Sophia | {Wilson High School Senior-Class of 2016}

tacoma senior photography chelle nicole photographySophia is a senior at Wilson High School with the Class of 2016!  Sophia has been in front of my camera MANY times now.  She is my go to model for my workshops that I do…and sometimes we get together just for fun!  But, this shoot….this was all about HER!  Her senior session…finally!  And, she had some amazing ideas.  Including the Mixing Chamber in the Seattle Public Library which is where we got started!Tacoma Senior Photography0002You can imagine how challenging it might be to shoot in a very public place that has a lot of traffic…and then let’s add in that everything is red!  Everything…the floor, the ceilings…the walls….It’s so cool!   We actually had quite the laugh as we avoided people and janitors and I am so glad we did….I think we got some amazingly artistic shots.Tacoma Senior Photography0003Love the reflections….Tacoma Senior Photography0004Sophia is always so willing to do anything!  She’s a beautiful mix of confidence and humility.  And, I love how much she trusts me….Tacoma Senior Photography0005After we finished in the library…we headed outside for minute!  That library is a very beautiful piece of architecture in the Seattle area.  Perfect backdrop for Sophia’s gorgeous smile!Tacoma Senior Photography0006If you follow my blog at all…you know I am in love with her freckles!  Any chance to highlight them is fun!Tacoma Senior Photography0007You can imagine that we had quite a few people watching us…but, Sophia was just her lovely self the whole time!Tacoma Senior Photography0008One of my favorites!  What’s funny is that she was completely just laughing at me…not posing at all.  Maybe that’s what I love about it so much!Tacoma Senior Photography0009Sophia’s family is very close…she is lucky to have grown up with such a tight knit support system.  So, I am sure they are glad that she is planning on staying pretty close to home after high school!  University of Washington is her top choice and she is hoping to possibly major in Audiology with an art minor!  Isn’t that cool?  Of course, as we all know…that could change.  But, it’s a great goal to start with!Tacoma Senior Photography0010Another of my favorites!  Love those eyes!Tacoma Senior Photography0011One of my first sessions with Sophia and her family years ago involved an orange chair…so, we just knew we had to use this one!Tacoma Senior Photography0012And…because she trusts me, she lets me play artistically!  I am never disappointed when we get home from a shoot… much to play with!Tacoma Senior Photography0013It was a gorgeous day in Seattle….Tacoma Senior Photography0014And…..she was as gorgeous as ever!  I am so jealous of her hair!Tacoma Senior Photography0015This shoot kind of encompassed it all!  Inside, low light images, open shade, backlighting, and direct sun!!  So, those of you that are Made To Creater’s…..this is why we teach you all the fun lighting techniques….so you can use them all!Tacoma Senior Photography0016It’s funny cause in almost every shoot that I do in the city I get a few people that will stop and watch, or occasionally even a brave one that decides that I am not doing my job the way I should….and Sophia and I had one of those moments on this shoot.  A lovely man decided that I needed to shoot differently than I was, and justified his opinion with his “degree in oil painting…”.  And, while I kindly thanked him for his help….it did leave us laughing for the rest of the shoot.  But, truthfully….sophia doesn’t take a bad shot and then you add a bunch of great texture and light and it’s just magic!Tacoma Senior Photography0017But, she rocks that classic shot, too!
Tacoma Senior Photography0018The Seattle EMP was our second stop while we were in Seattle.  Full of sun and color!Tacoma Senior Photography0019…and more fun reflections!Tacoma Senior Photography0020Even without any fancy lighting, or cityscapes, or posing…..this girl is beautiful!  Just natural beauty!
Tacoma Senior Photography0021And, did I mention how fun she is?  Tacoma Senior Photography0022Cause she is!Tacoma Senior Photography0023She’s a smart girl with determination and grace.  She’s going to rock out her senior year with a smile!
Tacoma Senior Photography0025Sophia!  Thank you for always being so willing to model for our workshops!  It has been so fun to watch you on your high school journey…and I am so excited to see what you do after your senior year!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!Tacoma Senior Photography0026


