The Lewerke Family | {Tacoma Family Photography}

Tacoma Family  Photos0001Oh, to have some palm trees, cacti, sun, and my family around me again!!  I have made two trips down to Arizona in the past couple of months…and I am still not done with sharing some of the sessions from the first trip.  But, now that all my 2015 seniors have been featured, it’s time to go back and show you the families that I have spent some time with.  And this family is not just “a” family…they are MY family!Tacoma Family  Photos0002The Lewerke’s live in Arizona and we decided kind of last minute to do a family session when I was down there to Brian’s senior photos!  He’s the tall one of the bunch and if you missed his senior session you can see it here!Tacoma Family  Photos0003But, my friendship with this family all starts with this beautiful woman…Angela!  She is not technically my sister in law…but, since we have been friends since we were 10, she feels way more like a real life sister to me!  When we were kids she, and her identical twin sister, and I were best friends…and so when her sister, Amy, decided to marry my brother (for reasons we still don’t know….just kidding)…we decided that we would all just be sister in laws…and then I got a great brother in law and three great kids as nieces and nephews and cousins to my three kids!  Are you confused yet?  Well, just look at them as family!  That’s what I do!  haha!Tacoma Family  Photos0004Ang and David met in college and have been a power couple ever since!  They work well as a team!Tacoma Family  Photos0005…and they love each other fiercely!Tacoma Family  Photos0006So much that they had these three beautiful kiddos!Tacoma Family  Photos0007Now, you’ve already seen a whole post about Brian, and soon you will see another one of just Courteney because we did her own session of just her….but, Brett was the hold out….so, we did some of just him during the family session!Tacoma Family  Photos0008Don’t let that serious face fool you….he’s a HAM!  Tacoma Family  Photos0009He’s a brilliant kid with a great sense of humor and have hugs for everyone when he walks into a room!Tacoma Family  Photos0010Tacoma Family  Photos0011Back to the family!!  I, again, was sweating my face off in the 88 degree heat…but, they didn’t seem fazed by it at all!  I love the scenery in Arizona….but, not the heat!Tacoma Family  Photos0012I promise I didn’t mean to do height order….it just worked out that way, although I am sure without Courteney’s heels this photo would have lined up differently for Brett!
Tacoma Family  Photos0013Pretty soon all these kids will be leaving home and heading off to colleges…, we have to grab all the memories we can before they do!Tacoma Family  Photos0014Tacoma Family  Photos0015Tacoma Family  Photos0016I have to say…this shot in the desert sand is way harder than it looks…especially with the girls wearing heels!Tacoma Family  Photos0017Aren’t they cute?Tacoma Family  Photos0018I love this park….I hope to hang out here some day….in the winter….when it’s not 88 degrees!  haha!Tacoma Family  Photos0019These kids!  Courteney has some great brothers who love her and will watch out for her!Tacoma Family  Photos0020This is a great team effort!  Family….it’s a bond that can be so incredible when done right….and they are doing it right!Tacoma Family  Photos0021Ang, Dave, Brian, Courteney, and Brett….you know I love you guys!  Thanks for hanging out in the heat with me.  I love having these photos for you to cherish!Tacoma Family  Photos0022