Carrie and Everly | {Tacoma Family Photography}

Tacoma Family Photos0001Carrie and Everly…mom and daughter…beautiful girls!Tacoma Family Photos0002Everly is a young girl with a strong leadership personality about her!  She is curious and brave and speaks her mind….Tacoma Family Photos0003…and she has a twinkle in her eyes that is contagious!Tacoma Family Photos0004She is very loved, and knows it, by her gorgeous mama! Tacoma Family Photos0005Carrie has been my hair stylist for a long time and I just love being able to turn the tables every once in a while and be the one serving her…and, I think she is gorgeous so it’s extra fun to get her in front of the camera!Tacoma Family Photos0006Look at how Everly looks up to her mom!Tacoma Family Photos0007Tacoma Family Photos0008These girls had a whole day of mom and daughter fun to get ready for the session…mani/pedi’s and new dresses!  Memory making!Tacoma Family Photos0009Tacoma Family Photos0010Carrie wanted to make sure we got this session in while Everly was still missing her two front teeth…the perfect time to capture…and a time that will pass quickly!Tacoma Family Photos0011Tacoma Family Photos0012We did a little dancing in the field…Tacoma Family Photos0013…and we made some big wishes!Tacoma Family Photos0014Tacoma Family Photos0015Love that golden light!Tacoma Family Photos0016We made one last outfit change and headed down to the beach…Tacoma Family Photos0017LOVE!Tacoma Family Photos0018Everly braved the cold water for a little bit!Tacoma Family Photos0019Isn’t she just so cute?Tacoma Family Photos0020One of my favorites!Tacoma Family Photos0021I loved this one….it’s not a typical family portrait, but since I know that Carrie is a photographer and artist herself..she would like it!Tacoma Family Photos0022Carrie and Everly…it was such fun to hang out with you girls for an evening!  You are lucky to have each other!Tacoma Family Photos0023


Ian and Josie | {Tacoma Wedding Photography}

Weddings….a beautiful time to celebrate life, love, family, and new beginnings!
Tacoma Wedding Photos0001Ian and Josie were so excited for their day to come…and it finally did!Tacoma Wedding Photos0002All the details were carefully prepared….Tacoma Wedding Photos0003Tacoma Wedding Photos0004…and as Josie arrived with her mom, sisters and friends to get ready…Tacoma Wedding Photos0005Tacoma Wedding Photos0006Ian and his groomsmen were putting last minute touches on things around the venue….Tacoma Wedding Photos0007Tacoma Wedding Photos0008AND…a huge storm was brewing outside.  The thunder crashed and rain started pouring…but, there was nothing that could put a damper on their first look..or their wedding day joy!  Just a quick note…Events on 6th Ave was such a great venue!  Beautiful and clean…and the staff was top notch!  I loved shooting there for the first time!Tacoma Wedding Photos0009Tacoma Wedding Photos0010Tacoma Wedding Photos0011Tacoma Wedding Photos0012Tacoma Wedding Photos0013The rain let up a little bit so we decided to stick to our original plan and head to Wright Park….the sun was peeking through the raindrops!
Tacoma Wedding Photos0014Isn’t her veil amazing?

Tacoma Wedding Photos0015Josie and Ian met in college and were very excited to finally be starting their lives together.Tacoma Wedding Photos0016Tacoma Wedding Photos0017One of my favorites from the day!  I knew as soon as I took it that it was perfect!Tacoma Wedding Photos0018The rain started up again and we had to take cover in the conservatory…but, as it would give us a break here and there…we would run out and take some shots and then run back in!  It was a fun adventure….Tacoma Wedding Photos0019Tacoma Wedding Photos0020…and Ian and Josie laughed through it all!Tacoma Wedding Photos0021LOVE!Tacoma Wedding Photos0022They were surrounded by their friends, too….so, there was a lot of laughter happening.  (if you look close you can see the raindrops)Tacoma Wedding Photos0023Tacoma Wedding Photos0024Ian gave his groomsmen pocket watches…and they loved them!Tacoma Wedding Photos0025It was time for the girls to come out of the dry…Tacoma Wedding Photos0026Gorgeous girls!  All of them!Tacoma Wedding Photos0027Tacoma Wedding Photos0028Finally we had enough dryness to get the whole group out and finish up the photos…Tacoma Wedding Photos0029Natalie Kaye was my second shooter for the day and I couldn’t be more happy with her images from the day!  Since she is my own daughter, I trained her well…and don’t even have to really tell her what I want…she just knows!  I am hoping now that she has moved and is in college and working that she will still find time to come second shoot for me!  The image below is hers…Tacoma Wedding Photos0030Even during breaks this bridal party was picture perfect!Tacoma Wedding Photos0031Tacoma Wedding Photos0032It was finally time to head back to the church and we all witnessed a beautiful ceremony that sealed the deal!Tacoma Wedding Photos0033And, then on to the beautiful reception…Tacoma Wedding Photos0034..that was full of touching moments,Tacoma Wedding Photos0035laughter, Tacoma Wedding Photos0036..and lots of dancing!Tacoma Wedding Photos0037And…they exited with all their loved ones cheering them on!Tacoma Wedding Photos0038Congratulations, Ian and Josie!  May your marriage be blessed and may you both grow together as you live!Tacoma Wedding Photos0039


Ricky and Kendra | {Tacoma Engagement Photography}

Tacoma Wedding Photos0001Ricky and Kendra are just days away from saying, “I Do!”  Such an exciting time for these beautiful people!Tacoma Wedding Photos0002They are so excited and probably running around doing those last minute details….but, for our engagement session, we had a pretty peaceful fun evening in some gorgeous light!Tacoma Wedding Photos0003And, the love is flowing!…..Tacoma Wedding Photos0004This wedding isn’t just blending a couple…but, it’s bringing together families!  We had the kids with us for the session because it’s such a big part of what is happening when these two get married!  Unfortunately, we were missing Ricky’s oldest daughter, Tashiana…but, she was there in their hearts!Tacoma Wedding Photos0005Aren’t these some beautiful kids!  And, they already are such good friends….it’s hard to even tell who goes with who when they are all together!Tacoma Wedding Photos0006Because we were missing Tashiana, for this shoot..Marley is the oldest!  Such a beautiful girl and SO sweet!  Tacoma Wedding Photos0007Savin has the best hair…and his smile is so fun!Tacoma Wedding Photos0008And, Elias…this kid has enough character to make the whole world smile…and he tells a great story!Tacoma Wedding Photos0009Ricky and Kendra are getting ready to walk life together as best friends and parents….Tacoma Wedding Photos0010Tacoma Wedding Photos0011Tacoma Wedding Photos0012Of course, we had to capture the ring….!Tacoma Wedding Photos0013The whole family!Tacoma Wedding Photos0014Tacoma Wedding Photos0015These kiddos were so fun to work with!Tacoma Wedding Photos0016Kendra and her babygirl!Tacoma Wedding Photos0017Ricky and his boys!Tacoma Wedding Photos0018
This family is ready to do life together!Tacoma Wedding Photos0019And, they are going to do it looking gorgeous!!!!!Tacoma Wedding Photos0020Ricky and Kendra….I am so excited for Saturday!!!!  Congratulations!
Tacoma Wedding Photos0021

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