Wade and Mary Karen get Married! | {Tacoma Wedding Photography}

Weddings…such a sacred beautiful day full of all the emotions that we could possibly feel….excitement, nerves, love, fun, celebrating, love, anxiety, some fears, and even more love.  They are so full of special moments…that I find blogging them so hard!  Especially when the bride is my best friends’ daughter and all the moments are extra special to me…and when there TONS of lovely people there to celebrate with them!  It makes for a very very long post!  Something I really try to avoid!  So instead I just handpicked some favorite highlights of this beautiful couple to share!  And, since I have quite a few weddings to share…I know the blog will thank me for not overloading it with too many photos!  tacoma-wedding-photos0001Wade and Mary got married this past summer on a day that was full of light and HEAT!  It reached 100 degrees this day..which honestly is a little unusual for us PNW types!  tacoma-wedding-photos0002The wedding was held at The Pickering Barn in Issaquah and all the special decor details were just perfect!  I know a lot of people pitched in and helped make this day happen…too many to count, really!  Mary and Wade are not only very much in love…but, they are very much loved!tacoma-wedding-photos0003This beautiful woman…and this handsome man were practically giddy as we got closer to the time!tacoma-wedding-photos0004tacoma-wedding-photos0005Best first look of 2016!!!  How cute is his reaction to seeing his bride for the first time?!tacoma-wedding-photos0006From that moment on…they were completely focused on each other!tacoma-wedding-photos0007tacoma-wedding-photos0008tacoma-wedding-photos0009tacoma-wedding-photos0010We took a little time away to have some special shots of them….and you can’t even tell that we were all melting!  tacoma-wedding-photos0011Love that smile!tacoma-wedding-photos0012
Of course, there was a lot of kissing being done throughout the whole day!tacoma-wedding-photos0014Mary has surrounded herself with some beautiful women that are just as sweet as they are pretty!tacoma-wedding-photos0015And, Wade…well, his guys came with a lot of character!tacoma-wedding-photos0016They might get the award for my largest bridal party for the 2016 season….and, boy were they fun!tacoma-wedding-photos0017Even in the hot sun!tacoma-wedding-photos0018When it was finally time for the ceremony, Mary was ready to take that walk with her dad…who also was the pastor!  How special is that?tacoma-wedding-photos0019They started the ceremony by inviting all the guests to join in while singing a worship song welcoming the Lord into the center of their lives together.  Very touching!tacoma-wedding-photos0020tacoma-wedding-photos0021tacoma-wedding-photos0022Their lives and relationship has had a lot of prayer put into it…and I know that will never stop!tacoma-wedding-photos0023THE KISS!tacoma-wedding-photos0024Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds!
tacoma-wedding-photos0025Here is where I apologize for skipping stuff….it was a gorgeous reception and fun dance party…even I got to put my camera down and join the fun…but, there’s just not enough time to share it all!  So…we will end with a couple of shots that we grabbed just as that golden light came out blessed us with it’s rays!tacoma-wedding-photos0026CONGRATULATIONS, Wade and Mary!  You are both so special and I know that keeping your eyes on the Lord, you are going to walk through life together loving, learning, and encouraging each other to be who God wants you to be!  tacoma-wedding-photos0027


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