Katelyn | {Wilson High School Senior-Class of 2016}

tacoma senior photography0001Katelyn is a beautiful senior at Wilson High School.  She will be graduating with the Class of 2016 in the spring!tacoma senior photography0002We had a beautiful evening for her fall session…although maybe a little bit chilly…but, not too cold for some laughing!tacoma senior photography0003Don’t you just love those brown eyes?  tacoma senior photography0004It was fun to have my Natalie Kaye along for this session since Katelyn and her have known each other through school friends throughout their whole school careers.  So, they chatted with each other as I got to know Katelyn’s mom, Danette!  It was a fun way to spend an evening!tacoma senior photography0005Gorgeous!tacoma senior photography0006We have already had our ordering session for Katelyn…so, I get to say, this was one of their “Top 10’s”!  I love it, too!tacoma senior photography0007Katelyn has played soccer throughout high school and is even captain this year for the Wilson team. In fact, she came to me pretty bruised up from a particularly aggressive game a few days before her session….but, thanks to the wonders of Photoshop…we won’t remember that part!  haha!  But, soccer is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure!tacoma senior photography0008We did a quick change and headed for some golden fields to go with that light!  With winter rains setting in…I am missing that beautiful golden light and the long grasses…but, I know they will be back before we know it!tacoma senior photography0009Lovely!tacoma senior photography0010I love any shot that just showcases her gorgeous eyes!tacoma senior photography0011And, her laugh!tacoma senior photography0012That mom and daughter shot…so special!tacoma senior photography0013As we were heading back to the cars to head to the beach we saw the sun hitting this tree just right…so we stopped for a few shots!  I do that all the time…I should never say, “Ok, we are done here…” cause as soon as I see another amazing spot…we aren’t so done! ha!tacoma senior photography0014tacoma senior photography0015And, on to the beach!  tacoma senior photography0016tacoma senior photography0017Cute!  I loved seeing all the rompers this year!  tacoma senior photography0018tacoma senior photography0019We went around the bend of the beach and found this little area that had some amazing fall colors….and they ended up being the favorites of the whole session!  You just never know what you will find around the bend!tacoma senior photography0020So serious!  :) She laughed right after, I promise you!tacoma senior photography0021Katelyn and Danette!  It was so fun to meet you both and get to know you more!  Good luck in college!  I know you will do great!  Best wishes!tacoma senior photography0022


Paige | {Lake Washington High School Senior-Class of 2016}

tacoma senior photography0001This beautiful girl is Paige and she is a senior at Lake Washington High School with the Class of 2016!tacoma senior photography0002We met at the farm that her horse is boarded at in the Seattle area and the weather was being finicky.  One minute on the drive it was raining, then sunny, then raining….and then just overcast with a little bit of light…, we kinda had it all!  But, it wouldn’t have mattered what the weather…she is beautiful and she just rocked her session!tacoma senior photography0003I think it will be surprising to a lot of people that Paige was actually nervous.  She isn’t used to be the center of attention and so she started out nervous…but, she quickly caught on and the camera just loves her!tacoma senior photography0004Look at those heels!  The fun of youth!tacoma senior photography0005Paige is looking at a few colleges including the University of Washington and is looking at going into the medical field, but she did say it would be hard to go very far cause she would really miss her horse!tacoma senior photography0006Paige is a rider and she has had horses her whole life and you can just see how she lights up around them.  tacoma senior photography0007So, of course we had to have her horse in some photos!  He was working the camera, for sure!tacoma senior photography0008Isn’t he beautiful?  She explained to me, cause I am a city girl all the way, that he is dark because he is young.  As he gets older his gray color will become lighter.  Which I thought was too bad cause I loved his color….but, no matter what he is going to be a very beautiful animal!tacoma senior photography0009Can you just see how she loves him?tacoma senior photography0010We went for a walk….tacoma senior photography0011….and he got lots of kisses!tacoma senior photography0012Paige’s parents took him back to his stable and we had some more fun as the rain started to fall.tacoma senior photography0013Those eyes!  tacoma senior photography0014She wasn’t fazed by the raindrops at all.tacoma senior photography0015We did a quick change as the sun disappeared completely…and we finished up really quick!tacoma senior photography0016The farm was a great backdrop for Paige!tacoma senior photography0017And we found a little refuge from the rain for a minute….So beautiful!tacoma senior photography0018tacoma senior photography0019And, I loved that Paige didn’t laugh at any of my ideas…she just laid right down in the green, slightly wet, grass…..and it was worth it!  She is just gorgeous!tacoma senior photography0020tacoma senior photography0021Paige!  Thanks for having me do your senior photos.  I enjoyed the afternoon..even the raindrops!  Best wishes to you in your college endeavors!  I know you are going to be brilliant!tacoma senior photography0022


Ashley - Beautiful!!!

seyit Dülgero?lu - The photos you publish on your website; all very nice, very classy thank you for your endless labor

Traci Fredricks - it doesn’t hurt that you had such a pure beauty for a subject- but this is some of your best work! absolutely beautiful.

Seyit Dülgero?lu - The photos you publish on your website; all very nice, very classy thank you for your endless labor

Makenzie | {Kennedy High School Senior-Class of 2015}

tacoma senior photography0001Makenzie is a 2015 senior from Kennedy High School!tacoma senior photography0002And, unlike the other seniors I have posted here lately who are finishing up their final year of high school, Makenzie is already settled in to college life in Bellingham at Western Washington University!  Go Vikings!tacoma senior photography0003She brought along her family on her shoot….which was a replay of the last shoot I did with her older sister, Haleigh!  So fun to see them all again!tacoma senior photography0004We had a day that was pretty chilly and not as much sun as we would’ve hoped…and yet the beach was still PACKED with people!  So, we got creative so that we could have some shots without some late season beachcombers in them!tacoma senior photography0005Makenzie has a bright smile and an easy personality….she laughs comfortably!tacoma senior photography0006But, she is also pretty reflective at times, I think!  She is definitely very smart…and her mom updated me that she is doing well at Western!tacoma senior photography0007Look at those beautiful sparkly brown eyes!  I love brown eyes!tacoma senior photography0008tacoma senior photography0009The stairway to ….nowhere!  At least not when the tide is up!  tacoma senior photography0010Love the peace in this image.tacoma senior photography0011I am not typically one who gets very cold, but I was getting a little bit chilly…and I had a sweater on, but Makenzie never even showed any sign of being cold.tacoma senior photography0012Another favorite of mine!  She is beautiful and I am just drawn in by the peace that she exudes!  tacoma senior photography0013So very Pacific Northwest! I love it.tacoma senior photography0014Of course, we got a mom and daughter shot.  Tanya is an amazing mom to her kids….so, we had to capture it!tacoma senior photography0015The whole family!!!!tacoma senior photography0016And, another favorite!  I am pretty sure she is laughing AT me in this one….tacoma senior photography0017Gorgeous!  tacoma senior photography0018Laughter….so good for the soul!tacoma senior photography0019And, a gorgeous peaceful black and white.  WOW!tacoma senior photography0020Makenzie!!  Thanks so much for coming out and hanging with me for an afternoon!  I loved getting to know you and I am praying the best for you up at Western!  You are going to be awesome there!  Congrats!tacoma senior photography0021

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