The Nygren Family | {Tacoma Family Photography}

Tacoma Family Photos0001The Nygren Family ……a wonderful family full of love an laughter…and LOTS OF GIRLS!  heehee!  I was blessed to get to know the Nygren’s a little bit while they were here.  They started going to the same church and there family was unforgettable!  We all miss them so much!  Rachel is an amazing photographer and John joined the worship team and played electric guitar with us…so we all had a lot in common!  And, who would forget a family with five beautiful little girls running around…all of which are very social and love to give big hugs!…well, Maybe not the littlest one…but, I got a couple of smiles out of her!  Sadly…a few days after our session they packed up their house and relocated to WISCONSIN!  But, they will always have a place here in our hearts!Tacoma Family Photos0002Ellie is the oldest and she has never met a stranger….Tacoma Family Photos0003and she has some amazing lashes!Tacoma Family Photos0004Vayda…a little more soft spoken but always had a smile on her face whenever I saw her….Tacoma Family Photos0005…and a great laugh!Tacoma Family Photos0006Miss Willa…missing those front teeth didn’t stop her from beaming!Tacoma Family Photos0007Tacoma Family Photos0008Juliana…she was the adventurer during out session…climbing into the trees at any moment she could!Tacoma Family Photos0009Tacoma Family Photos0010And Noa…..well, I promise that Noa had some fun, too…but, this shot was too cute to pass up!  She wasn’t exactly feeling the cold PNW night that we were experiencing….even though the sun was out I had to agree with her…it was chilly!Tacoma Family Photos0011See?!  As long as we kept her close to her mom…she was right as rain!  And…with such a cute smile!Tacoma Family Photos0012John and Rachel have been very blessed with some beautiful girls!Tacoma Family Photos0014The whole crew!
Tacoma Family Photos0015Of course we weren’t about to forget about mom and dad!  They were more than happy to have a little time with just them!Tacoma Family Photos0016Tacoma Family Photos0017We promised the girls just a few more shots and then they could all jump in the warm van…..Tacoma Family Photos0018Such a fun session….John and Rachel and girls, I am so happy to hear that you are getting settled and finding community in your new home!  Praying God blesses you richly!!  Miss you!!!Tacoma Family Photos0019


The Allen Family | {Tacoma Family Photography}

Well, I survived another graduation month in my house….It was such a fun time full of celebration and family…and just being proud of my girl, but…it’s an exhausting month as well!  You parents of upcoming seniors….hold on tight!  It’s a wild ride!  But, once it’s over and you have had a great nap…you will be able to smile with pride at the accomplishment of you child and yourselves!  Cause, let’s face it….we did a lot of the work!  haha!  Anyway, since it’s over I can now focus on some families and engagement sessions that have been waiting in the wings to share!  Starting with these amazing people!Tacoma Family Photos0001Ron and Sarah and there beautiful little guy, Zack!Tacoma Family Photos0002Sarah and I used to work together about 7 years ago and I am so happy that we have stayed close!  She is one of the most amazing people I know…and since becoming a mom she is one of the best moms I know!  Ron and Sarah both have raised a super smart little boy and I am so excited that since this shoot I found out that they are now expecting again!  SO EXCITING!Tacoma Family Photos0003Zack loves playing with his mom….Tacoma Family Photos0004…and his papa!Tacoma Family Photos0005But, since he’s a little know he just really loves to run around and explore!Tacoma Family Photos0006Look at his cute smile!Tacoma Family Photos0007What little boy doesn’t love a being chased by his daddy?!Tacoma Family Photos0008We were a little nervous about our session cause it sprinkled all the way as we were driving…but, while we made it without any raindrops during the session it was extremely cold and windy…the perfect reason to do some family snuggling!Tacoma Family Photos0009Zack was loving it!Tacoma Family Photos0010Tacoma Family Photos0011We took a little time to focus on him…and he hammed it up for us!Tacoma Family Photos0012Tacoma Family Photos0013And then while he played a little bit we focused on Ron and Sarah!  Something every couple needs to do in a marriage!Tacoma Family Photos0014Love!Tacoma Family Photos0015Ron and Sarah!  CONGRATULATIONS on your newest family member that I can’t wait to meet!  Love you guys!!!!!Tacoma Family Photos0016


Sarah Allen - Your work always amazes me but it’s a whole new level of love when it’s my little family in front of the camera! Thank you so much for capturing these moments for us! I love them all so much!!!

Jeanne Cooper - Those are really wonderful pictures of them.:) beautiful family Sarah ?

