Robert and Mary Kate | {Baltimore Wedding Photography}

Tacoma Wedding Photos0001In December I boarded an airplane along with my friend and fellow photographer, Devon of Devon Michelle Photographer.  We left the wet and rainy PNW for Maryland, Baltimore…which we found out quickly was in a cold spell and was just 13 degrees when we landed.  It did warm up by the day of the wedding…to a balmy 18 degrees…but, it only enhanced the beauty of the city and the wedding!Tacoma Wedding Photos0002Everything was so beautiful and every detail was in place!Tacoma Wedding Photos0003Mary Kate was a calm and sweet bride to be…even taking some quiet time in the midst of all the preparations to write her husband to be a note!Tacoma Wedding Photos0004She was surrounded by six gorgeous and sweet girls!  Each one was so nice to get to know and I always love seeing the bridesmaids support and celebrate their friend!Tacoma Wedding Photos0005Tacoma Wedding Photos0006In another part of the hotel, Devon was hanging out with the guys as Robert got ready….  I have to just say, I believe it is such an honor that I have such amazing second shooters that come to my weddings with me.  I know that I can just send them off and I am comfortable that the all the parts of the day will be documented perfectly, even when I can’t be everywhere at one time!Tacoma Wedding Photos0007Tacoma Wedding Photos0008Tacoma Wedding Photos0009Robert and Mary Kate chose not to see each other before the wedding…so, Devon took the guys out on the town to do their photos…..
Tacoma Wedding Photos0010…while Mary Kate finished up getting ready with the girls!Tacoma Wedding Photos0011Tacoma Wedding Photos0012Tacoma Wedding Photos0013Back to the streets….Tacoma Wedding Photos0014Aren’t they handsome!  Don’t let this calm photo fool you…they were a handful of crazy!  haha!Tacoma Wedding Photos0015Tacoma Wedding Photos0016We tucked the boys away in a nearby pub for some refreshments and to warm up…and we ran the girls out for some quick shots!  Can you see all the ice hanging from the trees?!  It was so cold…and these girls were amazing through the frozen photos!Tacoma Wedding Photos0017Gorgeous!Tacoma Wedding Photos0018
Tacoma Wedding Photos0019I mean…really?  My job couldn’t get any easier with such beauty to work with!
Tacoma Wedding Photos0020They all knew each other so there was a sweet spirit in the whole group.Tacoma Wedding Photos0021Now…just because they chose to not see each other, didn’t mean they didn’t want a special moment before the ceremony….so we hid them on each side of the stacks in the library…and they passed notes!Tacoma Wedding Photos0022Tacoma Wedding Photos0023Tacoma Wedding Photos0024So fun.  And here is where I have to abbreviate the story…..when I blog my weddings, I literally sit for way too long trying to shorten how many photos I add.  I want to show you all of them….but, then my tech guy would give me a huge lecture about slowing down the blog and space in the cloud and all that fun techy stuff….so, you will have to trust me that the whole ceremony was so touching and beautiful…..and it was in this incredibly venue…the George Peabody Library!  Absolutely stunning!  And, the family was all beautiful and supportive and hugging and kissing…and celebrations!  So fun….Tacoma Wedding Photos0025Then after the ceremony we ran outside to soak in the last bits of sun as it was setting…to get everyone together for some photos!Tacoma Wedding Photos0026It was a fun and joyful time….lots of laughing and congratulations and did I say, laughing?!  They were happy!Tacoma Wedding Photos0027Beautiful!Tacoma Wedding Photos0028Tacoma Wedding Photos0029The whole wedding party…behaving themselves….Tacoma Wedding Photos0030…but really it was more like this most of the time!Tacoma Wedding Photos0031Tacoma Wedding Photos0032We sent the bridal party in to warm up and stole a couple more moments under the streetlights with the new Mr. & Mrs….Tacoma Wedding Photos0033I was in pants and a big coat and scarf…and I was freezing…I can only imagine how Mary Kate was feeling!Tacoma Wedding Photos0034We were walking in and saw this door….and had to stop.  I am so glad we did…they are my favorite shots from the night!Tacoma Wedding Photos0035Tacoma Wedding Photos0036But, then it was time to go in and party!!!  Again…there was a beautiful dinner and this gorgeous cake!Tacoma Wedding Photos0037The happy couple came….Tacoma Wedding Photos0038they danced….Tacoma Wedding Photos0039….they kissed…..Tacoma Wedding Photos0040and they toasted….Tacoma Wedding Photos0041and…Tacoma Wedding Photos0042that ate cake!Tacoma Wedding Photos0043Then the whole place erupted in celebration and dancing!  These people know how to celebrate!Tacoma Wedding Photos0044Congratulations, Mary Kate and Robert!  Thanks so much for bringing me along for the fun!  It was an honor to celebrate with you!  And, thanks, Devon for all your help!!!!  It was a wedding to remember!Tacoma Wedding Photos0045Venue:  George Peabody Library

Wedding Coordinators:  Stephanie Bradshaw

Hair and Make-up:  The Brushing Bride

Flowers:  Wicked Willow Florist

Cake:  Fiona’s Cakes



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