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Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyWhat a great job I have!  I work with some of the most amazing people in this area, but then I also get opportunities like this one to go into a new up and coming local business, drink some amazing coffee, chat with friends, and take some fun images all at the same time!  LUCKY!  Anthem has become a pretty great hang out spot for me, too!  I am loving the flavor of the coffee and the atmosphere!  Have you been there yet?  If not…take a second to be tempted by what you are about to see….and then make a time in your schedule to get down there and have a unique and tasty experience!!  Ready?Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyAnthem is right in the heart of Downtown Tacoma, nestled between the Union Station and the History Museum and the Glass Museum, at 1911 Pacific Ave.  It’s a central location for the UW students, SOTA students, and so many downtown people!  I love the hustle of the city down there.  It’s gotten to be such a great place to walk around, shop, and now…have coffee!  Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyAnd, is this ever a great cup of coffee!!   You all know I have an obsession with coffee, and while I would not consider myself a snob or even too discriminating, I know a great cup of coffee when I drink one!  I have been in this shop several times now and it is consistently delicious!  I know a lot of you are hooked on Starbucks, and you will see me there, too…but, this is a different type of coffee.  It is not just a comfort brand…it is amazing TASTE!  And, who can resist a little latte art to top of a masterful drink?!  Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyBryan Reynolds and John Quick, along with their families, are the perfect guys to be bringing this unique coffee shot to Tacoma!  They have such passion and vision…it is quite contagious when you talk to them!  I have the privilege of knowing Bryan and his beautiful wife as friends, and I KNOW he is going to make Anthem a fun place to be at all times along with being committed to the quality of the drinks and food that you will get when you visit!Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyFood!!  There is a great variety here….For breakfast you could choose one of many different types of oatmeal…
Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole Photography….or muffins, and pastries made by a local company called, Wanna Cupcake?….DELICIOUS!Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyAnd, for lunch Bryan whipped up a gorgeous paninni….Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole Photography…I mean, Seriously?  If I wasn’t dead set against eating bread right now, this sandwich wouldn’t have even made it long enough to get its’ picture taken…It was beautiful and from what I was told, absolutely wonderful!Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyThere is also a variety of pasta dishes, sandwiches, soups, and beautiful bagels….most of which are created by Joeseppi’s on the Go!  MMmmmmm!Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyAnd, what about the after dinner crowd?….How about a huge variety of mostly locals beers and wines…?Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyThere is a lot to choose from….Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographySome of the Northwests’ Favorites, like Mac & Jack’s, and just a few that aren’t exactly local, but too good to not have around…like the Woodchuck Hard Cider!  Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyAnthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyThe ambience in the room is fantastic.  Warm and cozy, but not dark at all!  So much beautiful natural light streaming through the windows setting off the rustic charm in just the right amount!Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyThere is a small stage that will be hosting live bands from time to time, as well as a piano on the stage that gets played by the customers even from time to time…in fact just yesterday there was some amazing music being played by one of the SOTA kids who had stopped in on her break from classes!  What fun!  Interesting fact:  The piano is being painted by a local artist and when it is finished Bryan and John will auction it and give the proceeds to charity, and then replace the piano to start the process again!  Cool!Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyHave kids?  I will tell you that this is the new “want to go” spot for my kids!  The chalkboard tables are a HIT!  (here is a little bit of my daughter’s scribblings from the other day!)
Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyLots of seating options…comfy couches and chairs, booths and tables, as well as the bar area where you can watch the barista’s do their magic. Ladies, there are hooks placed strategically all through out the place to hold our purses up off the ground, as well as plenty of outlets for any one to set up a laptop and get some work done while getting  caffeinated!Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyYou also will have opportunities to learn a little more about the art of coffee…Bryan especially loves to show you new and exciting methods for brewing a unique cup of java!  This particular one being a pour-over….Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole Photography

or, the aeropress!  Both delicious to me!  They also have some amazing teas!!  I had a Black Orange Tea Latte the other day in there….WOW!

Bryan is also an inventor of great drink combos!!!  This day he made me a creme brulee latte!  Started it off with a little caramel, whipped cream (which is deliciously real-not that canned stuff), espresso, a little magic and fire, and OH MY GOODNESS-to die for!  You gotta try it out!Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyIf you want a fun, unique, yet warm and cozy place to meet with friends, or work, or take your kids…this is the new place to be!  I just KNOW you will fall in love with it!!!!  It is also going to be a great place to host an event or birthday party!  Bryan is so excited about the possibilities with having private parties in there!  So, if you have a group that is looking for a meeting place or you are planning a surprise birthday party…you should check this shop out!  Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyBONUS to buying a gift certificate for you friends and family…you get a free drink when you do!!  Just a little something for your kindness to others!Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographySO!  Have I tempted you to try these guys out?  I hope so!!  And…if you want to try them out in party style you should head over there tomorrow between 3-11pm for their FORMAL GRAND OPENING!  There are going to be lots of fun activities going on, bands like Roman Holiday and a few other amazing local bands….Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole Photography…and, even a champagne toast to ring in this new business’ start!!!  It’s going to be a great time, for sure!Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyBut, if that doesn’t work out for you, I urge you to give it a try soon!  And, hey…tell them Chelle Nicole sent you!!!  Anthem Tacoma coffee Chelle Nicole PhotographyAt the very least, friends, check out their FACEBOOK PAGE, give them your support by “liking” them, and give them some comment love! Let them know that you are rooting on small business here in Tacoma!!

Bryan and John, and families-CONGRATS and MANY BLESSINGS in your endeavors! I believe in you!


Lisa - Awesome pictures and such a cool location! I’ll have to check them out. Maybe we can go on a coffee date!?

Dana Morrison - Excellent post! I tried it out as they were just getting started. They went out if their way to brew up drinks for us while we were there. Great coffee, fun time! Thanks for telling us about tomorrow! I will head down there!

Hannah Morrison - So cool! I can’t wait to try it out when I come home for the summer! =)

Jen Frame - Next time I head to Tacoma I WILL be stopping by this place. I am a coffee snob, being a barista for over 20 years, and these pictures have me hooked on this place.

Tami Croft - This place sounds great. Can’t wait to try it out. And your pictures make the place look so warm and inviting. Great job Chelle!

Jen - This place looks amazing!! The kind of coffee shop you could just live in….we MUST go there!!

Alicia Shefchik Hall - THESE pictures (your whole blog) are AMAZING!!!! I am the Marketing Director for Anthem and I couldn’t have written or “told” a more beautiful story. THank you so much!!!!

Brian Hopper - Wow! You really showcased every part of what Brian and crew did!
Amazing pictures! And I can’t wait to visit there!

Rachael Baltazar - Thanks for posting these pictures, Chelle! I have spent some time @ the Puyallup Anthem and am now excited to try out the Tacoma Anthem tonight @ the Grand Opening!

Shanan - I’m so there next time I’m in town! Looks awesome! And great pics, Chelle!

Whitney - I work for a design company in Tacoma called BCRA. We have an company newsletter and I would love to use some of these Anthem photos for our section called “Design around Town” where we are highlighting Anthem.
Would you be willing to share a few photos? We would leave your watermark on the shots or give photo credit however you like.

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