Michelle | {Life Christian Academy Senior-Class of 2017}

This is Michelle!  She graduated with the Class of 2017 from Life Christian Academy!This post has been a while coming because I was having some technical difficulties….but, tonight we are up and running….so, YAY!Isn’t she jus the cutest?Michelle is actually an exchange student from China but has been here with the same host family for several years…and they way they interacted, you can tell that it has been a great experience for all of them!She is a sweet young woman who was a joy to photograph!We had a gorgeous night…even though it was a little chilly!  And, she was awesome in front of the camera!She had a few photos on her phone that she showed me for inspiration…and they were all very urban looking…so, we stayed in downtown Tacoma for her whole shoot!BEAUTIFUL!This is one her host sisters…Fina!  So cute!  
Michelle will be attending UW in the fall….how fitting to grab a shot in front of her future school!I loved watching the clouds rolling in….it gave the sky a mysterious vibe!Michelle loves a good coffee…..SO CUTE!Congrats, Michelle!  Sorry you had to wait so long for your blog post!!!!  Enjoy UW in the fall!


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