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This handsome boy is celebrating his birthday today!!  Fourteen years old came quickly for Jesse Donovan…at least to me, his Mama!  I have featured my daughters on here quite a bit, and I laugh when I hear people say, “Oh, you have 3 kids?”  or, “What?  You have a boy, too?”  YEP!  Three kids…this handsome guy is my baby…although he towers over all of us girls already and I have a sneaking suspicion that his growth spurt hasn’t even started yet.  But, Jesse, up until last night, has preferred to stay out of the line of sight of my camera!  Not that he would ever really say no…but, when given a choice he would bow out.  I asked the obligatory, “Hey..want to do a birthday session?” to which I expected to hear, “Nah, I am good”…but, heard, “Sure” instead….so we jumped at the chance and ran out in HOT weather to capture this boy that I love so much!Jesse is SO different than the girls…and yet so much the same, too!  He is intelligent…far beyond what I can comprehend.  He can sit and do math problems in his head while I do them on a calculator…and he is almost always right!  He is good looking!  I can’t help but see my dad and my brother in him all the time!  And, he is pretty musical!  But, he is different in small ways like….he is in constant motion, he LOVES to talk but would rather stay home than go out.  He is content with a block of time to just play video games.  And, he uses his love for music in more technological ways…hoping to even take some A/V classes soon, and he loves playing around with garage band and mixing up songs.
He is sensitive and serious at times, and I think he would make a TON of money as an attorney someday due to the fact that he can make an argument about whether or not you are breathing air.  He loves me with such a sweetness that my heart melts!  And…mostly, he is one big goofball!His laughter and joy are one of the best parts of Jesse!  He has had some challenging years through middle school…and there was some time in there where we seemed to lose the Joy Boy that we were so used to.  Middle school is hard and can be cruel!  But, over the last year…I feel like he is back!  He is laughing and joking around and being HIM!  And, I am so happy to see it!This, of course, was his idea and I took the shot to appease him….but, honestly, I think it might be my favorite of the bunch!  It is SO my boy!I love that even though he doesn’t spend as much time in front of my camera, that he is in no way intimidated by it….even having me stand still so he can fix his hair in the reflection of the lens.  (another favorite!)Jesse LOVES skateboards and wanted to make sure we got his new penny board in some of the images….he doesn’t leave home without it these days!There’s that laughter again!LOVE!So….Jesse has also had the blessing of a great friend for several years now!  Keegan and Jesse couldn’t be more different and yet…the differences work!  Keegan is quiet and when he comes over I can barely get three or four words out of him for a whole weekend…where as Jesse can barely go three or four minutes without talking!  But, they have a lot of fun together!And…he is a handsome guy, too!He doesn’t seem to mind Jesse’s goofiness and often he and I shake our heads together at Jesse’s antics!!  Jesse is heading to SAMI in the fall.  For those of you who don’t know, SAMI stands for Science and Math Institute.  It’s a public school still in a non traditional form…and we are SO EXCITED!!!  Like I said, he is brilliant…but, in a traditional classroom setting has been challenged and stifled!  So…we are looking forward to a new school, fresh start, and a different perspective!!!! Love that boy!Happy Birthday, Jesse!!!  We are all SO incredibly proud of you and so happy to have you and your joy in our lives!  Just think of how dull and boring life would be without you!!!!!!  Live it up, today!  It’s YOUR day!!!!  LOVE YOU!


Melissa Turner Moss - Love love love!!!!! I never get my boy to sit in front of a camera! Thank you Chelle for including my sweet little man in the shoot. You made my year!!!!

Margaret Mayberry - What a wunderful post!!!!! One that will definitely make you smile!!!!

Jessica Tichy - I could relate to every word. Wonderful opportunity to capture the essence of our young men in the making. Hopefully some day my son will allow a photo shoot as well. :). Keegan has really grown up MM!

Jill Velez - Amazing Pictures Chelle!!! WOW! Very handsome, that Jesse 🙂 I was totally laughing about the attorney comment, because I have said that too, at least a few times–so funny!! Thank you for sharing these, Loved them and Love him! So grateful to be a part of his life, thanks! Hope your 14th year is the best yet Jesse!!!

Dana Morrison - Awesome post Chelle! Time has flown! He is so grown up and i see all your family in him as well. You have been a great mom to him and he has always adored you, for good reason. You are his cheerleader!

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