Meah | {Stadium High School Senior-Class of 2016}

Wouldn’t you know that the last days of summer would get amazingly crazy!  Well, in my world….it seems that the crazy train just parked in my yard!!!  With car accidents, sick foster kitties, back to school shopping and preparing…and YES….CLASS OF 2016 senior season has finally started so I am shooting every night and taking advantage of every drop of sunshine we have!  So….my blog has taken a little bit of break..not because I meant to…but, because sleeping is kinda important, too!  But, because of that….Meah is more than ready to see her amazing photos from her senior session!tacoma senior photography, chelle nicole photography, I have known Meah for a very long time and I was not surprised at all by the fact that she came in with a ton of visions and artistic ideas.  So many that it was almost TOO HARD to choose just a few to share with you!  So…here we go!Tacoma Senior Photography0002Meah is a senior at Stadium High School with the Class of 2016!Tacoma Senior Photography0003She took me on a little adventure to this spot where I had never been and I totally fell in love with that!Tacoma Senior Photography0004We had so many funny different photo bombing incidents and once we finally got a shot that seemed to not have any extra people in it….this boat flew into the shot….and we thought it was hilarious!Tacoma Senior Photography0005One of the artistic ideas she wanted to try was having smoke bombs!  It was actually a super funny adventure….but, we had some successes that really turned out to be super artistic.  Like this one!Tacoma Senior Photography0006Meah brought along her boyfriend….and we had some fun with him, too! He acted like he hated it…but, I know the real truth, Erik!Tacoma Senior Photography0007After that location…we headed down to the waterfront.  Always a favorite of the seniors as well as me!  I just never get tired of our beautiful waterfront!Tacoma Senior Photography0008So cute!!!  Meah is hoping to head off after she graduates into the school that is needed to be in Orthodontics!  She’s not sure exactly where but is sure she wants to stay in Washington or Oregon!  I don’t blame her…I love it in the PNW!Tacoma Senior Photography0009Some more smoke bombs….did I mention that things REALLY smell bad?!  They do…we would get about one shot…and then we would all have to cough for a few seconds to clear our lungs!  It was comical!Tacoma Senior Photography0010We also had Meah’s mom along for the fun!  I love this shot of Lori and Meah!  It shows the heart behind a mom/daughter relationship!Tacoma Senior Photography0011Even though Meah had some pretty big artistic ideas she also wanted some typically beautiful images….and we definitely got a lot of those.  Although, it’s not hard with Meah…she’s gorgeous!Tacoma Senior Photography0012One more smoke bomb!  This one is pretty cool!Tacoma Senior Photography0013we snuck over to this great spot as the tide was coming in.Tacoma Senior Photography0014LOVE those brown eyes!Tacoma Senior Photography0015Tacoma Senior Photography0016A couple more of Erik and Meah!  They just celebrated one year together recently!  So cute!Tacoma Senior Photography0017We also had the chance to do some photos of Meah and some of her closest friends, including my own Natalie, at Stadium!  It was on a different day, so we got to see a different hairstyle for Meah….I love the straight hair as much as I love the curly!Tacoma Senior Photography0018So cute!Tacoma Senior Photography0019This is the Meah I know…always full of joy!Tacoma Senior Photography0020Meah…congratulations!!!  My first 2016 senior!!  Thanks so much for being such a beautiful and joyful girl!  Good luck on your senior year!!!!Tacoma Senior Photography0021


Sharon Louise Cole Nichols - Beautiful Meah , our precious baby girl!

The Whole Collier Crew | {Tacoma Family Photographer}

chelle nicole photography tacoma photographer family Summer is a great time for families to be able to get out into the sun and play together!  I love it when extended families call me!  It’s always a fun shoot!  I get to see the Collier Family every year.  Their session is even sweeter to me because I know it’s helping other people across the world, as well!!  Every year they bid, and win, at the Serve The Children auction for my session, so I get to have some fun with these guys, and some beautiful children will get clean water, medicine, and education because of it!  That’s a DOUBLE WIN!  If you would like to read more about Serve The Children please go to their website here and prayerfully consider getting involved!Tacoma Family Photographer0002Doug and Lu started all this craziness….bringing Kristin and Josh into this world and raising them beautifully!Tacoma Family Photographer0003And, then Josh and Kristin added their lovely spouses….Tacoma Family Photographer0004…who helped them to add all of these gorgeous children!  Can you tell that they love to have fun together!Tacoma Family Photographer0005You know what’s funny?  Kristin and I have been friends for about six years now and serve at our church together, but I had to ask her who was older, her or her brother?  Haha….so, you can decide since she is showcased first…is it her?  Or am I showing you the youngest first?  haha!Tacoma Family Photographer0006Bard and Kristin have these three beautiful children!  Tacoma Family Photographer0007EvelynTacoma Family Photographer0008CiciTacoma Family Photographer0009and Max!  Tacoma Family Photographer0010And, this is what happens when you are shooting with your little brother in the background!!  Oops….the cat is out of the bag!Tacoma Family Photographer0011So, Josh is married to this lovely woman, Latisha.  They actually moved to California just a couple of weeks after our shoot together…Tacoma Family Photographer0012I am sure they are very missed by the family here!Tacoma Family Photographer0013HenryTacoma Family Photographer0014and Lucy!
Tacoma Family Photographer0015All together…Tacoma Family Photographer0016We had one of those nights where the sun would peek out and then a huge cloud would go over….but, the love in this family shone straight on through! Tacoma Family Photographer0017These are all the GRANDS!!  Grandparents and Grandkids!!  The girls….Tacoma Family Photographer0018…and the boys!Tacoma Family Photographer0019Happy Family, Collier family!  I am so honored to get to be a part of your traditions!  Thanks for helping the children in India and Liberia, too!!!  Tacoma Family Photographer0020

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