and love what you want, and then listen to someone else’s view, and I guarantee that you will see things deeper knowing that they value it.  Everyone sees beauty….it just might be a different view of it.

Love you, Babygirl…just the way you are!  Hope you find a profile pic that you are proud of this time! (and if not, you could always use this one! hahahahahaha!)   😉beautiful teen girl photos-Chelle Nicole Photography


Tara - I see Selah’s view but the faces…ah the faces! The eyes are the window to the soul. What a fun shoot! You are both beautiful & it’s a blessing that you could step back and see thru her eyes. Love you both 🙂

Elysa - Oh my goodness, I LOVE ths shoot! As much as I love the art in faces, I really enjoy the shots of feet and the weird angles in this shoot, as well as our own. This is so very Selah :o) Beautiful, ladies!!

Jaime Casper - What a fun post! For my family’s photos, I really don’t like when we all are staring at the camera with smiles plastered on our faces. So I can appreciate your daughter’s perspective but as a mom I want to see my boys’ faces in most of the photos. It’s nice to have a variety. I love the more artistic approach you’ve shown here. Selah is a beautiful girl.

Audra - Oh goodness, love me some Selah Layne. The one with the reflection in the water…a personal fav. Geeze, if she doesn’t like these she just might be a lost cause. Love them!

Heather boren - Love them all, Chelle! What great insight into her perspective. She is absolutely beautiful… face or no face! (:

Rachel - What a nice post. =) I do like dramatic shots of feet and hands and stuff, but pictures with background but not heads just feels a little too…morbid or something along those lines. I certainl wouldn’t say that I feel like all the emotion or substance is in the eyes though. Some of my favorite shots are where the person/people are looking away or have their back(s) to the camera. =) Either way, though, I totally agree that Selah is gorgeous and clearly a very fun and spiritted young lady. And I love to see her sense of style and art show through as well as her lovely mother’s.

Autumn - Selah is so pretty so can never hide her face. I do love the pictures though. You can see her emotion and personally in them. Even without her beautiful face, you can see she is an amazing and spunky lady.

AprilMay - Great post! I hate “fishy faces” (the puckered lips) too…but I also hate headless shots…I always want to scroll up! If I can’t see the face, I still want to see the head, LOL. Beautiful girl, inside and out!

Hannah Morrison - All so beautiful and artistic. I love photography myself so I love faces. But I love what an image can capture without a face as well. I started doing photography with only landscape and items, never really me putting someone or something into a picture. But I do have a classic no face picture from when I was close to Selahs age and I totally get it. =)
She is such a beatiful, wondeful young lady, and so is her mother. 😉
love -Hannah

Tami Croft - Wow, these were so fun to look at Chelle. So different, and yet still your style. Fantastic job of listening to your client. 🙂

NatieKAye - These are AMAZING! Almost as good as mine! Almost!!!! Haha! The pictures are awesome. But I am cuter than this girl!!!!! JK! Love you Selah!

Nancy - I love the different view of beauty & As a teen I am the same way every photo I find beauty in is the faceless ones!

HUDSON :) - Erm, the ones without her face are akward. It looks like chelle missed. 😛 Except for one of them. But I like the rest of them 😀

Sue - What fun! What Fun!!! Such a TRUE BLESSING to have this relationship! You are (both/all 4 of you really!) SO fortunate! I LOVE it!!

Kelly - I love these!

david gruber - remarkable young lady. The photography is superb. I especially like the fact that all photos are in good taste. job well done

Grandparents and Grandkids | {Tacoma Family Photography}

Generational family photos-grandparents and grandchildren-chelle nicole photographyEach session that I do touches me in a different way.  Some are fun and exciting, some challenge me in my art, and some hit my heart!  This one was a heart warmer, for sure!  I never really knew my grandparents.  Never really had a chance to.  Maybe once or twice when I was little, but, even as I write this I know that I have never seen a photo of me with any of them.  Kinda makes me sad.  So, when I was asked to do a session with these grandparents and their grandkids…I was thrilled.Generational family photos-grandparents and grandchildren-chelle nicole photographyNow, Noreene and Al are new to this blog.  And, while the focus was really group shots, I couldn’t pass up a chance to take this beautiful couples photos.  I love this one!Generational family photos-grandparents and grandchildren-chelle nicole photographyJacob, (and his sister) have been on here before.  Jacob doesn’t really like having me take his pictures but he gave me his best for a little bit!  🙂  Typical boy!Generational family photos-grandparents and grandchildren-chelle nicole photographyHanging out with Grandpa!  LOVE THIS!  Can  you see Al’s breath?  That is because it was SERIOUSLY cold!Generational family photos-grandparents and grandchildren-chelle nicole photographyOne more of the camera shy guy!  He might be shy to my camera, but man, can he tear it up musically!!  He is a crowd favorite at all the band concerts that I have gone to over the years as he and my Natalie Kaye are in the same grade and school!Generational family photos-grandparents and grandchildren-chelle nicole photographyKayleigh is a regular on here, practically!  She has been one of my oldest daughters oldest friend….not oldest in age, but in time!  haha!  And…she doesn’t mind at all getting her pictures taken.  The differences between boys and girls!Generational family photos-grandparents and grandchildren-chelle nicole photographyGrandma and Kayleigh…oh, what a special image.
Generational family photos-grandparents and grandchildren-chelle nicole photographyKayleigh is an artist, through and through.  You should hear her play her violin! It’s amazing, but I have to say that when she sits down at my piano and sings it brings me to tears!  Talented and beautiful!Generational family photos-grandparents and grandchildren-chelle nicole photographyThey are going to cherish these images.
Generational family photos-grandparents and grandchildren-chelle nicole photographyThere was a ton of laughter going on through this session…almost more by me than anyone else.  Sometimes I don’t know what to expect and I almost always get surprised, but Al was cracking me up!!  I only wish we had more time!Generational family photos-grandparents and grandchildren-chelle nicole photographyThese grandparents are committed to their grandkids.  They came out on a very cold day, when they are used to California weather, just to capture some memories!Generational family photos-grandparents and grandchildren-chelle nicole photographyBut then, they also drive to Iowa every summer to visit the kids at the music camp they go to throughout the summer there!  That’s love!  It’s nice to know that Jacob and Kayleigh will always remember their grandparents and all they did to know and love them!  So special!Generational family photos-grandparents and grandchildren-chelle nicole photographyIt’s truly a legacy.  The kids might not fully understand it now, but they will love their own grandkids one day fully because these two wonderful people showed them how it should be done!Generational family photos-grandparents and grandchildren-chelle nicole photographyAnd, that is priceless!Generational family photos-grandparents and grandchildren-chelle nicole photographyAl and Noreene…thanks so much for coming out!  It was so much fun to meet you and chat with you, even for just a short time!  I know that you are a huge blessing to your family!  And…thanks for the laughs, too!  Kayleigh and Jacob…It is always fun to see you, too!Generational family photos-grandparents and grandchildren-chelle nicole photography


Sarah - love how these turned out! makes me miss my grandparents 🙂

Pam Buckner - Awesome images! I think my favorite is Al and Noreene sitting, her arm linked in his, she looking up at him, he looking at her with a face that appears to almost be in tears – as if it was the first time he laid eyes on her – thankful for the love of his life. Thank you for the story that goes with these images.

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