The Lyter Family | {Tacoma Family Photography}

The Lyter Family!!  Another of  my favorite families to photograph…and to know!I have known them when they were just a couple, and then a family of three, and then a family of four!!  I love watching my families grow!!  It’s a fun journey!Logan and Cameron LOVE getting family photos done, which I will say is not always the case! Logan is the creative genius behind the family photography sessions with the Lyters!  He chose the location even this time, came with some exact posing and we even tried some action shots for the first time!  The bridge was a MUST!And, Cameron…well, he’s  a wild guy that is almost up for anything!  I don’t think fear is a word he knows yet…but, he also LOVES his big brother and loves to keep up with him!!  I LOVE THE BAND-AID!!!  Little boys and band-aids go together!Awwwww!!!!  Of course, what one brother does, the other has to do!Even when taking a detour through the pond….{Again with the band aids!!!  :) }All this love comes from these two people!!!…and a lot of the laughter, too!  Beth and Kevin are wonderful people and friends, and amazing parents!Another of Logan’s poses!! (I am telling you…as soon as he is old enough to hire, I will have a great assistant!)My favorite!  I love the point from Cameron!  At some point there has to be a pointer!  lol!As we were heading out the light was flooding the path….I can’t resist some beautiful light!Lyters!!!  Thanks again for sharing your life with me and my kids!  We love seeing your family grow and mature!  You are doing a great job with your boys!  :)


Jackie Jones - Love, love, love!

Jeff, Katrina, and Baby P | {Tacoma Maternity Photography}

This beautiful Mom to Be is Katrina…and we had such a beautiful and fun session that I am even MORE excited to meet their new little baby next week!!!  We met at Chambers Bay and had quite a few laughs….This little baby is getting some amazing genes cause both Mom and Dad are beautiful!  ….and they are both hilarious!  I love it when I leave a session feeling like I have new friends instead of just clients!
They are excited to be having this baby!Gorgeous!Lovely!  Jeff is a fire fighter and we actually ended up knowing some mutual people which is always funny…and Katrina works at the hospital as an ARNP with several of my past and future clients and friends!!  So…it was a small world for all of us!The baby is going to be in good hands that are already filled with so much love!It was a beautiful evening for our session…not too hot and not too windy….and we took full advantage of that!It’s amazing to me that when my clients say, ‘hey, by the way, I am not that photogenic’….that they are 99% of the time…completely wrong!!!  She is gorgeous!I love this shot!   Of course…we all know that I love that golden light!We did a quick change and heading further through the park….This is how the evening was spent…lots of walking and talking, and Jeff making us both do a lot of laughing!  A perfect way to spend a session!What else can you say after you’ve already used words like gorgeous, stunning, beautiful….?Then Katrina braved our rocky Washington beaches to head to my favorite spot at Chambers….I LOVE the way the sun sets right here….and she had chosen the perfect outfit for the occasion!WOW!Mom and Dad!Another favorite!They kissed their way through the sunset, for sure!  :)  Jeff and Katrina….What a fun evening!  I chuckled some more even on the way home rethinking our conversations!  I can’t wait to get that call next week to come and photograph this precious baby!  Congratulations!


The Buker Family | {Tacoma-Seattle Family Photography}

I love it when I hear from the Buker Family!!  I have been photographing this cute little family since Alaina’s first birthday and now we get to celebrate Caleb turning one…and they do it they way they do everything…together!I met them up in Seattle on a warm and overcast morning….it was one of those crazy days lately that you just don’t know whether the sun will pop out or the rain will start….or both!  :) But, we still had some fun exploring the park and hanging out!  This was actually the same place that Jennifer and Daniel did their engagement photos years ago…so, thought we would relive the moment!….with kissing……and laughing!  And…love…which led to…Their beautiful children…Alaina is getting so big so quick!…and Mr. Caleb…he’s on the move already, too!!!  Can’t believe we were just doing his newborn photos yesterday!  (ok, maybe not literally!)Siblings!  One of my favorites!  The whole family on a little walk…with Caleb keeping an eye on me!  Not because he loves me yet (although he will), but because I was holding the snacks!!!  :)Alaina is a great big sister!Love this little spot!  Aren’t’ they just beautiful?Jennifer and Daniel….as always I just love hanging out with you guys!!  THANKS so much for bringing me along on your family’s journey!  


Cristina Firme - Wow, awesome shots of this beautiful family:)

Jennifer Lewis Buker - Thank you so much, Chelle! You are so, so amazing!

Linda Hannigan - Love love love

Dawn Duncan-Lewis - These are so awesome! I especially love the expressions of the children. As I was looking at them, I was imagining how important they will be to
, not only the children as they grow older, but to subsequent generations. So precious.

Jackie Lee Photography - These are beautiful!

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