Spencer | {Enumclaw High School Senior-Class of 2017}

Tacoma Senior Photos0001I met Spencer during the fall season for his senior session!  He is a senior at Enumclaw High School and I am sure he is counting the days till his graduation!
Tacoma Senior Photos0002As is common, Spencer wasn’t particularly interested in having his photos taken…unless he could have his dog in the photos with him!  So, of course, we were happy to comply!Tacoma Senior Photos0003And, he was happy to be modeling with his boy!Tacoma Senior Photos0004Spencer loves the outdoors and spends his free time fishing and hunting!Tacoma Senior Photos0005and…hanging out with his furry friend!Tacoma Senior Photos0006Tacoma Senior Photos0007It was an overcast day and we had a few raindrops here and there…but, then, that is just everyday around the PNW this season!Tacoma Senior Photos0008Tacoma Senior Photos0009Love this black and white one!Tacoma Senior Photos0010Tacoma Senior Photos0011Priceless!  Soon, when he goes off to college, I guarantee you he will miss his little sidekick!Tacoma Senior Photos0012This is the one that Spencer’s mom made into a canvas to hang on their wall!  Perfect choice!Tacoma Senior Photos0013Tacoma Senior Photos0014Tacoma Senior Photos0015I even got a few laughs out of Spencer!
Tacoma Senior Photos0016My favorite shot!Tacoma Senior Photos0017…and a second favorite from a different angle!Tacoma Senior Photos0018Congratulations, Spencer!  You are almost done!  Have a great summer!
Tacoma Senior Photos0019