Tyler and McKenzie {and Romeo} Get Married! | {Tacoma Wedding Photography}

Well, I have learned that moving a child to college is quite the undertaking…and we are finally at move in week!  It’s hard to believe that my little girl has stumbled through her toddler years and studied her way through school…and is heading out on her first adventure without me….it’s so exciting!  And, someday I am sure I am going to feel the love and pride as she gets married…the same love and pride I saw on all the parents faces as McKenzie and Tyler said, “I do”.One of the hardest parts about shooting weddings is keeping the blog post short enough…it’s such a struggle for me to leave any of the fun parts of the special day out..and yet, there were SO many beautiful, and touching, and fun moments throughout the day!  From the details of the Orting Manor,to the gorgeous dress,and the football heels, …..Wait, What?  haha…  Don’t worry, the majority of people at this wedding bleed blue and green, but sadly, I have to say the groom cheers for the Broncos…so, his sweet wife made sure there were some surprises throughout the day to show her dedication to him, and to letting him cheer for the losing team!  (just kidding, Tyler!)  I bet next week as our Hawks face the Broncos again there will be a divided party at this newly married house….but, it shows what a great sense of humor they have!  (Go Hawks!)…ok, back to the details!  The stunning rings….…and this beautiful bouquet! McKenzie was a laid back bride who made sure that all of the details were taken care of so that her family could have fun throughout the day.  And…she also made sure that her fur baby, Romeo, was close by all the time!  Romeo loves his mom!While McKenzie was getting ready, Tyler was getting help from his groomsmen to be ready to see his bride for the first time!It was time to put her dress on….
This is such a special time for a woman…every time…I love this part!She looks gorgeous!!!I didn’t have the opportunity to meet McKenzie and Tyler in person prior to the wedding which is unusual for me, but this wedding was different!  McKenzie had already had a photographer planned out and booked, but at the last minute the photographer dropped out.  I hate stories like that so when McKenzie called I made sure that I could be there to capture this special day….and I was so impressed with how warm and easy going they both were, as well as their whole family!!  It makes a wedding even more fun when you feel like you have left with new friends!


The first look is always special and full of emotion!And, then it was time for some photography fun!  Such a beautiful couple!
And..their whole wedding party was gorgeous, too!You can’t really have a complete wedding without some cute kids!!  These took the prize for cutest!Romeo, of course was dressed to the nine’s and ready for his job of walking the rings down the aisle!
Some more wedding party fun!The family photo!  I don’t think Romeo minded all the attention at all!
Finally it was time for the big moment and McKenzie’s dad couldn’t have been more proud to walk his beautiful daughter to her groom!I love to see the look on the groom’s face when he sees his bride coming towards him…..Tears through laughter….their hearts were shared with all their guests.  The vows were personal and meaningful!And, then the kiss…..They did it!!!!  Husband and Wife!I don’t typically show a lot of family shots here on the blog but these families were hilarious and I just loved all the fun they were having!!!  They are so supportive and exciting for Tyler and McKenzie’s new life together!After the ceremony it was time for the party and the yummy cupcakes!…and of course dancing!Lots of dancing!…by everyone!It’s not often that you get to take a shot of all the guests at a wedding at one time but when you do….it’s so much fun!Tyler and McKenzie…it was so lovely to meet you and be part of your special day!  Best wishes and many prayers go out to you in your new adventure together!!  Congratulations!


Julia | {Stadium High School Senior-Class of 2015}

Julia is a senior at Stadium High School this year….and will graduate with the incredible Class of 2015!I have had such amazing times with this new crop of seniors…they are all so sweet and beautiful, and we have lucked out with some GORGEOUS weather!  Julia and her mom met up with me on a particularly hot night with some yummy light!
Look at those blue eyes!!!  So sparkly!Sometimes the test shot ends up in the finals!!! LOL!Julia did a great job picking out outfits that suited her and that had great texture and color…I loved them!Gorgeous!Lovely!  She is so easy going and casual that we were able to get so many amazing images….making it hard to choose the best of the best!  Look at that light!!!  I have been loving that my seniors are now requesting specifically for golden hour/light sessions….it makes me happy and it always adds to the beauty!!!  Julia knew she wanted great light!So pretty!These kids have so much on their minds this final year of high school…grades, activities, friends, jobs, chores, homework, and…then let’s just add the pressure of the future…I am glad I am past all that.  But, I think Julia is taking it all in stride!Here’s a little tip for any moms that are getting ready for their senior’s session by looking through here…I will ask you, insistently, to get in a couple of shots…so, maybe come prepared!  I know we as moms are not exactly comfortable in front of a camera because life can get a little heavy at times….but, I have heard SOOO many times a year or two later from moms that fought me on this one thing…that they have cherished those images while their kids have been at college.  So, dress cute and be ready, Moms!!!  Julia’s mom only blinked once before hopping right in there…knowing that this is a special moment!!!  I love these images!
Then…it was the last moments of sun…and we soaked them up!So beautiful!Can’t you just see how peaceful she is?!
Julia!  You were amazing and so fun to laugh with!!  Thanks…and best wishes for your senior year and beyond!!!!  Go Tigers!


Sarah Allen - Breathtaking!!

Sarah Olsen Potter - Just stunning as always Chelle! I love that you get the moms in there too!

Rachelle Chase - so gorgeous!

Samantha | {Wilson High School Senior-Class of 2015}

This is Samantha and she is a senior at Wilson High School and will be graduating with the class of 2015!Her mom had a very specific vision for Sam’s photoshoot…she wanted deep in the forest with beautiful light!  As you know around here, we can’t always guarantee the beautiful light….but, we sure had it!!!
Isn’t she beautiful?She’s a comfortable girl to hang out with and we had some laughs!The light in Pt. Defiance Park was just amazing..made it look mystical!Those beautiful sun rays just made her strawberry blonde hair glow!  We drove around a little bit and found some other great spots….Her second location was the beach…also a favorite for senior photos and for me, too!  I love where we live…we are so blessed with nature and water everywhere.  I am always reminded when I leave her for a little bit how much we are spoiled by this on a daily basis!Samantha is going to enjoy this for about another year before she hopefully heads off to the University of Utah!  I will say, it’s beautiful there, too!But, I know she will miss this, too!Gorgeous!Love her laugh!And, we made one last quick stop as the light was quickly sinking below the mountains……and again, we captured the family!!  Samantha is a very loved young woman and she is going to make the world a better place with her heart and her smile!Sam!  THANKS so much for coming out to capture your senior year…and best of wishes to you in your last year of high school!!  You are going to do awesome!  

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