Ricky and Kendra | {Tacoma Engagement Photography}

Tacoma Wedding Photos0001Ricky and Kendra are just days away from saying, “I Do!”  Such an exciting time for these beautiful people!Tacoma Wedding Photos0002They are so excited and probably running around doing those last minute details….but, for our engagement session, we had a pretty peaceful fun evening in some gorgeous light!Tacoma Wedding Photos0003And, the love is flowing!…..Tacoma Wedding Photos0004This wedding isn’t just blending a couple…but, it’s bringing together families!  We had the kids with us for the session because it’s such a big part of what is happening when these two get married!  Unfortunately, we were missing Ricky’s oldest daughter, Tashiana…but, she was there in their hearts!Tacoma Wedding Photos0005Aren’t these some beautiful kids!  And, they already are such good friends….it’s hard to even tell who goes with who when they are all together!Tacoma Wedding Photos0006Because we were missing Tashiana, for this shoot..Marley is the oldest!  Such a beautiful girl and SO sweet!  Tacoma Wedding Photos0007Savin has the best hair…and his smile is so fun!Tacoma Wedding Photos0008And, Elias…this kid has enough character to make the whole world smile…and he tells a great story!Tacoma Wedding Photos0009Ricky and Kendra are getting ready to walk life together as best friends and parents….Tacoma Wedding Photos0010Tacoma Wedding Photos0011Tacoma Wedding Photos0012Of course, we had to capture the ring….!Tacoma Wedding Photos0013The whole family!Tacoma Wedding Photos0014Tacoma Wedding Photos0015These kiddos were so fun to work with!Tacoma Wedding Photos0016Kendra and her babygirl!Tacoma Wedding Photos0017Ricky and his boys!Tacoma Wedding Photos0018
This family is ready to do life together!Tacoma Wedding Photos0019And, they are going to do it looking gorgeous!!!!!Tacoma Wedding Photos0020Ricky and Kendra….I am so excited for Saturday!!!!  Congratulations!
Tacoma Wedding Photos0021


Andrew and Nora | {Tacoma Wedding Photography}

My life has taken on many changes this year…some have been challenging and some have been so exciting!  Life is all about change, and even though I am resistant to change, I know that in the end, it’s a good thing!  One of the changes has been that my two oldest are both now moved out of the house and are one step further into adulthood and college…and so that leaves me with just me and my son….leaving me more time that I feel like I can invest in shooting weddings!  I have always loved being part of such a special day in people’s lives but they do take a chunk out of a weekend when you have three kids.  So…now…my year has almost triple the amount of weddings that I usually take in a year.  Isn’t that fun?!!  And..they are all so unique that it keeps me on my toes and keeps my creativity flowing.  It’s a win win!