Natalie | {Stadium High School Senior-Class of 2016}

Tacoma Senior Photos0001Oh my heart….it’s hard to even type this….but, This is Natalie….she is a Stadium High School Senior with the Class of 2016….and she is my second born…and the last daughter to take this walk tomorrow!Tacoma Senior Photos0002It’s not hard to type because I am sad or not ready for this next chapter in her life…because that couldn’t be farther from the truth!  My Natie Kaye has a bright future ahead of her and it’s something that we have been working towards since the moment God blessed us with her.  But, my fingers aren’t quick to type this post because it seems like it was just yesterday that my little girl was tripping around my house in her pink footed pajamas with her fuzzy hair all a mess and her big brown eyes laughing at me as her nose just crinkles up in a giggling fit.  She had the cutest little gap between her teeth and just the sweetest little voice when she would sing and dance in her princess dress.  She would just melt into my shoulder after she would wake up from her afternoon nap and just be so content to snuggle for as long as we had time…..and that time seems to have passed so quickly!Tacoma Senior Photos0003Now, I see before me a young woman who is poised and passionate.  Who has dreams and desires of an adult.  Who can walk in heels better than I ever could.  And, whose big brown eyes still twinkle as she laughs with her whole body!
Tacoma Senior Photos0004She is a little bit of a geek and a lot bit goofy at times….She loves all things Star Wars.  She has compassion for people and loves to help people who need her.  She is brilliantly smart and can fix almost anything that breaks in my house…even if she has to figure out a way to fix it outside of the box.  She sings at church with a heart for it to be pleasing to God.  And…she is absolutely beautiful!Tacoma Senior Photos0005Natalie has had quite a ride through high school….trying things and succeeding but then deciding to try something else.  From ASB to cheerleading, to charity work and the school musical!  She has done it all with her own unique personality and touch!Tacoma Senior Photos0006It hasn’t always been easy…no one’s high school experience was without heartache and hurt and a painful search for who we are.  But, she has walked through the trials and challenges and has come out the other side with some valuable lessons having been learned.  I believe that those lessons will be used as she walks through the next steps of her journey through college!Tacoma Senior Photos0007Natalie has a strong love for her family so I am grateful that she will be moving from Tacoma…but, only to Bellevue where she will be close to her dad and his family and will be attending Bellevue College!  She gets the experience of something new without being away from the people that she loves…and who love her!  It’s the perfect “next step”!Tacoma Senior Photos0008It’s weird to watch your kids move from being children to being adults.  Those eyes look at me sometimes and I can see my three year old little girl still…but instead she is having to make 18 year old decisions.  But, this I know….she is going to make some great decisions…and she is going to make some that aren’t as good.  She is going to succeed and she is going to fail.  She is going to walk through some amazing times and she is going to cry through some challenges.  She is going to live life and she is going to do it with an authentic beauty.  My prayer for her is that she keeps her eyes on Jesus and always feels His love…and,Tacoma Senior Photos0009that she can keep her amazing giggle as she goes.Tacoma Senior Photos0010Right now she is heading into the sciences for a future.  Possibly civil engineering…but, we are taking that one step at a time!  One step….one choice….and then the next!  She is young and I hope she remembers that it’s just one step at a time!Tacoma Senior Photos0011For her senior session we had talked about doing it in Arizona when we were visiting earlier…but, she wanted it to represent where she actually lived….and since we had to wait for her to get her braces off…I honestly didn’t think we would get a golden light evening …but, I was so wrong…in fact, it was a GORGEOUS night that we had!Tacoma Senior Photos0012Amazing!Tacoma Senior Photos0013One of the perks of being the photographer’s daughter is you get to pick out all your own favorites….this is her number one favorite shot……Tacoma Senior Photos0014We have taken this same shot of her since she was about 13….we couldn’t not take it again!  Tacoma Senior Photos0015Ruston Way…..the place where we spent many many evenings together in the summers!  It’s the perfect place to end her session.Tacoma Senior Photos0016I have to say…this girl has a ton of gorgeous hair…and I am jealous!
Tacoma Senior Photos0017Although…it does mean she is using the dryer for a long time….one perk to her moving out soon….I get to use my hair and make up without having to look for where it walked off to!  haha!Tacoma Senior Photos0018Natalie is a thinker….She is a reader and can get lost in a book for days.  She is an artist, too….making beautiful hand lettered designs.  But, she also loves to be outdoors…driving through the five mile drive or hanging out at the beach after the sun goes down….watching for shooting stars and soaking up some sun!  Sometimes she is shy and reserved and we have to remind her to talk to us….other times, we can’t get a word in edgewise.Tacoma Senior Photos0019She loves her friends and would do anything for them.  She and her sister are best friends and her brother and her bond over superhero movies and shows!  I think their latest binge has been the Flash!  I don’t get it…but, it makes me happy to see them all living life together!  That’s always been my prayer for my three kids…that they would be themselves and be unique…but, that they would stay close and love each other well!  There were days I thought it would never happen…but, I am seeing it all come together as they get older!Tacoma Senior Photos0020I am going to miss her around the house.  Her smile, her giggle…and just her calm presence.Tacoma Senior Photos0021My baby girl….she’s grown up and she’s ready!  She’s ready to take the next step and start building on her adult life experiences!  She’s ready to meet new people and bring her light to a new city.  She’s ready to start college classes and try new churches.  She’s ready to live her life!Tacoma Senior Photos0022Natalie Kaye….I am so proud of you.  You have not done everything perfectly…and that’s how it should be!  You have lived, loved and learned…and I know you are just going to keep on doing just that!  God has such amazing plans for you and I pray that you soak up all the love that He has for you and then pass it on to those around you!  I pray that you walk in the confidence that you are a loved, intelligent, and beautiful young woman who can do whatever it is that God has for you!  I LOVE YOU, Natie Kaye!Tacoma Senior Photos0023


Nina - Oh my goodness she is stunning. What a beautiful daughter you have and what a nice treat that you as an awesome Tacoma senior photographer got to take her senior pictures. Gorgeous!

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