Kind Words

Finding the right photographer for Shelby’s senior pictures was becoming a daunting task (being creative, she knew what she didn’t want), until we met Chelle. I can’t imagine another photographer embracing the idea of shoot in a cemetery, but she rose to the challenge. Through her lens, she captured just how unique, creative, and beautiful a person Shelby truly is.

~Gabrielle Johnston

We met Chelle when she was second photographer for our wedding. She was a delight to work with, had some inspiring ideas for shots, and was even able to direct our large, enthusiastic bridal party! Her shots really caught us in the moment and are some of our favorites!

~Andrea Thomson

When I saw how wonderful our niece Shelby’s Senior pictures turned out I was so excited because knowing our Burk he would want someone that could bring out his wonderful smile and it not be forced or fake, as well as his personality. He was pleased with the locations and the fact he could have with him his best friend and what he enjoys most doing which is snowboarding and paintball shooting. He is telling all his friends of the great time he had with you and the family thinks his pictures are far beyond anyones they have seen of late. Thank you for capturing his true self.

~Linda Sue Evans

“Chelle is an amazing person, very perceptive and an incredible eye…as a fellow photographer, I admire and respect her and know that you will be thrilled with her work…definitely worth the investment!”

~Terri Beloit of Terri Beloit Photography

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