Ezekiel | {Tacoma Newborn Photographer}

Man…time flies…and I don’t have a newborn!  I would be willing to bet that time is flying even faster for this little robot’s parents!Tacoma Newborn Photographer0001Ezekiel was just a few days old when I was able to see him again!  I was honored to be at his birth and then so thrilled to get to see him as he was settling into life with his family!Tacoma Newborn Photographer0002Rachael and Fabian have a pretty fun theme for Ezekiel and even had a friend that made this cute little hat and cape for them….adorable!!  Look at his little smile!Tacoma Newborn Photographer0003Rachael also wanted to use this cute little basket blanket with this little guy because they used it with his big brother, who had trouble even squishing in there cause he was so big….but, not Ezekiel…he was pretty comfy!Tacoma Newborn Photographer0004Tacoma Newborn Photographer0005Tacoma Newborn Photographer0006One of my favorite places to put a newborn for their photos is in their crib…it’s almost always the first time they get to hang out in there…and yet, he is going to spend a lot of time in his little first years here!  Look at him holding his little robot!!!!Tacoma Newborn Photographer0007Tacoma Newborn Photographer0008Tacoma Newborn Photographer0009Little feet!Tacoma Newborn Photographer0010I think he’s going to be very happy sleeping in there! Tacoma Newborn Photographer0011We weren’t about to forget about big brother, Jeremiah!!  This guy is SO smart…I really have not met a smarter little guy than Jeremiah!  He loves to learn and share his knowledge with you…and he loved sharing his little brother with me for a few photos!  Tacoma Newborn Photographer0012He’s going to be a great friend to Ezekiel!Tacoma Newborn Photographer0013Love this one!Tacoma Newborn Photographer0014Rachael and Fabian….CONGRATS on your two beautiful boys!  You are amazing parents and I can’t wait to watch them grow even more!!  Now….get some sleep!!!! haha!!Tacoma Newborn Photographer0015


Ezekiel’s Birth Story | {Tacoma Birth Photographer}

Another miracle story up on the blog this morning!  I can’t even tell you how much I love being a part of the process of a birth!  Rachael and Fabian contacted me super early in the pregnancy so I was able to be part of the waiting for the whole time!  But, when it was finally that day…they were more than ready!  Rachael knew that her second child would be delivered by C-Section.  I have done enough births now to know that I love something different in each one…but, I do have to say the predictability of having a birth scheduled is comforting to the photographer!  I had a casual morning…drank my coffee, turned on my Pandora, and casually drove to the hospital to meet these expectant parents!

**I strive to keep this blog family friendly so if you might have any trouble with the semi graphic nature of birth and surgery…you might want to bow out now and come back for the next post!  Just a gentle warning that the miracle of birth can be a little messy at times! Tacoma Birth Photographer0001Fabian is a very attentive husband and father…and he was making sure Rachael was ready and comfortable at all times!Tacoma Birth Photographer0002…and he looked pretty handsome in his scrubs!Tacoma Birth Photographer0003It was a very peaceful operating room and their doctor was so kind….  Sidetone:  Having a super short photographer can sometimes be a challenge in a birthing operating room.  Sometimes the anesthesiologist is kind and lowers the curtain…and sometimes, not!  :(Tacoma Birth Photographer0004Again….Fabian was right there with her supporting!Tacoma Birth Photographer0005And before we knew it……Baby Ezekiel was out and crying for his mama!Tacoma Birth Photographer0006…and they promptly brought him to see her!Tacoma Birth Photographer0007Oh the relief to see your little man after nine months of talking to him, praying for him, and holding him safe inside.  But…to see him finally!  It’s a precious moment!Tacoma Birth Photographer0008Fabian never left his side as they did all the tests and vitals….Daddy’s hands holding him and protecting him from the first breaths!Tacoma Birth Photographer0009Tacoma Birth Photographer0010For some reason I think he looks big here…but, trust me…he was tiny!  The older I get the smaller the babies seem! haha!Tacoma Birth Photographer0011Look at his hands?  He wasn’t going to let go for anyone!Tacoma Birth Photographer0012All bundled up and ready to go back to mom!Tacoma Birth Photographer0013Who had lots of kisses and love for him!Tacoma Birth Photographer0014Tacoma Birth Photographer0015Look at his smile!  Tacoma Birth Photographer0016Tacoma Birth Photographer0017Tacoma Birth Photographer0018I stopped by the next morning to photograph Baby Ezekiel meeting his big brother, Jeremiah, for the first time!
Tacoma Birth Photographer0019Tacoma Birth Photographer0020Look at his little face!Tacoma Birth Photographer0021He settled in pretty quickly as if his little brother had been with them the whole time!Tacoma Birth Photographer0022And, when it was time to hold him he wanted to look at all the tiny baby parts….especially, the belly button!!!!Tacoma Birth Photographer0023All the boys!Tacoma Birth Photographer0024Ezekiel slept through my visit….which I am sure is a blessing for mom and dad!Tacoma Birth Photographer0025Time for Jeremiah to go play with Grandma some more….  Baby Ezekiel isn’t lacking any kisses….Tacoma Birth Photographer0026Tacoma Birth Photographer0027Rachael and Fabian…I am so honored that you chose me to be part of your family’s celebration!  Thank you!!!  Congratulations on your new baby boy and your family of four!!!!  Tacoma Birth Photographer0028


