Morgan | {Rogers High School Senior-Class of 2016}

Tacoma Senior Photos0001This beautiful girl is Morgan and she is graduating with the Class of 2016 from Rogers High School!Tacoma Senior Photos0002Morgan is the third (and last, sniff sniff) senior that I have had the honor of photographing from her family!  I can’t tell you what an honor it is to have families like hers who have worked with me for years as their kids have all taken their turns as seniors!  It is huge to me!
Tacoma Senior Photos0003We met up on one of our extremely rare 80 degree spring days…and man, was it hot!  But, she was ready and she rocked her session!  Tacoma Senior Photos0004Look at those cheekbones!  She is a natural beauty, too…other than a little mascara..that is all what God gave her!  CRAZY, right?Tacoma Senior Photos0005Morgan was cool under the pressure of having not just one…but, two people with cameras pointing at her.  Her brother, who was one of my seniors a couple of years ago, has really come to love photography and especially Polaroids…and so he was there taking some of his own shots and playing around…it was a fun time!
Tacoma Senior Photos0006I am amazed at her hair, too…I have had long hair in my life but it would never have grown this long!  I am jealous!Tacoma Senior Photos0007WOW!Tacoma Senior Photos0008Even with the little breezes blowing through…it was still so warm….today as I have seen the sun pop out and the rain come pouring down all in one day..I am actually missing some of that warmth. Tacoma Senior Photos0009Morgan brought a whole range of outfits from feminine and flowery… this one!Tacoma Senior Photos0010Tacoma Senior Photos0011(I love this black and white)Tacoma Senior Photos0012Tacoma Senior Photos0013…to a little more country with her salute to the red, white, and blue…..
Tacoma Senior Photos0014Tacoma Senior Photos0015I love playing around with full sun lighting when it’s going down so golden like it was that night!Tacoma Senior Photos0016Tacoma Senior Photos0017…and then we even added her baby!  Her 1972 (I think if I remember right) Ford truck…who was literally on it’s last day looking like this!  The next day it was going in for a paint job and she really wanted to capture it the way that she has had it from the beginning….Tacoma Senior Photos0018She had a few shots in mind with her truck…and it’s always fun to take an idea and then play around with it.Tacoma Senior Photos0019Tacoma Senior Photos0020And..then, even in the hot sun, she threw on her vintage Ford sweatshirt to complete the look!  I thought it was so fun and also just so…Morgan!Tacoma Senior Photos0021Tacoma Senior Photos0022Another favorite!Tacoma Senior Photos0023Morgan!  It was so fun to meet you and spend a fun evening with you!  And, to the rest of the family…THANKS!!!  I am honored to have walked these journeys with you!Tacoma Senior Photos0024


Ilya Golovko - Please, tell her that she is stunning!

Tara Sauders - Wow! Your pictures brought tears to my eyes. I am so very privileged and extremely blessed to be your Auntie. I love you Morgan!

Will Ball - You rock Morgan!!!

Justine | {Lakes High School Senior-Class of 2016}

Tacoma Senior Photos0001This is Justine.  She is a senior at Lakes High School…at least she will be for a few more weeks!  She is in the Class of 2016!Tacoma Senior Photos0002Justine is full of JOY an it shows in her big smile and her laughing eyes!Tacoma Senior Photos0003We met on a beautiful night in downtown Tacoma…Tacoma Senior Photos0004..and with her friend, Elisa…we had a great time hanging out and laughing!Tacoma Senior Photos0005Aren’t they beautiful!Tacoma Senior Photos0006We had to really work on the serious fierce look..cause she is naturally a smiley person!Tacoma Senior Photos0007Tacoma Senior Photos0008The sun was out and the colors were beautiful!Tacoma Senior Photos0009Tacoma Senior Photos0010She is also a softball player!  She wanted to make sure that we celebrated that fact….Tacoma Senior Photos0011…and we did!Tacoma Senior Photos0012Tacoma Senior Photos0013The wind was starting to pick up which was kind of nice since it was so warm….hard to believe for a spring evening in Tacoma!Tacoma Senior Photos0014Tacoma Senior Photos0015Another reason to celebrate?  The morning of our shoot was the day that she committed to Central Washington University!Tacoma Senior Photos0016She is so excited!  She has her roommate chosen and she’s ready for her new adventure!Tacoma Senior Photos0017And..she’s decked out!Tacoma Senior Photos0018Tacoma Senior Photos0019Love this one!Tacoma Senior Photos0020Justine!  It was such a joy to hang out with you and Elisa for the evening!  Thanks for choosing me!  Have a great graduation!Tacoma Senior Photos0021


