Katie | {Life Christian Academy Senior-Class of 2015}

Tacoma Senior  Photos0001Katie is a senior at Life Christian Academy and will be part of the amazing Class of 2015!Tacoma Senior  Photos0002She happens to be the third senior in her family to do their senior photos with me.  What an honor to get to be a part of all of their memories!  Her older brothers were fun to meet….and so was she!Tacoma Senior  Photos0003Katie picked a very sentimental location that involved a ferry ride and a full day of our time…which was so fun to visit somewhere new and to get to hang out with her and her mom for a relaxing day.Tacoma Senior  Photos0004Our trip over was full of rain and a little bit of worry that we would be shooting in the drizzle…but, as soon as we got half way to Lopez Island the sun came out and it was beautiful!Tacoma Senior  Photos0005Whenever Katie laughs she throws her head back….something that she got from her mom…and it’s so fun!Tacoma Senior  Photos0006This was a completely Pacific Northwest session with trees and water….it was a fun change of pace.
Tacoma Senior  Photos0007Lovely.Tacoma Senior  Photos0008Katie is getting ready to head to Texas for college….a family tradition.  She’s pretty excited!Tacoma Senior  Photos0009Her beautiful mom, Debbie….over the years I have so enjoyed getting to know her.Tacoma Senior  Photos0010Tacoma Senior  Photos0011A quick change and then back to the beach!Tacoma Senior  Photos0012Katie spent a lot of time here at this cute beach house with the beautiful friend of hers….that’s why it was so special to her.  So, of course, we had to capture their friendship here in this place that meant so much to them.
Tacoma Senior  Photos0013We walked a little bit more down the beach and did some more exploring.Tacoma Senior  Photos0014I love her eyes!Tacoma Senior  Photos0015Tacoma Senior  Photos0016I see a lot of her mom in her. Something I know she appreciates.Tacoma Senior  Photos0017One last outfit change before we had to start heading back to the ferry.  Tacoma Senior  Photos0018So beautiful!Tacoma Senior  Photos0019Tacoma Senior  Photos0020The wind picked up a little…which is always fun to play with!Tacoma Senior  Photos0021Tacoma Senior  Photos0022And, then, because I never am quite done…as we were done and driving back to the ferry they appeased me and stopped for a couple quick shots before the sun sunk behind the trees.Tacoma Senior  Photos0023Katie and Debbie…thanks for such a fun and relaxing day..with great food!!!  I am a little sad that she is our last one!  :) Congrats, Katie!Tacoma Senior  Photos0024


Traci Fredricks - Love !!!!! Katie is beautiful. Great work Chelle!

McKenna | {Auburn High School Senior-Class of 2015}

Tacoma Senior  Photos0001McKenna is a senior at Auburn High School and is so excited to be almost done and graduating with the Class of 2015!Tacoma Senior  Photos0002When we talked about what she wanted from her session she said she didn’t really care as long as there were flowers and that it was colorful and happy….and we definitely got that.Tacoma Senior  Photos0003Of course, McKenna would have made anything beautiful, I love that the seniors that I get to photograph choose locations that fit their personality and their lives.  It makes the memories even more personal!Tacoma Senior  Photos0004I met McKenna during her friend’s senior session and I thought she was so cute….but, she had plans to have her senior photos done while she was in Hawaii…so, I was a little sad.  But, then she emailed and said she changed her mind…and we scheduled her session for as soon as she got home from her spring break in the islands.
Tacoma Senior  Photos0005Isn’t she gorgeous?  And…tan?Tacoma Senior  Photos0006McKenna has been playing soccer for a very long time and was captain of her school soccer team.  It’s a huge accomplishment and has come with a price.  These girls that play soccer are tough…and they get injured.  She actually got hurt right before our session and had dislocated her knee cap!!! OUCH!Tacoma Senior  Photos0007It didn’t slow her down a bit though….Tacoma Senior  Photos0008Tacoma Senior  Photos0009When I have sessions up in the Seattle Arboretum…this bridge is always a “must see” location…and it never disappoints.  It’s a cool spot.
Tacoma Senior  Photos0010Tacoma Senior  Photos0011Tacoma Senior  Photos0012I love her beautiful blue eyes!Tacoma Senior  Photos0013We headed to the floating docks so we could get her future college in the background…University of Washington is gaining a great mind in the fall…..Tacoma Senior  Photos0014…and a girl that has a lot of joy and laughter inside of her!Tacoma Senior  Photos0015Tacoma Senior  Photos0016We were sad to see the bridges were flooded…but, we still got the UW stadium in the background….which was fun!Tacoma Senior  Photos0017…and McKenna brought along her friend that started it all….they will both be heading to UW together.  It’s always a comfort to have a good friend as you embark on something new!
Tacoma Senior  Photos0018Aren’t they adorable?  Tacoma Senior  Photos0019I love seeing the joy…..Tacoma Senior  Photos0020Baby blues!Tacoma Senior  Photos0021Tacoma Senior  Photos0022McKenna…thanks so much for changing your mind…it was a joy to photograph you and I wish you the best at UW in the fall!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!Tacoma Senior  Photos0023


Suzette Johnson - Awesome pictures of awesome girl!!

Dianne Lonsbery - Beautiful!!!

Michelle Rowe Surber - Gorgeous!

Laurie Sautner Geiger - Absolutely beautiful!!

Nanci Veenker - those are by far the nicest Sr, pics I’ve ever seen.

Kathy Hemenway - Beautiful McKenna!!!

The Butler Family | {Phoenix, Arizona Family Photographer}

Tacoma Family  Photos0001This family session was done in Arizona with this beautiful family and gorgeous light…and a very fun location!Tacoma Family  Photos0002Autumn is the sister of April, that you met in the last session.  What a difference a day makes….raining one night and then 85 degrees the next!  It’s how God keeps all the sessions unique!  :)Tacoma Family  Photos0003This handsome guy didn’t mind being in front of my camera at all!!!Tacoma Family  Photos0004And…he genuinely loves his sister!Tacoma Family  Photos0005….who is just as cute as they come!
Tacoma Family  Photos0006Tacoma Family  Photos0007Look at the love….Tacoma Family  Photos0008…which they have obviously seen demonstrated by their beautiful parents!Tacoma Family  Photos0009Tacoma Family  Photos0010I was so surprised with how happy everyone can be in the hot weather….I have to say…I was ready to be done with each session to get back into my air conditioned car!  But…I am sure you get used to it!Tacoma Family  Photos0011Tacoma Family  Photos0012Tacoma Family  Photos0013So cute!  These guys are moving soon…and leaving the desert, so we wanted to make sure that we captured their love for Arizona….and I think we did just that!Tacoma Family  Photos0014Tacoma Family  Photos0015Tacoma Family  Photos0016Tacoma Family  Photos0017So beautiful……Tacoma Family  Photos0018LOVE!Tacoma Family  Photos0019He’s not looking too shabby either!  :)
Tacoma Family  Photos0020A few last shots as the sun went down and this nature preserve was closing up for the night….Tacoma Family  Photos0021Tacoma Family  Photos0022SO CUTE!!!!Tacoma Family  Photos0023Butler Family….THANK YOU so much for braving the heat and my tight schedule to sneak in a family session while I was there!  Best wishes and prayers on your new adventures!
Tacoma Family  Photos0024

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