The Weideman Family | {Traveling Photography-Folsom, California Family Photography}

Tacoma Family Photographer0001The Weideman Family is one of these families that I consider my own family!  These guys have been friends now for a little over five years….and I am so grateful for their places in our family and my heart!  I also love that we seem to switch the locations for their yearly photos….one year here…and then the next in their neck of the woods….Northern California!  I have to say I do love the light in Northern California.  Aren’t they a beautiful family?Tacoma Family Photographer0002We were stopping in Folsom to see them on the way home from our road trip to Arizona and only had a day to hang out with them…but, we were blessed with beautiful weather.  Although, Rob tries to sell me on moving down there with the fact that it’s ALWAYS beautiful there!  haha!  No worries for my PNW folks….his sales pitch hasn’t won me over yet!  But, I do love getting to travel there as often as I can!Tacoma Family Photographer0003Rob and Amy are hilarious together!  They are so comfortable with each other and they love to goof around….which makes for some fun photos!Tacoma Family Photographer0004Rob scouted out this location and texted me months in advance that he had found the spot…right next to their house….and he was right, it was PERFECT!Tacoma Family Photographer0005Amy and the kids!Tacoma Family Photographer0006Rob and the kids!Tacoma Family Photographer0007This year we had a special bonus and had Amy’s mother along for the session!  It was my first time to meet her and I loved having her join us!Tacoma Family Photographer0008All the girls!  Lots of personality in one photo!Tacoma Family Photographer0009Some beautiful love!Tacoma Family Photographer0010We took a little walk to a nearby field…..Tacoma Family Photographer0011Where Emery showed us her personality without any reserve….I love that about her!  She is ALL smiles!  Tacoma Family Photographer0012Those brown eyes!!!!Tacoma Family Photographer0013Sometimes I struggle to turn any images in a golden hour session to black and white….but, this one just screamed for it!!   Tacoma Family Photographer0014Emery LOVES her big brother Asher…..and Asher is the best big brother!!!!!Tacoma Family Photographer0015This kid is SO smart and so handsome!Tacoma Family Photographer0016It’s funny…something about this session makes him seem so much older to me!  Childhood is so fleeting!Tacoma Family Photographer0017Tacoma Family Photographer0018The grass was pretty high…so mom and dad carried them out!  :)Tacoma Family Photographer0019We made one more super quick stop on the way back to the house….The whole family right there near their house….with such warm light!  Tacoma Family Photographer0020So romantic!  haha! (If you were there, you would know that there was a ton of laughter on either side of this one frame!)Tacoma Family Photographer0021We weren’t about to miss one with just Sandy!  Such a beautiful woman!Tacoma Family Photographer0022The whole crew!!!  Thanks again, as always!   Rob and Amy….I love you guys!  Thanks for being such a huge part of our lives!  Tacoma Family Photographer0023

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