Julian and Kaley | {Tacoma Couples Photography}

“Distance is not for the fearful, it is for the bold. It’s for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It’s for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don’t see it nearly enough…”
Julian and Kaley are bold….and they love each other without fear because they know that it is worth the wait!
Kaley was one of my seniors a few years ago and it was so fun to hear from her again as she was asking about doing a session when her boyfriend and she landed in the same state for just a short period of time!  Of course, we made sure it happened!Aren’t they cute together?  Julian is in the military and Kaley in college…so, there is distance between them physically…but, their hearts are close all the time!Love!We had some GORGEOUS light for our session…which we were so grateful for as just that morning the raindrops were dropping!  So typical of the Pacific Northwest that we love!These two had no problem forgetting that I was around….they completely understood that time was fleeting together and they were living in the moment!We headed down to the beach for the last of the light….my favorite time!Perfect!Kaley is just as beautiful as ever but she has become a woman!Julian is a quiet guy who loves Kaley so much!With distance you would think that electronics would be their way of contact…but, I love that they are letter writers!  Pen, paper, and all heart….it’s so special!
A beautiful relationship.
They met in high school and spent some time as just friends….always a great foundation.  It makes them so comfortable with each other!I love this image!  The night was fading….
But, their love was still shining!Kaley and Julian….I am so glad we fit this in on your visit to Washington!!  It was so good to see you again, Kaley, and to meet you, Julian!!  I am praying for safety and smooth travels for both of you!  Enjoy your letters!


Tony and Adrienne are getting married! | {Tacoma Engagement Photography}

It’s almost my wedding season!!!  I don’t take a lot of weddings each year and so I am very picky about the ones I do…and I am so excited to be sharing in the special day of this couple!Tony and Adrienne are getting married in October at Northwest Trek!  What a fun location for a wedding!  But, for their engagement session they wanted to do something a little more urban…so, we met at the glass museum in Tacoma!These two are so down to earth and authentic…it’s fun to hang out with them!  And…they are beautiful people, too!They met at work and started out as friends….the perfect start to a beautiful relationship!They have a lot of fun together and laugh a lot!It is always fun to have an engagement session a little closer to the wedding date cause the couple can just get away from all the small details of planning and just enjoy each other for a night….and these two did just that!Of course there was a lot of kissing!  Wouldn’t be an engagement shoot without it!Love!Then they got their 12th Man on!!!  Obviously Seahawks fan!We had a gorgeous night of sunshine for their session….and we took advantage of all the gorgeous art around the museum!She is going to be a gorgeous bride!More kissing!  :)The gorgeous couple!I love her ring….Tony and Adrienne!  I am so excited for your wedding day!!!  It’s going to be a special day!  Congratulations!


Deanna - Beautiful pictures!!! So happy for you!!!

Baby Audra | {Tacoma Newborn Photography}

This morning I woke up feeling almost half like a human for the first time in about 10 days…and I am so grateful to get back to work!  To any of you that get that awful summer virus going around….Gear up…it’s a doozy!!  :)  But…now that I am back I can’t wait to introduce you to this precious little girl.Miss Audra London is the princess of the Pierce home now!!  She is beautiful and perfect and immensely loved!We hung out inside for a little while!  She’s the perfect model…as long as she gets a little snack here and there!;)Katrina and Jeff call this her grumpy cat face….I love it!So tiny…so perfect!And….she’s got a lot of people looking out for, and one big dog who LOVES her and isn’t going to let anything harm her!It was such a warm day even without the sun  so we decided to baste in the warmth….and enjoy the beautiful yard that Audra will grow up in.Beautiful!She even smiled in agreement!And….she showed her true colors!!!  BLUE AND GREEN!!!  She’s already a part of the 12th man!Katrina and Jeff are just smitten!There’s a ton of love in this little family!The whole family…together!!  Katrina and Jeff…thanks so much for inviting me into your lives to share in such a wonderful time!!  You guys did great…and she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

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