Cassie | {Western Oregon University Senior-Class of 2016}

Tacoma Senior Photography0001This gorgeous, colorful, joyful and intelligent young woman is Cassie and she is about to be a college graduate!  Even though she is heading right back for her Master’s degree..she is excited to get this part of journey finished!Tacoma Senior Photography0002Cassie has such a cool story as college was her first time in a public school environment…or any school really!  She was homeschooled all through high school and then just dove into college and majored in studying sign language.  She will be heading getting her Master’s degree at the same college..which she chose just because of their deaf education program!Tacoma Senior Photography0003Her end goal is to be a help to all families who learn that their children have hearing loss…and to help them with the best steps to help their children be successful as they maneuver through life.  I find it fascinating and such a needed service!Tacoma Senior Photography0004Cassie was home for spring break when we scheduled her session…and our original night that we had scheduled ended up raining out…but, we met the next night and were so amazed at what a perfect evening it was!  Sunny and warm…and all the color!  LOVELY!Tacoma Senior Photography0005Tacoma Senior Photography0006Cassie has amazing eyes.  They are so twinkly and full of joy…and also lots of color!Tacoma Senior Photography0007I don’t think just anyone could pull off the sherbet colored hair…but, it completely matches her personality!Tacoma Senior Photography0008Between her, her mom and me…we spent the evening laughing and sharing stories.  It was so fun!
Tacoma Senior Photography0009This is my favorite shot of the night…So joyful!Tacoma Senior Photography0010She wanted to make sure that she celebrated the “FINALLY DONE!” in ASL….how cute is that?Tacoma Senior Photography0011Another favorite!Tacoma Senior Photography0012We walked all around Ft. Steilacoom Park which is right near their house here…so, it was familiar to her.
Tacoma Senior Photography0013LOVELY!Tacoma Senior Photography0014Tacoma Senior Photography0015There aren’t many people who can also pull off a sasquach shirt…let alone one that can ride a bike!  But she does!Tacoma Senior Photography0016The sun was setting in the trees just perfectly as we wrapped up our session.Tacoma Senior Photography0017Still laughing!Tacoma Senior Photography0018Tacoma Senior Photography0019Cassie…congratulations!!!  I am impressed with your goals and can’t wait to hear that you are helping people navigate life!  Keep up the good work!Tacoma Senior Photography0020


Penny celebrates her 1st birthday with her family! | {Tacoma Family Photography}

Tacoma Family Photography0001Turning one is a big deal….and it’s fun to celebrate with a glittery crown, some bubbles, and your family!!  That’s exactly how Penny celebrated!Tacoma Family Photography0002Look at this cutie!Tacoma Family Photography0003She wears the crown well, doesn’t she?Tacoma Family Photography0004Celebrating a birthday is the perfect time to get dressed up and her mom has amazing taste in outfits that she brings to all our sessions!  This one was no exception!Tacoma Family Photography0005Look at the little ballet slippers!  Adorable!Tacoma Family Photography0006Tacoma Family Photography0007She has some beautiful eyes!
Tacoma Family Photography0008But, celebrating is so much more fun with your sister….and some bubbles!
Tacoma Family Photography0009I have been photographing Phoebe since before she was born…and I absolutely LOVE getting to watch these girls grow up!Tacoma Family Photography0010I mean, really?  SO CUTE!Tacoma Family Photography0011And, she loves her little sister!Tacoma Family Photography0012Let’s be honest….at one year’s really all about exploring. So this what I saw the most of Penny….her crawling away from me!  haha!
Tacoma Family Photography0013So, while we let her explore, Phoebe played with the bubbles, Tacoma Family Photography0014and did some dancing…Tacoma Family Photography0015…and of course, Penny came back around happy to be in the dance party!Tacoma Family Photography0016The whole family!  I just love them!Tacoma Family Photography0017And, they love each other!Tacoma Family Photography0018We did one more outfit change and let her wander the streets of Tacoma….Tacoma Family Photography0019with supervision, of course! Tacoma Family Photography0020Happy Birthday, Penny!!!  Ryan and Kate…thanks again for blessing me with the opportunity to photograph your family as it grows!!!  Tacoma Family Photography0021


Baby Makes Four! | {Tacoma Maternity Photography}

Tacoma Maternity Photography0001The miracle of life…Such an exciting time!Tacoma Maternity Photography0002Kyle and Lauren are counting down the days to their son’s due date…and as of this posting it’s only three days away!  YIKES!  How fun!
Tacoma Maternity Photography0003I am not sure that his big sister, Hayden can grasp fully what’s coming..but, I know she is going to love her little brother once she meets him!Tacoma Maternity Photography0004I have been photographing this family from when they were dating, engaged, wedding, first baby, and now second…I absolutely love getting to document the milestones in their lives!
Tacoma Maternity Photography0005I know Lauren feels like she is huge right now, but I am surprised actually at how small she is!  Tacoma Maternity Photography0006We met about a little while ago hoping to just avoid the rain…but not only was it dry but it was golden as well!  We lucked out!Tacoma Maternity Photography0007Isn’t Hayden gorgeous?  They make beautiful babies!Tacoma Maternity Photography0008Lauren makes it look easy!Tacoma Maternity Photography0009Tacoma Maternity Photography0010And, Kyle…always has her laughing!Tacoma Maternity Photography0011Tacoma Maternity Photography0012LOVE!Tacoma Maternity Photography0013While her mom was getting changed…Hayden was taking in the view…Tacoma Maternity Photography0014…and her Aunt was giving her snacks….She was living the life!Tacoma Maternity Photography0015Lauren did this same type of look with Hayden and we wanted to recreate it for Jasper….Tacoma Maternity Photography0016Tacoma Maternity Photography0017So beautiful and dramatic!Tacoma Maternity Photography0018We started to head back to the cars but the light was just so beautiful that we stopped one more time….Tacoma Maternity Photography0019and, Hayden wanted to snuggle with mom!Tacoma Maternity Photography0020Priceless!Tacoma Maternity Photography0021You are a beautiful Mama, Lauren!  I am so excited for you, Kyle, and Hayden….and I am praying for a smooth birthday for Jasper!  Tacoma Maternity Photography0022


Billy-Lecia Webb - Love them all!

Holly Hardin Hathcock - Absolutely beautiful!!

Gail Webb West - Beautiful niece, beautiful family and beautiful art!

Nan Barnett - These are beautiful… but they are of Lauren so what else would they be!!! I love the name !!! And can’t wait to see pictures of their next beautiful baby!

Katie Woodruff - Beautiful!

Lisa Elledge - These photos of this family are just beautiful! What a great eye you have.

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