Penny celebrates her 1st birthday with her family! | {Tacoma Family Photography}

Tacoma Family Photography0001Turning one is a big deal….and it’s fun to celebrate with a glittery crown, some bubbles, and your family!!  That’s exactly how Penny celebrated!Tacoma Family Photography0002Look at this cutie!Tacoma Family Photography0003She wears the crown well, doesn’t she?Tacoma Family Photography0004Celebrating a birthday is the perfect time to get dressed up and her mom has amazing taste in outfits that she brings to all our sessions!  This one was no exception!Tacoma Family Photography0005Look at the little ballet slippers!  Adorable!Tacoma Family Photography0006Tacoma Family Photography0007She has some beautiful eyes!
Tacoma Family Photography0008But, celebrating is so much more fun with your sister….and some bubbles!
Tacoma Family Photography0009I have been photographing Phoebe since before she was born…and I absolutely LOVE getting to watch these girls grow up!Tacoma Family Photography0010I mean, really?  SO CUTE!Tacoma Family Photography0011And, she loves her little sister!Tacoma Family Photography0012Let’s be honest….at one year’s really all about exploring. So this what I saw the most of Penny….her crawling away from me!  haha!
Tacoma Family Photography0013So, while we let her explore, Phoebe played with the bubbles, Tacoma Family Photography0014and did some dancing…Tacoma Family Photography0015…and of course, Penny came back around happy to be in the dance party!Tacoma Family Photography0016The whole family!  I just love them!Tacoma Family Photography0017And, they love each other!Tacoma Family Photography0018We did one more outfit change and let her wander the streets of Tacoma….Tacoma Family Photography0019with supervision, of course! Tacoma Family Photography0020Happy Birthday, Penny!!!  Ryan and Kate…thanks again for blessing me with the opportunity to photograph your family as it grows!!!  Tacoma Family Photography0021