I do have one major challenge with weddings…keeping the blog posts short!  It’s just so much of a fun story to tell and I hate to leave anything out…so, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and sit back and enjoy!
Tacoma Wedding Photos0001Andrew and Nora were so incredibly laid back about their wedding day.  The love that they share was so much the focus and all those other little details just were bonuses to the fact that they were getting married!  I drove out to Fort Worden with my best friend, Traci, who was my assistant for the day and we met the couple at the cutest little house that they had rented a room in….Tacoma Wedding Photos0002…so cute, right?Tacoma Wedding Photos0003The rings!  So pretty and unique!  Andrew’s is actually made from a meteorite that was found in Sweden, I think….if I remember that right!  But, how cool is that?
Tacoma Wedding Photos0004As soon as we got all ready we headed down to the beach.  All morning it had been raining and as we stepped out of the car we had just a few more sprinkles and then it just stopped and it stayed dry until we were getting into our cars to leave.  God was watching out for them!Tacoma Wedding Photos0005So beautiful!  I won’t talk through it all….Tacoma Wedding Photos0006Tacoma Wedding Photos0007Tacoma Wedding Photos0008tip-toes!Tacoma Wedding Photos0009Tacoma Wedding Photos0010Remember when I said that Nora was very laid back?  Well, that morning they went to the Farmer’s Market in town there and picked up some flowers and then her friend (and mine) Christina Lewis threw together this amazing bouquet in a couple of minutes before we went out for photos.  It couldn’t have been more perfect!
Tacoma Wedding Photos0011This is not just a day to unite Andrew and Nora…but, it’s a time for a family to be blended together!  Nora’s boys were there and so happy to be witnessing the wedding and the merging of this little family!Tacoma Wedding Photos0012They are already so close…it isn’t going to be a tough adjustment.Tacoma Wedding Photos0013Ethan…he’s such a handsome young man..and SO mature and kind.  He might be a little bit of a ladies man, too!  haha!Tacoma Wedding Photos0014Mr. Ian…he’s a little bit shy around me still..but, man he doesn’t mind posing for the camera!  So adorable!Tacoma Wedding Photos0015They are such good boys….but, they ARE still boys…so the photo on the right was a true representation of the day!  Tacoma Wedding Photos0016Back to the happy couple….Tacoma Wedding Photos0017Tacoma Wedding Photos0018Only a laid back bride is willing to sit on the wet beach before the actual ceremony…but, it was so worth it!Tacoma Wedding Photos0019Tacoma Wedding Photos0020On the way down the beach to where the guests had congregated was this great boat…so, of course, we had to stop for a minute!Tacoma Wedding Photos0021Tacoma Wedding Photos0022Tacoma Wedding Photos0023Such a love!Tacoma Wedding Photos0024Tacoma Wedding Photos0025Then it was time!  Ethan and Ian escorted their mom in and gave her away….Tacoma Wedding Photos0026It’s always a treat for me when my friend and pastor, Jon Fredricks, does the ceremony…Tacoma Wedding Photos0027And, all the friends and family were so happy to surround the couple in support!Tacoma Wedding Photos0028And, of course, the kiss!! Tacoma Wedding Photos0029Husband and Wife!Tacoma Wedding Photos0030The amount of love and community shown this day was so heart warming.  While we were doing the photos, Nora’s beautiful friends trekked down all the beautiful things for a reception…including this homemade lavender lemon cake…which, although I am still gluten and sugar free so I couldn’t try it….I heard was AMAZING!!!  Great job, Christina Lewis!!!Tacoma Wedding Photos0031I think they liked it!
Tacoma Wedding Photos0032Tacoma Wedding Photos0033The whole group!  The fun of a small get a a group shot with everyone who was there to support you!Tacoma Wedding Photos0034And, there was a quick little campfire before the raindrops started to fall….CONGRATULATIONS, Andrew and Nora, and Ethan and Ian!  I know God’s smiling down on your little family!  Many blessings to you!Tacoma Wedding Photos0035


Traci Fredricks - Perfect. What a perfect capture and story of that day. Love the Paulsons.( Love you Chelle!!)

Nora Paulson - We love you too Traci and Chelle! What a GIFT!!! My heart is bursting with joy right now!
You have it right Chelle, Andys ring is from a meteorite found in Sweden. It is a nod to our Swedish roots (and his love for rocks and minerals. Lol!). Thank you for this beautiful gift from the heart Chelle?

Homi Paulson - Dearest Andy and Nora , we send you all our love and best wishes for an amazing happy life together and with your wonderful boys, Ian and Ethan !! God bless you all !! -Dani&Homi Paulson

Andrea Laughery - What beautiful, intimate, special moments!!!

The Baner Family + One | {Tacoma Maternity Session}

Tacoma Family Photos0001Miranda and Jonathan met me on a typical gloomy PNW afternoon to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their baby!!  Tacoma Family Photos0002Miranda was only a couple of weeks from her due date and that baby was just hanging all out in front!  She is so beautiful!Tacoma Family Photos0003Tacoma Family Photos0004So special!Tacoma Family Photos0005I think it’s such an amazing time to be so in love with this little person that you haven’t even met yet….Tacoma Family Photos0006A little bundle of love!Tacoma Family Photos0007They are making this little handsome guy, Harvey a big brother, too!Tacoma Family Photos0008I am not so sure that Harvey completely understood how his life was going to be changing…but, he knew where the baby was!  So cute!Tacoma Family Photos0009But, really…what two year old wants to sit and have his photos taken while they are at the beach with a ton of perfect rocks that need to be thrown in the water!  haha!Tacoma Family Photos0010So, we took a few more of just mom…Tacoma Family Photos0011…and dad!Tacoma Family Photos0012And, then we headed to the sandy beach to let him play and run free …..Tacoma Family Photos0013Tacoma Family Photos0014Tacoma Family Photos0015He thought is was super fun to run AWAY from the camera…..Tacoma Family Photos0016…but, I still caught up with him!Tacoma Family Photos0017Tacoma Family Photos0018Tacoma Family Photos0019Cutest photo bomber ever!Tacoma Family Photos0020CONGRATULATIONS, Miranda and Jonathan!  I hope you are all getting settled into your routine with two little ones now…and I hope you get some sleep!!!  Tacoma Family Photos0021

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