Selah Layne | {Tacoma Portrait Photography}

I don’t think that 21 years ago if you tried to describe to me as I was holding this precious little newborn with huge brown eyes and enough thick brown hair to put in a ponytail what it would feel like to be a mom to an adult daughter that I could have comprehended any of it.  This gorgeous woman is mine….she came from me!  She has things about her that I see myself in…and yet, she is so uniquely her!  I am in awe sometimes as I look at her!Selah is the one that started it all in my family!  She’s my first babygirl!  And, now…she’s all grown up!  Our last session together was for her senior session in high school.  It’s been too long, for sure!  So, when she asked if we could do a session for her 21st birthday…I was all in.  So in, in fact, that we decided to make a whole day of it and have a little adventure together, just the two of us!  That rarely happens…so, it was a treat!We ventured to Vantage, Washington.  We had a lovely little drive and then stopped for dinner at this hole in the wall steakhouse that we expected to less than stellar…but, was actually great food and even better customer service!Selah has always been a good sport about having her photos taken…but, there was always a little part of me that knew she wasn’t ever really happy with how they turned out!  But, this time…we did things a little different and she had more of a vision and we both walked away super excited about how they turned out!I know I am biased…I always say that…but, even if she weren’t mine, I would think she was stunning!Vantage is GORGEOUS!  We weren’t sure where we were going to stop, or what we would find…but, it made the adventure even more fun!Selah loves a dramatic black and white image….and so do I!This was one of her favorites!  With my own kids, they have the advantage of getting to pick the ones I feature in the blog post….and then I always sneak in a favorite or two of my own!I was a little surprised when Selah told me she had packed a dress…she’s not typically the dress type…but, boy was it so cute on her!  And, that hat?!  So fun!!!WOW!That’s my girl!  We joke around a little that she can be dark and twisty and that she loves the color black….but, look at that smile!  It still melts my heart 21 years later! As you have probably noticed…Selah loves tattoos!  I made her wait till she was 18 to get her first…but, she has made up for lost time since then.  I love almost all of them!  haha!  Just kidding!  I think they suit her.  This one of the girl on her arm is special to her because her close friend designed it….so we made to sure to capture a few of that one!I have never been to this part of Vantage..and I have to say, even though I think the Grand Canyon is beyond amazing…this does feel like we have our own amazing wonder of the world right here in our own little Northwest!It was hot and we welcomed the breeze.One last outfit change as the sun was beginning to warm up for it’s exit.  I wish there was a way to bottle up that golden warmth that just pours over the world at golden hour!  It makes me remember how truly loved we are by God that he displays such beauty for us…just because he loves us!One of my favorites!That’s Selah!  Open, honest, and authentic!  I just love her!  One amazing thing about her growing up is that while I still get to be called mom…I also see our relationship as more of a friendship now.  We can talk about anything…even fight about anything…and we always end up working it out, having a glass of wine, and moving on!  It’s a fun new experience!
Every once in a while when she thinks I am not paying attention I can make her laugh….and catch it in a photo!  Also one of my favorites!  As you can guess…she LOVES this one!  So artsy and dramatic!It was almost time to wrap it up……but, the memories of this night with my Babygirl will stay in my heart forever…and in the form of a photo!  I am grateful to have something to hold on to as she journeys on through life…just a small moment in time captured!Seaweed…I love you!  You are beautiful and so true to yourself!  I am so proud and grateful to be your mom!  Happy Birthday!!!!


Sherri Erickson - Wow! So much loveliness. Thank you for sharing your talent, and your love for your kids.

Michelle | {Life Christian Academy Senior-Class of 2017}

This is Michelle!  She graduated with the Class of 2017 from Life Christian Academy!This post has been a while coming because I was having some technical difficulties….but, tonight we are up and running….so, YAY!Isn’t she jus the cutest?Michelle is actually an exchange student from China but has been here with the same host family for several years…and they way they interacted, you can tell that it has been a great experience for all of them!She is a sweet young woman who was a joy to photograph!We had a gorgeous night…even though it was a little chilly!  And, she was awesome in front of the camera!She had a few photos on her phone that she showed me for inspiration…and they were all very urban looking…so, we stayed in downtown Tacoma for her whole shoot!BEAUTIFUL!This is one her host sisters…Fina!  So cute!  
Michelle will be attending UW in the fall….how fitting to grab a shot in front of her future school!I loved watching the clouds rolling in….it gave the sky a mysterious vibe!Michelle loves a good coffee…..SO CUTE!Congrats, Michelle!  Sorry you had to wait so long for your blog post!!!!  Enjoy UW in the fall!


Bryce | {Bellarmine Prep High School Senior-Class of 2017}

Bryce!  He’s a senior with just days left of his senior year at Bellarmine Prep School!  Class of 2017 is quickly wrapping up!Bryce and I shot his senior session on a bright but overcast day!  That’s always a little weird for me when there is no sky due to all the clouds but it’s super bright!  It makes me think if a little wind would just sweep the clouds by we would have summer all the time!  But, it was a blessing for us, too, cause Bryce has those brilliant blue eyes that are pretty sensitive to the sun….We hit a couple of great locations for Bryce’s session…Ruston Way and downtown!  I feel like these are two of my most requested locations…and it just screams TACOMA…which is my city and I love it!  Look at those blue eyes!Bryce wanted to shoot on the dock that he jumps off when our weather is warm enough!  So fun to document the places that play a huge part in your high school life!At the time we shot this session Bryce had applied to UW and some California schools with a hope to go into a business major!
No matter what he does…I have a feeling that he will continue to stay super busy…in high school alone he has participated in soccer and quite a bit of volunteer work tutoring second graders and working with Younglife…and working on the weekend refereeing soccer games!  I asked when he slept..he just laughed at me!Bryce is the third of four kids in his family…which I am sure will mean living in the dorms at school won’t be a hard transition for him.But, after just spending an hour or so, I know he will be fine.  He’s a confident and easy going young man who is easy to talk to!I talked to Bryce’s mom before his session and she said how much she loves Bryce’s smile…but, did mention that she was ok with his serious face, too.  I thought it was a funny thing to tell me, until we started shooting…and then I saw it.  He has a great face!  Look at that bone structure!  But, whenever I said that to him…this is what I got!  He is a humble guy!Congratulations, Bryce!!  Only a few more days left!  Enjoy!  Best wishes for your next adventure!!!

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