Corina | {Eastlake High School Senior-Class of 2016}

Tacoma Senior Photography0001Isn’t Corina beautiful? She is a senior at Eastlake High School and will be graduating with the Class of 2016!Tacoma Senior Photography0002Corin definitely wanted a laid back and casual session…and wanted to make sure she represented her love of fast pitch!  I think we did that!Tacoma Senior Photography0003It was a beautiful night full of gold sun an warm breezes.  We had a lot of those this summer!  What a blessing!
Tacoma Senior Photography0004Another shout out to baseball!Tacoma Senior Photography0005She has the best laugh…I won’t lie…it took a little to get it out of her…but, once I did, it was GORGEOUS!!!!  Tacoma Senior Photography0006Ft. Steilacoom has been a favorite location again this year, as usual.  I don’t have any trouble going there over and over because it’s always different and the light hits it just perfect!Tacoma Senior Photography0007She has a stunning serious face…Tacoma Senior Photography0008…which always led to an even better laugh!  I just love this shot!Tacoma Senior Photography0009Corina is the kid sister of one of my friends so it was really fun to get to meet her and get to know her.  Tacoma Senior Photography0010Number 12!  She has people scouting her for possible college spots playing fast pitch which might take her out of state…but, right now it’s all just options.  She has time!Tacoma Senior Photography0011I just love a simple image with a beautiful smile!Tacoma Senior Photography0012We did a quick outfit change and headed to a different part of the park…..Tacoma Senior Photography0013So lovely!  What gorgeous skin she has!  Au natural!  Tacoma Senior Photography0014Love that twinkle in her eyes!Tacoma Senior Photography0015And, her mom came along with us for the laughs and maybe a few little tears…moms always tend to get emotional as their kids are growing!  Tacoma Senior Photography0016
Tacoma Senior Photography0017She graciously laid in the grasses for me!  It cracks me up when I get this quizzical look…but, then they do it and we get THIS!Tacoma Senior Photography0018Tacoma Senior Photography0019There’s that laugh again!Tacoma Senior Photography0020Tacoma Senior Photography0021Corina!  Congratulations on your senior year!  I am so glad we got together for your session!  I enjoyed meeting you and seeing your mom again!Tacoma Senior Photography0022


Maddy | {Bellarmine Preparatory High School Senior}

Tacoma Senior Photography0001Maddy is a senior at Bellarmine Prep and will graduate with the Class of 2016.Tacoma Senior Photography0002We met on a beautiful evening as the warm sun was starting to turn golden….and it was so fun to hang out with Maddy and her family!Tacoma Senior Photography0003The Mayflower Dairy is a popular place to get photos because it is rustic and the sun sets perfectly on the farm. Tacoma Senior Photography0004Maddy definitely wanted a golden hour session…and she got it!  It’s getting harder to predict now that fall is here…but, our summer was FULL of beautiful evenings!  I just love living here!Tacoma Senior Photography0005Senior photos is the perfect time to squeeze in a family photo or two….Tacoma Senior Photography0006Tacoma Senior Photography0007It’s also usually a time of decision making and trying to figure out the next steps…but, Maddy already knows her path…or at least what she thinks it will be and it’s very specific!  She will be attending college for sports management with her end goal to be a Capologist!  What’s that?  I know…I asked, too!  It’s the person that calculates and controls the cap salaries of football players…at least, that’s what I remember.  And…from her love for the Cowboys…I am betting she would want to work for them!Tacoma Senior Photography0008She loves football!Tacoma Senior Photography0009Tacoma Senior Photography0010Love those brown eyes!Tacoma Senior Photography0011We wanted to get a little bit of that fall look…and she put on the sweater even though it was in the 90’s!  It paid off…I love this set!Tacoma Senior Photography0012Tacoma Senior Photography0013So beautiful!Tacoma Senior Photography0014I love doing sessions with seniors…I think that’s obvious.  But, I also love doing their ordering sessions!  When they see themselves on the large screen and get to see how beautiful they are…it’s so fun for me!  And, we always make sure that there’s tissue close by for the moms!
Tacoma Senior Photography0015She was very comfortable in front of the camera.Tacoma Senior Photography0016One more change and we enjoyed the last drops of sun…don’t you love this dress with the grasses and the golden light?!  I did!Tacoma Senior Photography0017Gorgeous!  I have to say…it’s not easy to walk in this field…but, she did it with grace and elegance!Tacoma Senior Photography0018This is my favorite shot of the day!  It’s so dreamy and warm.  At this point in the session I typically have more than enough images to fill a gallery…but, that means I have some time to play…and this was one of those! Tacoma Senior Photography0019I love making them laugh!
Tacoma Senior Photography0020Maddy!  Thank you so much for meeting with me!  I had a lovely time and I can’t wait to hear about your college adventures!!!  Happy Senior Year!Tacoma Senior Photography0021


Ashley - Beautiful work, as always!!

Jaelin | {Stadium High School Senior-Class of 2016}

Tacoma Senior Photography0001Jaelin is a Stadium High School senior and will graduate with the Class of 2016!
Tacoma Senior Photography0002She also happens to be my daughter’s friend…so, it’s even extra fun to have them choose me as their senior photographer!  She is SO STUNNING….that we could have shot all night!  That gorgeous hair and green eyes…it’s really amazing!Tacoma Senior Photography0003And, obviously she is tall and elegant as well!  Legs for days!Tacoma Senior Photography0004Jaelin wanted an urban look for her session…and we had some gorgeous light for our downtown session!
Tacoma Senior Photography0005And..she even played in the water a bit!Tacoma Senior Photography0006Even though it was warm and bright…we still had a slight breeze that was so fun!Tacoma Senior Photography0007Jaelin is a very smart girl…she’s gonna do some amazing things!Tacoma Senior Photography0008But, for now…she’s going to enjoy her senior year!Tacoma Senior Photography0009We ended our session down on the Ruston Way waterfront….but, we took a slightly different slant…not the beach, the dock!  I love this dock…I have spent many nights watching my own kiddos do some dock jumping….and the light hits it so perfect!Tacoma Senior Photography0010Although…I don’t think she could take a bad shot!Tacoma Senior Photography0011Tacoma Senior Photography0012So fun!Tacoma Senior Photography0013Even though Jaelin is super smart…she doesn’t have any trouble being goofy and laughing at herself!  I love the confidence that that shows!
Tacoma Senior Photography0014Beautiful!Tacoma Senior Photography0015We had some special people along with us, too!  Her mom, Amanda, met us down on the dock!  I was so glad she did…it’s such a special moment!Tacoma Senior Photography0016And, then of course, Miss Mia!  Aren’t they adorable?!Tacoma Senior Photography0017As the sun slipped behind the trees we took advantage of this warm glow….which went perfectly with her hair and dress!Tacoma Senior Photography0018Love the smirk!Tacoma Senior Photography0019I tried really hard to make this blog shorter….but, when you have SO many gorgeous images it’s hard!  Tacoma Senior Photography0020Tacoma Senior Photography0021So cute!
Tacoma Senior Photography0022Jaelin!!!!  Thank you so much for giving me the joy of shooting your senior photos!  I loved every minute!  Happy Senior Year!!
Tacoma Senior Photography0023

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