Archer | {Tacoma Newborn Photography}

Tacoma Newborn Photos0001This handsome little guy is Archer!  And, he may look super tired….but, he kept his eye on me throughout his newborn session!
Tacoma Newborn Photos0002My clients-turned-friends, Kate and Ryan were blessed with this little man to add to their beautiful little girls!, a family of five is complete!Tacoma Newborn Photos0003Ryan and Kate and I share a love for Disneyland!  My friends like to joke that I am a Disney expert…but, honestly, Ryan tells me something new every time I see them!  It’s so fun to learn new little facts!Tacoma Newborn Photos0004I have been told this is Ryan’s favorite!Tacoma Newborn Photos0005Look at his gorgeous sisters!  Phoebe and Penny LOVE their little brother!Tacoma Newborn Photos0006Phoebe especially is a good little mom in training!Tacoma Newborn Photos0007Archer wasn’t too keen on all the excitement…but, his fussing didn’t last long!Tacoma Newborn Photos0008Tacoma Newborn Photos0009Mom’s have a way of bringing peace back to any situation!Tacoma Newborn Photos0010It’s going to be so fun to see how Kate is a mom to a boy!  She is going to rock it, for sure…Tacoma Newborn Photos0011Beautiful!  Mom bonds are always strong..but, there is something special about moms and their boys!  Tacoma Newborn Photos0012I LOVE THIS SHOT!!!!!!  WOW!  I know I am probably biased…but, it’s a strong image of the love of a father!  I just love it!Tacoma Newborn Photos0013I can hear Ryan right now saying…”Hey, Kid!”…..  He’s a great dad!Tacoma Newborn Photos0014LOVE!Tacoma Newborn Photos0015Kate and Ryan!  You are so blessed…and those babies are blessed to have you, too!  Sorry we got rained out today….Can’t wait to see you in a couple of days for our next session!!!!Tacoma Newborn Photos0016