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Sailor’s Delight | {Afterthoughts}

Last night the quote that my dad used to say to me all the time came to my head, only I revised it slightly!   “Red sky at morning, photographer’s take warning.  Red sky at night, photographer’s delight”

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Evenings on the Beach | {Home, Sweet Beach Home}

“Near the sea we forget to count the days!” This is what I long for almost all year long…evenings at the beach surrounded by my kids and my family. There is nothing like it, and while I do forget to count the days, it is in the back of my head that it won’t last […]

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Captain Asher | {Sneak Peek}

Isn’t this a fun image? Mr. Asher is my favorite little superhero. This is a little peace offering for his very patient parents who have not even asked why the rest of their pics aren’t up on the blog yet! Probably because they know we have been traveling fools lately…but, just as a little teaser…here […]

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