Drew is THREE! | {Tacoma Family Photography}

Tacoma Child Photography0001This handsome guy is Drew and he was pretty excited to turn three!!!!!Tacoma Child Photography0002I have been taking his photos now since he was a newborn and I love seeing him grow! Tacoma Child Photography0003I also get to attend the same church and as he and his family do..which means I get to see him a little more often than most of my littlest clients…and I am so thrilled whenever I hear his little voice say, “Hi Chi-Chi!”, which has to be the best nickname I have ever been given!
Tacoma Child Photography0004His shirt says it all, doesn’t it?Tacoma Child Photography0005Knowing that is three and since we were already almost too late for his birthday…we did a quick session and even just did it in my “backyard”, which I love, so…his mom brought boots for him to just walk in and we intended on changing out his shoes when we got where we wanted to go…but, the boots were just TOO cute!  So, they stayed on!
Tacoma Child Photography0006Look at that face!!!!!  Tacoma Child Photography0007And, those dark blue eyes!  I am sure they are going to lighten up…but, they are such a unique color!  I love them!Tacoma Child Photography0008The favorite part of my “backyard” is that there are these huge trees that are full of berries…but, only for a short time!  And, they are so deep in the woods that sometimes I forget to go see if they are ready…so, it was a fun surprise to find them hanging on the trees!  I love the texture they bring!Tacoma Child Photography0009Drew used to just stare at me like I was a little bit crazy ….but, know he has gotten used to me and he and I have some laughs!Tacoma Child Photography0010My favorite shot!Tacoma Child Photography0011Happy Birthday, Drew!!!  You Handsome kid!  And, Mary and Brett…you are doing a great job with this little man!!!!  THANKS!!!!Tacoma Child Photography0012


Susan Lauer - Chelle you are amazing. Wonderful pictures.

Wade + Mary Karen | {Tacoma Engagement Photography}

2016 is the year for so many changes in our lives personally…but, it’s also starting to shape up as a year of weddings for me!!  It’s a change for me to take on more than three a year but, I have had so many amazing people asking that I have rearranged some of my schedule to make sure I get to be a part of so many beautiful days.  I shot my first one this last weekend and it was so fun!  I am looking forward to the rest of them!  Including…..Tacoma wedding Photography0001Mary Karen and Wade!  Aren’t they a beautiful couple?  Their hearts are really what shines through them and I am so thrilled to get to capture the love!Tacoma wedding Photography0002Mary Karen happens to be my dearest friend’s daughter…so that makes this even more fun for me!  Getting to see Mary grow up in front of me and turn into this gorgeous woman full of grace and compassion with a heart for people….it’s really inspiring!Tacoma wedding Photography0003And, she’s so excited to get married to Wade…who as you can see can keep the laughter rolling!  He’s been a great guy for Mary Karen and I am so excited to see him lead their family as it grows!Tacoma wedding Photography0004When we met up for our “shoot and dinner” night we had some iffy weather…one minute a few raindrops, the next full sun!  It was a perfectly PNW kind a day!
Tacoma wedding Photography0005But, nothing was going to put a damper on the fun we had!Tacoma wedding Photography0006They planned their wedding for late July…so I am praying already for some golden light to shine!Tacoma wedding Photography0007The ring!Tacoma wedding Photography0008There was a lot of kissing too….(cover your eyes, Traci)Tacoma wedding Photography0009And, while they can be fierce…Tacoma wedding Photography0010….it never lasts long because they are in seconds smiling at each other!
Tacoma wedding Photography0011It was starting to get a little cooler and the sun was just above the horizon…so, we snuck in a few more…Tacoma wedding Photography0012Tacoma wedding Photography0013Tacoma wedding Photography0014So cute!Tacoma wedding Photography0015I always love the metaphor of a road….a journey.  That’s really what they are on…the wedding is going to be beautiful and joyful…but, it’s just a little step in the road of their new adventure.  They are going to choose every day to walk that road together.  On the bumpy parts and on the icy parts.  In the sun and in the hail.  They are going to hold hands and look in each other’s eyes…and they are going to walk.  There may be times when they even have to carry each other.  That, of course, is where this metaphor falls apart…cause, really?  No one is going to carry Wade…he’s SO tall!  Tacoma wedding Photography0016I just can’t say enough how beautiful they are together!Tacoma wedding Photography0017Some more laughing!!!  I just love it!Tacoma wedding Photography0018Tacoma wedding Photography0019I told them to be serious here…..I knew that wouldn’t happen!Tacoma wedding Photography0020Tacoma wedding Photography0021Wade and Mary Karen….I love you guys, and I am so honored to get to be a part of this part of your journey!  I am praying that God blesses you richly as  you put him in the center of your lives together!!!!  Happy Engagement!Tacoma wedding Photography0022


Janet Bailey Bazley - Amazingly beautiful couple!!!!
Pictures are awesome Chelle!!!!

Tammy Barrett - Beond words!!!!!!!!

Joseph | {Capital High School Senior-Class of 2016}

Tacoma Senior Photography0001This is Joseph and he is a senior at Capital High School and will be graduating with the Class of 2016!Tacoma Senior Photography0002Joe has the coolest green eyes and with his shirt this wall with the climbing ivy was PERFECT!  His mom really wanted an urban look with some color…and I think we did a great job with that!
Tacoma Senior Photography0003Joe is my first senior that was in a wheelchair and unable to talk to me, so, I will admit I was a little nervous as to what we would be able to do…but, with the help of his mom and brother we had more than enough amazing shots with some great expressions that are all very special to his family!  And, I think he was having fun being chased around by the paparazzi!  haha!Tacoma Senior Photography0004Tacoma Senior Photography0005Every time they would get him to laugh he would look away from me….but, I think we can still see that he has a mischievous side to him!Tacoma Senior Photography0006And, he has the serious look down!Tacoma Senior Photography0007Joe is a Seahawks fan and loves to watch football on TV so we made sure we captured his 12 status!Tacoma Senior Photography0008I call this his blue steel!  haha!!
Tacoma Senior Photography0009Joe also loves music…his mom told me that he loves to listen to live music, the band, the choir, anything.  But, his favorite is country!  A good choice!!!Tacoma Senior Photography0010Tacoma Senior Photography0011And, he also loves to go on adventures!  Apparently, going for a walk in the woods is the best because he loves the color green, although, it is a little challenging to find a path for his chair….but, it can be done!Tacoma Senior Photography0012I found out about the green part when we set him in this spot…he loved looking at the bush you see to the right.Tacoma Senior Photography0013When we didn’t have something green…he was content to look at his brother who was great at making him laugh!Tacoma Senior Photography0014Tacoma Senior Photography0015Love this one!  Such a classic shot!Tacoma Senior Photography0016And, there is that smile…I am pretty sure his brother had turned on some music for this shot.Tacoma Senior Photography0017Such a fun afternoon hanging out with Joe!Tacoma Senior Photography0018Congratulations, Joe!!  Senior year!!  What a huge accomplishment!  I hope you enjoy the rest of the year!Tacoma Senior Photography0019


Lisa - The ivy wall ones are my favorites!

Meredith Hitesman - Yay! Thank you Chelle! Love them!

Charlotte McLaughlin - This are so beautifully done!!! And Meredith, I’m sure you are one proud momma, and if not you should be! :) Congrat Joe on your senior year!!!

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