Bryce | {Bellarmine Prep High School Senior-Class of 2017}

Bryce!  He’s a senior with just days left of his senior year at Bellarmine Prep School!  Class of 2017 is quickly wrapping up!Bryce and I shot his senior session on a bright but overcast day!  That’s always a little weird for me when there is no sky due to all the clouds but it’s super bright!  It makes me think if a little wind would just sweep the clouds by we would have summer all the time!  But, it was a blessing for us, too, cause Bryce has those brilliant blue eyes that are pretty sensitive to the sun….We hit a couple of great locations for Bryce’s session…Ruston Way and downtown!  I feel like these are two of my most requested locations…and it just screams TACOMA…which is my city and I love it!  Look at those blue eyes!Bryce wanted to shoot on the dock that he jumps off when our weather is warm enough!  So fun to document the places that play a huge part in your high school life!At the time we shot this session Bryce had applied to UW and some California schools with a hope to go into a business major!
No matter what he does…I have a feeling that he will continue to stay super busy…in high school alone he has participated in soccer and quite a bit of volunteer work tutoring second graders and working with Younglife…and working on the weekend refereeing soccer games!  I asked when he slept..he just laughed at me!Bryce is the third of four kids in his family…which I am sure will mean living in the dorms at school won’t be a hard transition for him.But, after just spending an hour or so, I know he will be fine.  He’s a confident and easy going young man who is easy to talk to!I talked to Bryce’s mom before his session and she said how much she loves Bryce’s smile…but, did mention that she was ok with his serious face, too.  I thought it was a funny thing to tell me, until we started shooting…and then I saw it.  He has a great face!  Look at that bone structure!  But, whenever I said that to him…this is what I got!  He is a humble guy!Congratulations, Bryce!!  Only a few more days left!  Enjoy!  Best wishes for your next adventure!!!