The Baner Family + One | {Tacoma Maternity Session}

Tacoma Family Photos0001Miranda and Jonathan met me on a typical gloomy PNW afternoon to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their baby!!  Tacoma Family Photos0002Miranda was only a couple of weeks from her due date and that baby was just hanging all out in front!  She is so beautiful!Tacoma Family Photos0003Tacoma Family Photos0004So special!Tacoma Family Photos0005I think it’s such an amazing time to be so in love with this little person that you haven’t even met yet….Tacoma Family Photos0006A little bundle of love!Tacoma Family Photos0007They are making this little handsome guy, Harvey a big brother, too!Tacoma Family Photos0008I am not so sure that Harvey completely understood how his life was going to be changing…but, he knew where the baby was!  So cute!Tacoma Family Photos0009But, really…what two year old wants to sit and have his photos taken while they are at the beach with a ton of perfect rocks that need to be thrown in the water!  haha!Tacoma Family Photos0010So, we took a few more of just mom…Tacoma Family Photos0011…and dad!Tacoma Family Photos0012And, then we headed to the sandy beach to let him play and run free …..Tacoma Family Photos0013Tacoma Family Photos0014Tacoma Family Photos0015He thought is was super fun to run AWAY from the camera…..Tacoma Family Photos0016…but, I still caught up with him!Tacoma Family Photos0017Tacoma Family Photos0018Tacoma Family Photos0019Cutest photo bomber ever!Tacoma Family Photos0020CONGRATULATIONS, Miranda and Jonathan!  I hope you are all getting settled into your routine with two little ones now…and I hope you get some sleep!!!  Tacoma Family Photos0021


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