The Girls of Summer | {Tacoma Teen Photography}

I love to keep my blog current!  It’s like a diary of my days and it means that all of my clients gets their moment to shine!  It also worked out to mean that on the one week through the WHOLE year that I am away from my youngest two kids, that I get to look at my Natalie’s sweet face along with her great friends as they soak up some of the summer!Natalie Kaye is one lucky girl to have wonderful friends…in fact, I feel like all my kids make some amazingly solid friend choices!  So, when Natalie asked if we could do a friend session…of course, we DID!!!  And, it’s a huge bonus that they are all stunning and unique!
And…it makes me happy to see that they all love to laugh together!Greer!  She has the beauty of her mother and she even said that she is flattered by that because she KNOWS her mother is beautiful!  I love that!Katherine…THOSE FRECKLES!!!!  WOW!  Love them and those green eyes!And, we all know my own Natalie Kaye!  Who has always been beautiful to me!  Beautiful girls!Beautiful friends!They also happen to all be cheering on the Varsity Cheer Squad at Stadium High School together!!!  Natalie is a flyer and relies and trusts these girls to throw her….and more importantly….to CATCH her! (as her mom gasps in the stands every time!)We caught the train passing just perfectly!  :)Chambers Bay dock has started to be a lock bridge!  It’s so fun since I love locks so much…..Friendship is a special gift.  Girls relationships can come and go, but some strong girlfriends can make the high school years so much sweeter!
Natalie!  This will be a rare time for her to be the only one of my kids at a school at a time!  Selah is heading to college and Jesse is going to SAMI…so, she’s all on her own…and I know she is going to thrive!  Greer….this girl has AMAZING mothering instincts and LOVES kids!  I can just imagine all the wonderful options ahead of her that will include helping children!And, Katherine has some dreams too!  The fun thing about these girls is they all have so much time to think and dream and plan!  Junior year is kind of a “fun” year.  They all still have some hard classes to take, ASB to run, games to cheer, and jobs to do….but, the pressure of college is one year off in the future….so the dreams are good to help shape the next step!  …and along with those dreams they still have some fun times to be had and memories to be made!LOVE!They literally laughed and giggled through the whole session…and all the way home, too!Girls….THANKS!!  It’s a wonderful thing to watch great friendships develop!  Walk in grace and love with each other and you will always have each other!!  RUN towards your dreams…laugh all the time….and know that you are all loved! 


April Gerhard Sanders - <3 love this! <3 As a mom of only boys it's fun to peek into the world of teen girls! 'Cause I'm so old I don't remember it, LOL.

The Takenouchi Family Takes A Ride | {Tacoma Family Photography}

When I was 27 I had three babies under four years old and I remember being on the run….night, day, every minute…doing something!  Sometimes getting through a whole day without really even thinking a creative thought but just worrying about how I was going to make it to bedtime.  At 41 my babies are grown into teenagers that all look down at me and have their own schedules to keep…and I have more time to think, to try to remember the joyful memories of their childhood, to remember the challenging times and to thank God for letting us all live through them, and to see them now as the young adults they are.  Somehow in my life I have been surrounded by AMAZING women that I get to call friends…all shapes, sizes, ages, common grounds…women that I consider myself blessed to have walking life with me….but, I will say this…many of them are more in that stage that I was when I was 27…with little ones in tow and trying to navigate the toddler years.  This weekend I drove my daughter, Selah Layne, to her college orientation.  As we settled her into her dorm room and she signed up for classes, I was reminded of how old I really am.  It’s not a thought that is depressing…it’s one of reflection.  I survived giving birth, the terrible 3′s, the awkward tweens, and the push back teens…and my beautiful woman daughter has grown into a smart, sassy, and forward thinking active member of society.  We made it.  There are still moments of huge challenges as she learns how to walk in her new independence and I learn to let her….but, my love for her has never been so swollen with pride.

I bet you’re wondering why I am telling you this now, in this post….well, mainly cause it was on my mind….but, also as an introduction to my beautiful friend, Devon, and her handsome family.

