Kaeli | {Tacoma Running Start Senior-Class of 2017}

This beautiful brown eyed girl is Kaeli!  She came to me on a very blustery day with a high chance of rain…But, I think it actually worked out in our favor…she rocked a perfectly PNW look for her session!She had some pretty specific wants from her session…and one of those was a road!  I do love our city….!I just love a dramatic black and white…and the wind helped us with the drama!We switched our spots and I have to say…it was PERFECT!  Don’t you love all the yellows?!  It totally gives away the time of year, too….November is a beautiful month here in Tacoma!She laughs easy…and beautifully!Another favorite of mine!  Had to play a little bit of Frogger to get the shot…but, it was worth it!This might look super serene…but honestly…the wind was so strong we were ready to catch her if it blew too hard!Those lashes!We had a couple important people along for the session…including her gorgeous mom!And then…as we were starting our third outfit change…the rain started!She wasn’t sad though…she said she actually loves the rain!And, who doesn’t love playing in the leaves with their best friend?!I told her to throw the leaves….I didn’t say AT me! haha!!  We had so much fun!She looks a little mischievous doesn’t she?CONGRATS, Kaeli!!!  Keep your joy as you start your next adventure…it’s beautiful!


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