Karen and Jenin | {Federal Way High School Seniors-Class of 2016}

Well, if you ever believed that it is hard for me to keep my blog posts as short as they are…this one was even more of a challenge…so, I am calling it a double blog post….since they are twins!  Tacoma Senior Photography0001Karen and Jenin are seniors at Federal Way High School and in less than a month they will be walking with the Class of 2016 in their graduation!Tacoma Senior Photography0002I grew up with two of my best friends being identical twins and yet, I never thought they looked alike!  I am sure it’s because I spent so much time with them.  But, Karen and Jenin are not identical and I really had a hard time keeping them straight once I got home and loaded the images into my computer!  So…hopefully I got it all straight for this post!  I think they look amazingly alike for being fraternal!Tacoma Senior Photography0003This is Karen!  I met both of the girls last year when I did their cousin’s senior session..and we had such a fun time then that I was looking forward to our session this year!  Tacoma Senior Photography0004We had a crazy time finding a good day…due to weather, car accidents, and their busy sports and school schedule…we worried it wouldn’t get done in time…but, once we did find that perfect date…it was an even more perfect evening!
Tacoma Senior Photography0005Jenin… a fierce image!  These girls know how to work a camera!Tacoma Senior Photography0006So beautiful!Tacoma Senior Photography0007Tacoma Senior Photography0008Look at those eyes!Tacoma Senior Photography0009I envy sisters…to have that one person that is always around, who knows everything about you, and can share the joy and trials of growing up….what a blessing!Tacoma Senior Photography0010These two are very close…and they will stay that way as they head off to University of Washington to major in marketing/business!  Tacoma Senior Photography0011Lucky them to have each other to walk through the new adventure of college together!Tacoma Senior Photography0012Spring sessions are always so bright and cheerful!  The grass is all new and hasn’t started to lose its’ color yet…Tacoma Senior Photography0013Tacoma Senior Photography0014The challenge of doing sisters in a shoot is not just that I shoot WAY too many photos…but, keeping each of them unique..but, still creating a gallery that is cohesive!  These girls made it very easy.  They are comfortable in front of the camera and they gave me a lot to work with!Tacoma Senior Photography0015Always a favorite shot….laughing!Tacoma Senior Photography0016LOVE!Tacoma Senior Photography0017We also had the privilege of having their older sister and mom with them…..Such beautiful women in this family!Tacoma Senior Photography0018Cute!Tacoma Senior Photography0019Senior sessions are the perfect time to take a few family shots to document the occasion!
Tacoma Senior Photography0020Back to Jenin!Tacoma Senior Photography0021Tacoma Senior Photography0022and Karen!Tacoma Senior Photography0023Tacoma Senior Photography0024Love that fierce face…they probably learned that from all the sports that they have been in….the fierce competitor face!Tacoma Senior Photography0025The sun was setting quickly so we took advantage of this purple flowers around the barns…..Tacoma Senior Photography0026Tacoma Senior Photography0027I love how expressive their eyes are!
Tacoma Senior Photography0028Tacoma Senior Photography0029Jenin…Tacoma Senior Photography0030Karen…..Tacoma Senior Photography0031You both are so beautiful!  I am so glad we finally found the perfect day for your session!  Congratulations on graduation!  Tacoma Senior Photography0032

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