Devon and I met as photographers a couple of years ago and that relationship turned to friendship and that friendship has led us to go into business together!  I love this woman so much….and in turn I love her little family.  Devon is an incredible photographer with a passion for archiving history for people, creating a visual legacy for anyone who steps in front of her camera.  And, one of the most beautiful stories she tells is that of her son’s growing up years and also his relationship with Shaun.  Shaun is a great husband to Devon.  He loves her in such a beautiful way that makes her feel supported, beautiful, and also gently pushed to follow her dreams without worrying about a risk of failure because he is there for her.  He is also a great dad to Taylor…and she captures them all the time with her images.  But, the downfall to being a photographer…is that it’s pretty hard to capture YOU in the family.  So, we decided to remedy that with a fun family ferry ride!Taylor!  He is three!  Hahahaha…need we say more??!!  Devon is one of the most authentic honest moms I know and she has documented the fun and cute, Pintrest-like, moments in her life with this little guy…but, she has also spoken and captured the challenging and heart breaking times that any three year old can bring to family!  Three is a hard year…..but for this ferry ride…he was all smiles!So beautiful!She loves him with her WHOLE heart!He is one lucky little boy to have these two parents guiding him through life!Not only is he three…but, he is QUICK!!  Most of the images I have of him are the back of him running from me!  It didn’t help that it was a SUPER hot day and I am not the quickest anyway…but, when it’s hot….watch out world!
But, three and quick doesn’t trump three and curious to see how they fit into small spaces!!!  LOL!!  We took advantage of this moment…that’s what you do with little ones…use a moment to the best of your ability!While Taylor was “pre-occupied” we captured a few moments of this couple!  And, we tried really hard to be serious…but with people all over the ferry and a three year old trapping himself in small spaces and a sweating photographer chasing him from small space to small space…it really went more like….…this!!!  One of my favorites of Shaun and Devon!Finally, Taylor decided he didn’t like being left out the real fun!  :)  (photographer trick number #35!-make the 3 year old think we are having WAY more fun than him!)We decided it was time to head inside….I love this image!!!!Taylor picked out a puzzle and they put it together as a family!  A sweet moment!Oh, did I mention that my friend is a goofball?!  Well, she is…she makes me laugh all the time.and, obviously she makes Shaun laugh, too!!!!  Little fingers!And, the victory of success….…a moment that is shared with a kiss to mom for helping!!  So sweet!
Here’s the thing about our kids.  They run.  They run when they are three with their legs…and then when they are older they start running with their lives.  Sometimes it is exhilarating and fun, sometimes it is out of rebellion and a desire for independence, and sometimes it is just out of selfishness….but, there is something amazing about a mom.  Whether they are three or eighteen….we will always be the mom who sees them coming back after running and sometimes even if it hurts we slam our knees to the ground and put our arms out to reach for our babies….…and they know it’s going to be a place of safety, shelter, and unconditional love…..…and we embrace them with the love that God has given us for this child!  It’s a miracle that God does every day in someones house, or on a street….or even on a ferry!  The love of a mom and her child!Ok…enough philosophy for today!  haha…  As our ferry ride was coming to an end we got a few more family images!But, Taylor was really more interested in the ferry captain’s parking job…and since he seemed to need a little practice we had a few parking tries to watch!Love! Devon and Shaun….You are the only perfect parents for Taylor…not because you are perfect but because God chose YOU…and you are doing an awesome job with him!  I love you, Devon….thank you so much for trusting me to capture your family!  


Jackie Jones - Ok.. seriously, the mother’s arms part made me teary! Love these!

Happy Birthday Liam!! | {Tacoma Family Photography}

Happy Birthday to my little buddy, Liam!!!!  The First Dol is a huge celebration in the Korean culture and this is the traditional dress for the party!  I think it is absolutely adorable!!  I have had the pleasure of knowing Liam his WHOLE life…and more importantly I am honored to call his parents very close friends of mine…which means I get to see him a lot.  And, just in case there is any wondering…I am his favorite person!  ;)  Liam is a watcher…I love to watch him just observe and think about everything he is seeing.  He is a little stingy with his smiles at this point….so, anytime I get one makes my day!!!  Can’t you see him just thinking?!There it is…..LOVE IT!His beautiful Mama in her traditional dress!  She has told me the name of it several times…but, I have no idea how to type it…so, I will just say it is beautiful…just like her!Such amazing color!Had to capture her by herself….Yuri is one of the most beautiful women I have ever photographed, and I have been so lucky to photograph her through some major moments….engagement, wedding, maternity, new mama….  I love it!Family!Liam is one incredibly loved little boy!  Steve and Yuri are smitten and so excited about each new thing he does!Before we dressed him up, we met at their house and captured this….I also have the pleasure of playing and singing with both of his parents on our church’s worship team….and he comes from a whole bunch of musical talent!  And, we took a quick walk near their new home along the path that they take often now!Liam loves walks!  And…he loves his parents!What a beautiful family!Happy Birthday, Liam!!!  I love you, Cutie!


April Gerhard Sanders - Liam is adorable!! And mom’s dress is a hanbok and I have one! I splurged on a winter one (wool, deeper colors but basically same design) when we lived there. I have no idea when I’ll ever wear it and I can’t tie the bow correctly! :-P

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