Zach and Kyra | {Redmond, Oregon Wedding}

Tacoma Wedding Photos0001Zach and Kyra got married during a beautiful snowy season in Redmond, Oregon at the Eagle Crest Resort!
Tacoma Wedding Photos0002When I drove into Redmond and saw all the snow, I just knew it was going to be a beautiful wedding to photograph!  Everyone in town kept saying how odd it was that the snow was hanging around so long…but, then, our winter was pretty cold and wet all along the west coast this year!  I am praying that is a prelude to a long and dry summer for us!Tacoma Wedding Photos0003All the details were exquisite and ready for the day!Tacoma Wedding Photos0004Tacoma Wedding Photos0005Zach had a surprise for Kyra that her own special polar bear would be the “ring bear-er”…get it?  haha!Tacoma Wedding Photos0006Kyra and Zach chose not to see each other before the ceremony…but, they wanted to practice their song that they would be singing….so, we set them up with a wall apart…and I guarantee you there wasn’t a dry eye in the place as they sang to each other!Tacoma Wedding Photos0007A quick prayer…Tacoma Wedding Photos0008…and then we hid Kyra away and took the boys all outside to get some photos!
Tacoma Wedding Photos0009Zach was laid back and happy as he awaited seeing his bride.Tacoma Wedding Photos0010But, then he had all these funny guys to keep him busy and laughing!Tacoma Wedding Photos0011You can tell they are a group of fun!Tacoma Wedding Photos0012We tucked the guys back in a warm room and I went up to see how the bride was coming along with her getting ready!Tacoma Wedding Photos0013She had plenty of help in her friends and her mom!Tacoma Wedding Photos0014Then it was the girls’ turn to go out in the snow!Tacoma Wedding Photos0015I LOVED the fur wrap!  So perfect for a snowy wedding day!Tacoma Wedding Photos0016Eagle Crest Resort sits right on top of the hill and has the perfect backdrop!Tacoma Wedding Photos0017Tacoma Wedding Photos0018Her beautiful friends all wore vintage dresses in shades of green and blue!  And, I have to say, I am quite partial to the beautiful young woman to the right of the bride..cause she’s my own gorgeous niece…whom I love to pieces!Tacoma Wedding Photos0019Kyra did more laughing on her wedding day than any other wedding I have shot!  She was so happy and excited!  So fun!Tacoma Wedding Photos0020It was time to let the girls warm up a little bit before the guests started to show up.Tacoma Wedding Photos0021Tacoma Wedding Photos0022And, again…no dry eyes in the house as these two had a very intimate and beautiful ceremony!Tacoma Wedding Photos0023Tacoma Wedding Photos0024Tacoma Wedding Photos0025We ducked out for a quick minute to grab some photos of the happily married couple and the bridal party just as the sun was setting!  To say it was cold would be a huge understatement….but, these guys were troopers!Tacoma Wedding Photos0026Gorgeous!Tacoma Wedding Photos0027Mr. and Mrs!Tacoma Wedding Photos0028The whole group!Tacoma Wedding Photos0029Even able to have some fun in the cold!Tacoma Wedding Photos0030It was warmer when we kept them moving!  So beautiful!Tacoma Wedding Photos0031Kyra!  Such a gorgeous bride!Tacoma Wedding Photos0032Zach..a strong and handsome husband!Tacoma Wedding Photos0033We got back to the party and had some wonderful food and memorable toasts…Tacoma Wedding Photos0034Tacoma Wedding Photos0035…and then the happy couple danced the night away!Tacoma Wedding Photos0036Tacoma Wedding Photos0037Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Dyck!  Many prayers and best wishes on your new life together!  May it be a beautiful adventure!Tacoma Wedding Photos0038


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